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Heal First - Then Pray Over The Land

The cure of being offended - is to realize you can't control other people. But you can control how you react, respond to others offense.

This is what offense is = satan places the bait that causes us to be triggered. You are eating the bait that satan has put out.

As soon as you take the bait, satan will snap upon you. He will flip on you and you will be trapped by your own offense.

You reacted by someones treatment of you, by something that has happened in the past, that caused you to be triggered.

This is not minimizing something that has harmed you (person that abused, raped, etc) but to minimize how we react to it. Satan wants you to fall, to die (in your mind) but Jesus wants you healed and wants you to live.

To be offended is to eat the bait of satan. This is an emotional bait that will cause you to make decisions that are ruled by emotions, cause illnesses to come upon you and cause the door to be opened by satan.

If you are offended, you can't grow. You can't mature. We must mature and be the best version of ourselves and the best version of representing Jesus well.

Jesus walked in love and we need to learn to walk in love and not take the bait of the enemy.

Psalm 119:165 Great Peace have those who love Your Word (teachings) and nothing shall cause them to stumble (be offended).

Once a person is offended and continues to be offended, there is nothing else to talk about, because they (you) are trapped.

The above, are teachings/highlights from Gregory Dickow - How to stop being offended:

It is time for us to seek out healing in regards to being offended.

It is time that Pastors and Leaders seek out healing of offenses.

It is time that teams seek out healing from offenses.

Hurt people may hurt people but Healed people heal people!!!!

I recently listened to Praying Medic speaking on healing :

I really like his approach on healings.

I took my team through healing from offenses. We should do this on a yearly basis.

We first worshipped with music and scriptures.

I had them first list the offenses both people and actions, from our childhood to present.

We first dealt with the most painful ones and recent ones.

I had each one of us speak out what the offense was. (we did this separately)

I then asked Jesus to come in and heal the wound of our soul.

Some of these we did a couple of times.

I then had them think of the offense again until they could feel no more pain.

We then received His healing for us.

We again thank Jesus and gave Him all the glory.

We also addressed how we ourselves offend our body (God's temple), and applied the same process for this type of healing.

We had a wonderful healing experience in all of this. The next day we were restored and refreshed.

We were called to more maturity which is where Jesus wants to take us, higher in ministering to others and to His sacred land.

I want to address what happens to God's Sacred Land when we do not deal with being offended.

What defiles the land? (by Dr. Negiel Bigpond)

1. Idolatry – Worship of idols – what are your idols that need to be dealt with? Do you have idols that replace Creator in you life. (sports,internet,food, etc)

2.Broken Covenant (with God – not doing what He asks of you), treaties that have been broken by mankind.

3.Immorality – behavior that is immorally wrong, (holding onto offenses) (added by Deb), sexual misconduct, sex-trafficking

4. Innocent Blood Shed (abortion, racism, murder, wars)

5. Man Made Boundaries - (religion, property, politics, racism)

6. Burial of Gifts – That was not recognized. Not fulfilling what you are called to be.

7. Disturbing the sacred water ways.


11 Chronicles 7:14-16 If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin. For now I have chosen and sanctified this house, that My name may be there forever; and My eyes and My heart will be there always

If we don’t humble ourselves, (apologize or choose to forgive) will God hear our prayers?  Our words and actions are very important.

There is death and life in the power of the tongue.  Are we representing Jesus well by our actions?


 When we go onto the land to bring peace and blessings, if you do not have peace in your heart and mind, or in a team - which causes disunity, you will transfer this to the land, and to others along with yourself an open doorway for satan to come in and attack. Satan will attack the land, a team, or even your family. Satan will cause a curse to happen.

Satan is aware of weaknesses in our lives.


We are connected to the land, in order to heal the land, we must be completely healed from these spirits.  Otherwise we will not be able to bring a true blessing or to go forward, go higher or mature in our purpose for Creator, we must walk in forgiveness and trust.


 When you are unable to forgive, the enemy will bring sabotage to you, in health, body, mind and spirit.  This spirit will bring sabotage to an assignment, a team, and others with you.

Then the land will not be released to receive the blessings that  God intended for it.  Does our offenses not bring defilement? Something to think about.

Those who are hurt will hurt others.


I have been on many land assignments and I have seen an assignment not be completed because of someone carrying an offense and did not forgive a person or an action, that was on the team.  Trust me the enemy will have an open door to the assignment, to the person along with the team.  

We can not afford for this to happen.

If we do not come with forgiveness - the land and all creation will not be healed on this particular assignment.

I've seen this many times.

I had a friend who wanted me to be part of praying over a person's (a dear friend of mine's) land. I had given him some of my teachings regarding our Sacred Land.

I knew he had an offense and wound from not forgiving. He was leading this assignment. When I asked him if he had forgiven this person and if he had made sure others on his team had forgiven others, he assured me he had. I had a check in my spirit regarding our conversation. I chose not to go on this assignment. I found out later that after his team had prayed that the owner of the land was attacked by an illness right afterwards and the leader of the team was attacked with health issues.

There was a local prophet who knew about land issues and Holy Spirit revealed to him that he should go and pray immediately over my friend's land to remove the curse from the enemy.

We have many teams who are naive going out to remove curses off the land. They have not been open to teachings of protocol in praying over Creator's Sacred Land.

This, is where doors of the enemy comes as we have given access to him by our not understanding protocol. By being prideful. By not letting the elders teach us, thinking they can do it their way.

 Be sensitive and let the Holy Spirit guide you and your team in situations like offenses.  We must address with love and help those who need healing of offenses. If they are willing.

How do we prepare for praying over land.

•There cannot be any areas of hidden darkness with our being, as the demons would take advantage of us. Lockley Bremner

•There is a right way to come and pray over a territory.

•We must come with a good heart.

•We must repent for any wrongs or hidden sin’s in our life

•We must come with unity in a team. Psalm 133: 1-3. When we have unity it is a sweet aroma to Yah and from this realm of sweet harmony, God will release His eternal blessing, the promise of life forever!

•We must come with honor for the leader and honor what God has given them. A team must have the same vision. There is power in unity, there is power in honoring the leader, there is power in the leader honoring each one's gift and commissioning them to use their gifts. There is power in trusting those gifts

We must pray each time to see if a particular assignment is what Creator wants us to do, to be part of a team.

Here is a teaching I did to understand about praying over the land:

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior


Pleya Gid - Go With Blessings


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