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Heart of America Assignment

I recently was part of a team with John and Suzanne Bell (Faros Int'l Ministry) that went to Lebanon Kansas, the Heart of America.

Our assignment was too pray for the Heart of America, Turtle Island.

This assignment consisted of Myself, Cindy Shirley, Tricia Ezell , John and Suzanne Bell.

We were given this assignment to prepare for our upcoming trip to England & Wales. We are going to the Heartland's of England and Wales to pray, reconcile and meet with other intercessors from the Sacred Lands of UK.

In preparing for the Heartland of America, Jesus gave us the assignment of preparing our hearts, & cleansing our hearts.

Sometimes you think you are ok, until Holy Spirit reminds you of things you thought or things that had happened to you that needed healing in your heart.

I was also reminded of things that we as Americans needed to forgive our Country for (past and present).

To start the preparing our heart, the team watched Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk, a great series on communication skills.

Preparing my heart took about 2+ months and will be an ongoing process for me. I also took my team through what I will call - 'Purifying Heart Ceremony'.

Every team needs to go through this yearly.

The Purifying Heart Ceremony consisted of bringing forth, things and people that had hurt us, offended us, or who we had offended. I had each team member take the time to write out, what they needed to forgive, or where their heart had been wounded.

After we did this process of forgiving and repenting, asking Jesus to come and heal the wounds of our hearts, we then burned the papers that we had written on, to confirm that Jesus helped us in this process.

I had watch (Praying Medic Emotional Healing) on youtube teach on bringing healing prayers for emotional healing. (

Now we are prepared to go to the Heart of America.

Cindy and Myself met up with John and Suzanne Bell in Texas. The next day we drove to Edmond, Oklahoma to pick up Tricia then kept driving to Lebanon, Kansas. This was at least a 9 hour drive.

It was cold and windy in Kansas!!!! We gathered in the little chapel, to pray, decree, forgive and bless.

Each one of us released what Creator wanted us to speak out.

This reminds me of what Creator had spoke into me some time ago.

' You are the only voice I have. You are the only one I have to do this assignment, this prayer. I need you to get out of your comfort zone and do what I need you to do. I need you - you are the one. You are qualified in Me, I will give you words to speak. I Am with you and that should be enough.

This is not meaning I am the only voice or the only one for assignments. For me this was encouraging me to release my voice in what Creator wanted me to speak out. To be obedient in what I was asked to do.

Of course being intercessors we all had brought items to leave and bless the sacred heartland of Lebanon, Kansas.

We had communion on the heartland, released cleansing water over this huge rock.

Released our sacred herbs (tobacco, sage, sweetgrass & cedar).

Released cedar oil from Engedi Israel over a cedar tree.

We had communion on the heartland, released cleansing water over the big rock.

Suzanne Bell not in team picture.

This is the decree and blessings that I released.


 We the Original Stewards of Turtle Island, USA Citizens and Residents 

 of The United States of America, Who Love This Sacred Land of Creator.

We come in repentance and to bring blessings to Turtle Island - United States of America.

Yehowi  I tsu la - go do di  - uv s ta - a da nv do. 

We come to you Yahweh with a good and thankful heart.

We The People  come to honor Your land, for Your sacred word says in:


We  The People  recognize in Your sacred word: 

 Romans 16:20 The God of peace will crush satan under your feet. The grace of our Yeshua will be with us. 

 We thank you Creator for this.

We The People  come to You Creator, to humble ourselves and pray, to turn from our wicked ways, to seek Your Face, Your Presence.  We ask that You Creator hear our prayers, forgive us our sins and heal this sacred land.  Open Your eyes and your ears to be attentive to the prayer made in this place.  

We bring a sacrifice of worship unto You Creator on this sacred land of Yours. 

We thank You Great Mystery for choosing us for this great assignment. 

As in Your sacred word 2 Chronicles 7: 14-15

We The People repent for not following Your Ways Creator that You have given us. 

For not bringing You honor, respect or relationship.

We The People repent for not keeping Your Word sacred and holy.  For following mans words and ways and not Yours.

We The People repent for turning away from You and for following the ways of mankind, the ways of other gods.  

We The People repent for bringing defilements onto Your sacred land.

Defilements of:

Idolatry – Worship of idols – what are your idols that need to be dealt with? Do you have idols that replace Creator in you life. 

Broken Covenants (with God – not doing what He asks of you), treatiesImmorality – behavior that is immorally wrong, sexual misconduct, sex traffickingInnocent Blood Shed (abortion, murder, wars)Man Made Boundaries - (religion, property, politics, racism)Burial of Gifts – That was not recognized. Not fulfilling what you are called to be. Disturbing the Sacred Waters (toxins in the rivers, oceans) 

We stand in the gap for those who cannot or will not repent for the greed over money & land, for not honoring all races here on this earth.

We stand in the gap for those who are unable or unwilling to forgive.  

We will stand in the gap for unity and unification amongst all people. For unification of the Nations.

We ask you Creator - Yahweh to forgive us of our evil ways, for harboring unforgiveness, resentment, hatred, bitterness, rage, and holding onto grudges. 

We call forth the blessings and prayers of our ancestors who served You Creator - Yahweh. 

 We honor and respect the synergy of their prayers to complete and fulfill the assignments given to us, by You Creator Yahweh.  

We will bring You glory in all that we do and we will teach it to our children and grandchildren.  We will fulfill our purpose that You have given each of us.

 We speak life into our next generation for we know they will do more then us.  We release their voices to be heard.  

We The People of Turtle Island The United States of America will follow and choose the guidance of Great Holy Spirit to bring us to a sacred relationship with Jesus/Yeshua. 

 We choose to stand in the gap for Your people, to pray what is on Your heart and not our agenda’s.

We come back to the sacredness of family, the sacredness of life, the sacredness of honor & respect.  

We will honor and respect the sacredness of Your land and all creation. We will honor and respect the sacredness of Your Word.  We will honor and respect the sacredness of our relationship with You Creator, with Yeshua and with Great Holy Spirit. 

We will honor our elders and take care of them. We will honor all children.

We choose to obey every command from You Creator to bring Your Kingdom here on this sacred earth of Turtle Island, to honor all creation.    

We choose to love one another as You Creator love us.

We choose to come to and honor the sacred place where You are at.  

To honor the Shm’a ,to hear and take action.   And you shall love Adonai our God with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our might. And here is the greatest command : We shall love our neighbor as ourself.

We say today, let Heaven come to earth that we may continually see Your Kingdom all the rest of our days.  

We honor Your Covenant of Love the ‘hesed’, the Mercy of our Creator. Your compassion fails not, they are new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness.

As in Lamentations 3:22-23

We The People  of Turtle Island The United States of America, will stand with Israel, Your Chosen people.  We Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and we will honor the First Nation of all Nations.

We say to You Creator-Yahweh, thank you for loving us and sending Your Son to set us free. Thank you for sending Holy Spirit to guide us.  Thank you for sending Your Messengers to minister to us.

We say come Jesus/Yeshua come.  We are forever indebted to You for all that You did for us.  For releasing us to do more, for opening  the way for us to have relationship with Creator. 

We say thank you Great Holy Spirit for teaching and showing us to walk The Ancient Path were the good way is. 

We thank You Jesus/Yeshua for Your miracles. Your first miracle was in south Lebanon 

In Galilee.  Turned water into wine.  We ask for New Wine in us. 

We thank You Jesus/Yeshua for taking our sins and not remembering them anymore.  


We are grateful.

Wado-Thank You

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

John Bell & Suzanne Bell

Cindy Shirley

Tricia Carlisle Ezell


We the Original Stewards of Turtle Island, USA Citizens and Residents 

 of The United States of America, Who Love This Sacred Land of Creator.

We choose to bless and reside in Your Sacred Land

We come with good hearts, we bless the Heart of America.  We bless Your Sacred Land, Creator.  From sea to shiny sea and from mountain to the prairies, the North, South, East & West, We bless you.

We bring blessings and choose to not bring curses.  We will not curse this Sacred Land oh Creator. We honor all creation here.

We Bless the Government that You have placed here, we bless the Leaders of this Mighty Country.  

We thank you for those in Government that are arising with their voices and actions,  to bring Jesus to others and stand firm in representing Him well. 

We Bless the boundaries You have put in place, we bless those who come to this land for a better life for them and their children.  

We Bless the rich history of America, we thank you for the ones who served and honor You well. 

We thank you for our founding fathers who prayed and honored You Yahweh.  In all that we do we honor You Yahweh.  

We Bless the future of this Great Country.  Show us how to represent You, Jesus/Yeshus well in this Sacred Land.

We Bless and stand with Israel the First Nation of All Nations, Your chosen people

We Bless the alignments and relationships we have with other Countries.  

We Bless every culture, every people group who live here on Turtle Island - The United States of America.  

We Bless all families

We will choose to stand together in unity, to bring unification to Turtle Island - The United States of America, to all Nations.

As we are here in the heartland of America we choose to honor the heartland of England, Wales, all the UK.


We are grateful for them in all the good things that they brought us. 

 We  will build new relationships with to move forward in the purpose that You Yahweh have for all of us.

You Jesus/Yeshua came that all of us here on this earth would have relationship with Creator and with each other.

We choose to love one another as You have given us the greatest command of all to follow. 

John Bell & Suzanne Bell

Deb Robinson 

Cindy Shirley 

Tricia Carlisle Ezell


Pleya Gi - Go With Blessings

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

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