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Be Kind To Yourself

I've had some beautiful days at the coast with my hubby. I wanted to share what Graham Cooke says how we should treat ourselves. The enemy is very good at challenging us with low self esteem, with thinking the worse of ourselves or others.

When we learn to be kind and see ourselves as Creator - God sees us, we will go forward in our journey.

Graham Cooke: You need to be kind to yourself., when you get distracted, maybe trying not to be frustrated with yourself.

Feel His joy in going with you, to bring your attention back to Him.

One day your attention - won't wander and that will make it totally worth it.

Here is another key: Expect God to talk to you as your sensitivity grows.

Be intentional about talking to Him, about your journey together and your process.

You want to know the way He thinks, that you are seeing things the way that He sees them.

And you want to understand, how He would talk about that.

I love how Graham Cooke talks to us about the love of Our Father. Our Creator.

Jesus died for us because He loved us that much. It is time to die to our flesh, to be whole and to see ourselves as Creator sees us. We are made in 'their' image. Let's represent 'them' well in who we believe we are.

It is time to love you, so you can love others. Open your heart to Jesus and let Him heal your hurts and pain.


Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

Pleya gi - Go With Blessings

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