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Your Voice

Our job is to present Jesus – The Real Jesus In Your Life.

Tell our story of what He has done for us. Religion does not attract people.

Part of releasing your voice – is accepting that someone wants to hear you (listen to you). Honors what you have to say.

When you have been shut down or not allowed to speak, it affects you.

We don't realize our voice was created to be heard. Creator gave us a voice to tell our story, to release us to bless other, to speak truth. The enemy, satan the accuser whispers to us we are not good enough, no one would listen, you are to shy to speak, don't tell your story it is to painful. This is how we come against the enemy to tell what the accuser has done to us (expose) and tell how we overcame through Jesus.

God wants to hear your voice, your thoughts, your interests, your creativity, your dreams.

Does your land know your voice. The land wants to hear your voice, all creation wants to hear your voice. It is time to bless our land and speak life into creation. Restore the beauty of your land through your voice.

I have realized our story needs to be heard. When we tell our story it will bring healing to us and to others. Others will relate to this and I know they are not the only one that the enemy attacks. Jesus will be honored by freedom coming. to all.

Jesus came to earth to bring healing and relationship. For us to think in a different way,

to experience Creator/God in a real way.

We honor Jesus by releasing our story, our voice.

You are released to speak your voice, to speak your story. Honor that releasing.

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