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Moving Together

You have permission to live one life and to be all of who you are.

It is time to break disunity amongst us and with all creation.

Find the pathway that helps you in standing as one, and standing with each other.

Can you imagine yourself in being who you were created to be. What is your purpose with Creator?

Where are you going in the future? What has Creator asked of you? What pathway are you taking?

What part of you, do you need in bringing healing and restoration?

Can we move forward together as One?

Native American Oral Tradition - Story Tellers, and our Elders share our history and lessons through oral traditions. To speak out what needs to be passed on. We must learn to listen.

The images of Indigenous people have been portrayed out in the world, don’t accurately reflect who we are. We are praying people, we love the earth and all creation. We are spiritual people. There has been many times rejection comes because we are Indigenous. I remember several times, people thought (because of wrong stories they heard of tribal people in the past) that I was bringing evil just by being Cherokee. When I would go for healing in healing rooms or for deliverance for some reason they would try to cast out the 'Indian' in me or in my family lineage. Interesting they didn't come after the Irish, or European in me.

I have always wondered what is it about the First Nations in many different countries, why they were always rejected this way.

We need to take our place of our voice to be heard. What we speak creates form, we live in a vibrational universe.

All creation is waiting to hear our voice.

We understood we all came from the same seed of life. This can never be disconnected or separated from us spiritually. We understood this on a spiritual level. We are deeply, emotional and spiritually, connected with all creation. This is our awareness of life, something we have always understood.

The way that we speak creates vibrations that go out and connects with creation. Creator spoke out life, into all creation, into us. Creator spoke with His Sacred Breath that all of creation may live. He called it good. Religion came and tried to disconnect us to Creator and to creation, to each other. Told us our ways wasn't God's way.

We understood genetic memory where memories are passed down to one person to another, to one generation to another. We have memories passed down through our DNA. So retelling our stories sends out a frequency a vibrations that connects with that genetic memory that we hold, that activates it, opens it and encodes us in understanding in who we are and the ancients ones way of life, that is part of us now. Of our parents, grandparents, great grandparents way of living. There is depth and understanding in our way of life. We sometimes hold on to anger, trauma, bitterness from what our ancestors carried but it is up to us to move forward, to break off what is traumatizing in our bloodline for our future generations. To replace these with the love of Creator, Yeshua and Great (Holy) Spirit.

All creation has memory. Animals, plants, trees carry memories. There are memories on our land, in our dwellings places, in territories. We as mankind need to remove some of these memories by repenting, by forgiving and bring Creator’s love again. To restore creation that has been defiled and release blessing, beauty and the love of Creator back

to it. Jesus died on the cross that all may be set free.

A word has power in and of itself. ... quote from Scott Momaday - Kiowa Tribe

We as people groups want to disapprove of those who think differently than us. We cannot protect life and harm life. We cannot stand for life and seek to harm others. That can be emotional, spiritual or physical. Take a look at what you are speaking or thinking about others (the power of the tongue and mind).

We must look beyond our differences and learn to come together even in our differences. It is time to recognize that oneness does not equal sameness. We

must learn to respect others and respect ourselves in our ways of thinking, our

actions, our traditions. It is time to come together and create solutions in moving forward, to recognize what the enemy is doing in disunity and to reconcile what the enemy has intended for harm. Restore and reconcile relationships.

Bring open communication into the healing circle. It is time for us to mature, to put our differences aside and to move forward as one. It is time for us to be vulnerable for healing to happen. It is time to come together in the healing circle and listen. There are many stories we have not heard, that need to be told. What is in you, in your brokenness that needs to be told? Telling your story will bring healing to you and to others. Turn your pain into purpose.

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior. 3-7-23

Highlights from Dr. Sherri Mitchell from her speech of Sacred Instructions

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