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Receive & Release

4-18-2019 To Life When I speak Elohim, My Creator I am speaking of Yawheh/ God, Yeshua/Jesus & Holy Spirit/Great Spirit. In hebrew it is my understanding Elohim is plural. Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.

This morning as I get to set outside and face the sun, I am reflecting on all Elohim my Creator has promised me. I am thinking on all that I get to do to bring forth heaven to His beautiful earth we live in. My sacred place.

To hear the birds as they awaken creation. We have such beauty around us – sometimes we just need to stop and take it in (even for a moment).

To feel the sun shine on us here in Oregon is such a blessing and reward. All elements are a blessing but I really enjoy the sun. All seasons bring change for us to enjoy.

Elohim rewards us when we sometimes least expect it. It seems it just happens at the time we really need that touch from Him.

To feel Creator's presence on us (in us) is like the sun shining down on us. To feel His sacred breath gently blowing over us, refreshes everything in me. My spirit becomes connected to His Great Spirit, that I am in awe of that connection. Sometimes the tears just flow from that touch. A touch that moves you so deeply.

What are Creator's plans for us as we are here on earth? What is His plans for me?

I believe our plans from Elohim my Creator is to bring and show His love for each and everyone. His desire is to build relationship for us. This is why Yeshua/Jesus came, for relationship with His Father.

I was challenged yesterday to write out what Creator's purpose was for me.

This is what Creator has given to me:

My purpose from Creator is to receive and release. What I receive from Creator – must be released to others, to earth & to all creation. “We have the promises of God. We must fulfill God's promises on His promise land.” Apostle Negiel Bigpond.

In my wilderness Creator is training me to arise in power. Arise in power, become light and give light, for lightning will go in and attack the enemy, and the glory, & honor of Yahweh, the one true God will come and shine upon you.

Isaiah 60:1 Creator's Word. We must arise in power, step it up, take out the enemy with victory!!!!

My assignments have always been to bring the love of Elohim to all creation, to bring healing, restoration, rebuilding. Isaiah 61...rebuild the ancient ruins. Creator's Word. Sometimes we need to rebuild our (spirit, mind, & body) ruins and this is a process. Creator is with us all the way in completing this process. Embrace the process.

My purpose is to go to the nations (here in America and to all nations that Creator says to go to). To do different things, to enjoy the people (all tribes), the culture, the land. To walk or dance my prayers. To bring hope and encouragement to all. To see people through the eyes of Creator and speak what I see into who they are. To change the atmosphere by bringing Creator's presence. To draw people to Elohim My Creator through my actions and speech. (this is a process for me and sometimes I repent for bringing wrong actions and speech). To bring forgiveness to wounded people or the land. It was Yeshua's/Jesus wounds that brought healing to us, it was His resurrection power that we get to walk in all authority against the enemy.

It is my joy to spend time with Elohim My Creator. To set and listen to what He has for me.

It is their joy (Elohim) to spend time with me. This is my sacred place. This is being saturated by love, that I may release to all creation. Receive and Release.

Deb Miller Robinson – Eagle Warrior

The name Eagle Warrior was given to me by my Creator. This is how He sees me. This is how I must walk, a Warrior who sees, receives and releases.


Revised 2-3-22

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Feb 03, 2022

Eagle Warrior - Flowing Oil (SofS 1:3 tpt) has taught you well. His fragrance is released through your words.

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