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Do You Have An Orphan Spirit

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Separation from the head and the heart. Are you broken inside, do you push away or do you let people in?

Do you let God – Elohim our Creator into you to heal your brokenness?

God is an all consuming fire. He wants to consume you. A fire so furious at the things that are all wrong. The bondage you are in.

We have to own our stuff – our brokenness, our pain, our mindset.

Secrets kill you, hold you bondage. Freedom from secrets set you free.

What secrets are you holding onto?

When you hit bottom – you stop pointing fingers at others. You stop blaming yourself. You stop manipulating others.

A good warrior – lets go of the secrets inside of them and hits bottom so the Father can release healing in you.

This is His Grace, His Love, His Mercy.

Coming out of our brokenness - is a process.

Do you trust.

If you don't have trust in you – how can you walk on this land to bring healing to the land? How can you be on a team where there is not trust. You can not!

  1. Put yourself in a position to step forward – to trust.

  2. You can unravel the pain inside of you, by trusting in Him to help you in that process. He is in love with you. Jesus – took this pain on the cross. He loves you that much . You can change, don't give into nothing will ever change for me.

  3. You can trust yourself again, you can trust others again, you can trust God again.

Either God is involved with the details of your life or He is not. He is involved with our life! With every detail.

We must give Him the details. He already knows your details. He wants you to give them to Him.

Are you so wrapped in your justifications that you don't know the prison you are in?

We need to find a way to let go of control.

Your story has an impact. An impact on you and an impact on others. It has an impact on Elohim – who wants to be part of your story.

You can change history by telling your story.

Acts 2 Holy Spirit poured out on all flesh....

Jesus shows us what it is like to know His Father. Jesus showed us to let Holy Spirit be part of our life.

Orphans don't think that they can have anything that belongs to them. This is the orphan spirit – living this way dishonors Our Heavenly Father.

When you are confronted by Elohim, when you are brought into your own pain – You are embraced by Elohim to change you.

Spiritual Slavery to Sonship

Are you living your life as a son, a daughter rather than a slave.

Are you a person who does not feel they have value, so they never feel they fit anywhere with anyone?

You may have an orphan mindset, a mindset where you never feel you belong so you are constantly looking for a place of love and unconditional acceptance.

What would your life be like if you had no fear? What if you had no fear of man? No fear of what others think about you, because you are secure in the love of your heavenly Father and in His kind thoughts toward you? No fear of opening your heart to truly experience the depth of God's love so that you could live and give away that love to the next person you meet? What would your life be like if you had no fear?

What would your marriage be like? What would your family life be like? Your other relationships? What if you were not afraid to trust, vulnerable by believing God when He says, “I love you.” Because we do not love ourselves, we feel unlovable and find it difficult if not impossible to believe that anyone else could love us, including God. The thought of Him loving us personally seems too good to be true... and much more than we deserve.

In fact, all of creation is about God wanting to make His home in you and, indeed, in all of us. And He will not rest until He accomplishes it. Isaiah 66:1 says, “This is what the Lord says; Heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool. Where is the house you will build for Me? Where will My resting place be?” Not in a temple or anyplace else that is built by the hand of man. Revelation 21:3 provides the answer: “And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Now the dwelling of God is with men, and He will live with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them and be their God.” God is saying, “I will not leave you like an orphan. You have a home with Me.” Home is a place of safety and security. It is a place of warmth and love. Home is the place where you can go and hear the voice of your Father say, “No matter what anybody else says, you constantly hear the voice of God speaking His affirmation over you, His love over you, and His forgiveness, compassion, and grace over you.

Without this deep experiential knowledge and understanding of Father's love and that you have a home in Him, I becomes so easy to live your life as if you don't have a home, which is a life of fear. And fear produces “numb-numb-ville.” It makes you unable to healthily connect emotionally with God or anyone else with whom you have a relationship . Living like an orphan means struggling constantly with the fear of trusting. It is a life of independence where you believe you are completely on your own. It means living in a state of agitated resistance against people who do not think like you. When you live your life as if you don't have a home, you see every person – even loved ones-as a potential threat or enemy to your independence.

Whether you live your life as if you have a home or live your life as if you don't have a home depends on how you think God feels about you. If you believe that God loves you just as you are, you will live life like a son or daughter of the King. If, however, your believe that God is mad at you and that you always have to try to find out how to appease Him, you will live like a orphan, This is an important distinction because however you think God feels about you is the way you will treat others in your everyday relationships.

All of creation begins and ends with the Father longing for relationship with you as His beloved child. He created you to live your life as if you have a home.

If you know you are loved unconditionally, you will love yourself and others with that same kind of love. But if you feel you have to perform in order to be of value to God, then you will portray the thought to others that they need to perform in order to be of value to you. Either you live your life as if you have a home, or you live your life as if you don't have a home. Fear....or Father's embrace!

He is calling us off the sea of fear into a calm harbor of refuge and safety.

God is saying to all of us: “Come home.” and where is home? Anywhere He is. We hear a lot about the Kingdom of God these days; The Kingdom of God means seeing God's will and purpose come to pass on earth as they are in Heaven.

No one goes through life without experiencing some degree of shame, disappointment, or betrayal. When these and other crises come, where is your lifeline? That is what creation is all about-God making His home among humankind. It is about knowing we have a Father and a home. And isn't that what we all are looking for? God created every human being to be a son or daughter to someone. All creation began with the Father desiring relationships with sons and daughters.

Before we can live a life with no fear, we have to deal with the matter of an orphan heart. We all were born with an orphan heart that rejects parental authority and seeks to independently do everything our own way.

Whenever you cut yourself off from those people who love and care about you, get ready for the enemy to entice you with a counterfeit affection that you think is an answer for the need in your life.

Rather, our quest is to enter into the embrace of the unconditional love of Father God and receive a heart of Sonship that will displace our orphan heart.

When you possess an orphan heart, you never truly feel at home anywhere. You are afraid to trust, afraid of rejection, and afraid to open up your heart to receive love. And unless you are able to receive love, you cannot unconditionally express love, even to your own family.

Left unchecked, an orphan heart can grow into a stronghold of oppression--- a habit structure of thinking or fortress of thought that is so deeply entrenched that only a profound experiential revelation of Father God's love can displace it.

You can't cast out an orphan heart. It is a heart that feels as if it has no home. It must be displaced and the only way to do that is to introduce the orphan to a loving Heavenly Father.

Left unhealed or unresolved, the wound can set into motion in an orphan heart with 12 root issues that eventually manifest as a stronghold of oppression powerful enough to handicap a person for years emotionally and which prevent them from cultivation healthy loving and caring relationships.

There is no perfect mother or father. There is no perfect sibling. There is no perfect spouse.

Root Issues:

  1. We begin to focus on the faults we see in parental authority.

  2. We receive parental faults as disappointment, discouragement, grief, or rejection.

  3. We lose basic trust in parental authority. (Once disappointed, rejected, or otherwise wounded by a parent we close off a part of our heart to keep it from being hurt again.)

  4. We move into a fear of receiving love, comfort, and reprimand from others.

  5. We develop a closed spirit.

  6. We take on an independent, self-reliant attitude.

  7. We start controlling our relationships.

  8. Our relationships become superficial.

  9. We develop an ungodly belief that says no one will be there to meet our need.

  10. We begin to live life like a spiritual orphan.

  11. We begin chasing after counterfeit affections. (Passion, possession, position, performance, people, place, and power.

  12. We begin to daily battle a stronghold of oppression. (cruel or unjust treatment or control)

Elohim said let US make man into our own image. Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

The wind is a metaphor for the Holy Spirit.

The river is a metaphor the the Holy Spirit.

Common wind that catches you by surprise and changes you.

You have a river of life flowing out of you.

Orphan Spirit

Col 1:12 Your hearts can soar with joyful gratitude when you think of how God made you worthy to receive the glorious inheritance freely given to us by living in the light.

Orphan Spirit = rejection

Six Signs of the Orphan Spirit:

  1. Orphan heart lives in religious people – meaning: When the relationship with God is non existent any christian who loses revelation of who God is.

Christianity is not a religion – but a revelation of who Jesus is. You can be born in a christian household, or by joining a church. Religion doesn't have a revelation and religion makes orphans. Revelation makes sons and daughters. Revelation makes you into a son, a daughter. Revelation gives you identity. Religion deprives you of your identity and religion gives you an orphan spirit. Religion is what you and I have if we don't if we don't have revelation.

Do you work for your Father in heaven or do you even know Your Father in heaven.

Is it about you working for God or God's great gift, to reach me?

Only Jesus and the Holy Spirit that reveals and strips religion from us and gives us something instead of that's more beautiful its called revelation. Revelation is when Jesus becomes real. That which you knew and heard about, becomes real. The one who was God and became man – so that man can be with God. Orphan Spirit thrives in the absence of revelation and Christianity needs to be a revelation not a religion.

  1. Orphan Spirit brings out anger. Religious people are angry people. If you want to deal with anger in your life you need to have a revelation of who Jesus is now.. (share when you left the church – didn't fit in, nobody cared – became very angry) You can have justifiable anger (God has anger – Jesus had anger. And anger can be just a natural response to injustice but anger can also be an open door to demons. Scripture says do not let the sun go down on your wrath. Do not open the door to the devil. (anger wrath opens the doors to demons and you will dwell in their house.

  2. Orphan Spirit is the one that pushes a person in isolation. Your pride entitlement won't let you enter into community and draws a person away from fellowship. It creates this false ideas people don't love me it creates false ideas that they attack me, they criticize me and this person who constantly live in isolation, solitude is something that refreshes you, isolation is something that depletes you. Isolation is when you would not go into a life group because you're afraid of community – may be you've been hurt before or maybe you're constantly suspicious of people. Isolation is very dangerous. God never created us for isolation. Doubts get magnified and amplified in the presence of isolation. Proverbs 18:1 A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire, he rages against all wise judgement. We are meant to live in community – 2-3 gather together etc.

  3. Orphan Spirit carries a sense of entitlement, unfairness, demanding and controlling. Offends easily, you owe me, I deserve, loses perspective, never sees straight. Bible does not teach us entitlement – get rid of entitlement. Brings jealousy, control, demands focus on what I did, not who I am. Orphan Spirit always sees what others got, never sees what they received. Always focus on what they didn't get instead of what they have.

  1. Orphan Spirit is jealous when others are promoted. Most of us do not know we have an orphan heart until someone who deserves less gets more. You start to feel resentment, can't rejoice when people rejoice. Let go of your entitlement then you will be able to deal with jealousy. God rewards us differently, God loves us equally but He trusts us differently. God deals with each one of us differently someones promotion – will expose your silent frustration with God. God never called you to get even – God called you to advance. God promises favor.

  2. Orphans ca not access their inheritance, this is the worse and saddest part about being an orphan.

Six ways to overcome the orphan spirit.

Build relationship with Holy Spirit, not list rules that you kept from God. Jesus said as He left His disciples – I will send you the Holy Spirit and I will not leave you as orphans. When you don't develop intimacy with Holy Spirit you're exposing your life to and Holy Spirit sooner or later. Anger, entitlement, unfairness, I was overlooked, I constantly get passed on that..... cure for that is an encounter with Holy Spirit you will leave entitled or encountered. An encounter fixes entitlement because the Holy Spirit becomes the most important. If you are dealing with orphan spirit – your dealing with rejection that you've experienced, maybe you dealing with silent frustrations that you've experienced, or frustrations with God – your never!!! This is exposing something – you don't know God, this is not shaming you – it is inviting you to build intimacy with Holy Spirit – focus on Him and build relationship.

  1. Renew your mind with the truth of what God says about you, not with how you feel about yourself. This is not about that! This is about who I am, I am a son, I am a daughter, I'm not just a husband, wife etc. I am a son a daughter. The Father focuses on us being a good son or daughter – not as workers.

  2. Don't let your food get cold by constantly looking at someone else's plate – what someone drives, wears, goes on vacation, other ministries, or how God has blessed them. Those who compares themselves with others are not wise. You need to enjoy being you. Be the best you – run your race well. Look at what the Lord has given to you. You can either be grateful or jealous.

  3. You can not overcome an orphan spirit – without letting go of an offend heart. Repent of entitlement, address assumptions, address hidden frustrations when someone else is getting what you think you deserve. Stop fighting for fairness (not fair) because the Lord never created you for fairness. He wants to give you favor.

  4. Matthew 18:7 Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes! Word offense = skandalon in greek, a stumbling block, a trigger of a trap on which bait s placed to eat. When the animal touches the trigger the bait, the trap springs shut and the animal is cut. Offense is a demonic trap. We start destroying each other instead of building what God wants to do in our life. Two types of offended people those who have been mistreated and those who think they have been mistreated but they haven't been. Offense is always tied to pride and control. Offense, pride, control. If you hold onto offense, orphan spirit will hold onto you.

  5. Explore your inheritance by encountering God. II Peter 1:3 His divine power has given us all things, that pertain to life and godliness. You can access your inheritance by knowing God. Explore God...

I Redefine Your win – go from winning in life to winning people. Orphans cannot make disciples, they only care about themselves advancing in life. The Father wants sons or daughters. The Father gives His possessions away. The Father gives you His heart, His values, His passion. How to save the lost – this is what Our Father thinks – most valuable thing is another human being. Most christians think spiritual warfare is about discerning and dethroning principalities and powers. But if we don't declare war on our own flesh and dominate it first (we must take care of spirits that influence us), strongholds in the region aren't going anywhere.

Deb Miller Robinson – Eagle Warrior 9-18-2021

Highlights from: Spiritual Slavery To Sonship (Jack & Trisha Frost)

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