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Take Your Pain And Turn It Into Purpose

Take your pain and turn it into a purpose.


Some of the most precious things in life are born from struggle.

Seeds and roots pushing through the Earth’s crust.

Blossoms bursting open.

Caterpillars becoming butterflies.

Chickens hatching.

Babies being born.

The world around us is teaming with incredible miracles every day.

Nature constantly reminds us that sometimes it takes a breakdown to have a major breakthrough.

Pain has a powerful way of teaching us what’s most important and where our true purpose lies.

While there is tremendous pain, suffering and uncertainty all around us, there also is an opportunity for change. Because when things go wrong, there is also a greater opportunity to turn things around for the better. Our difficult seasons can also be a chance for us to change directions and let go of what no longer serves us.

We can’t always prevent a troubling event from happening, but we can always control how we respond.

Most of us have something in our past that’s a painful memory—a traumatic event, a heartbreak or betrayal, years of bullying or rejection, exclusion, abuse, an old anger that still gets triggered. We hear how important it is to move on, forgive, let go, live in the present, but those words can often seem empty. True freedom requires the courage to embrace what happened to you and use it to change. When you can look back on the most difficult period in your life and feel gratitude instead of bitterness because you finally understand it was all part of God’s plan. Realizing your pain was instrumental for your purpose, that’s when everything changes. Turning pain into purpose melts the resentment away and replaces it with rare joy and a renewed love of life. There is no greater comfort to someone who is suffering, than another person who has been there and survived, and is willing to take their hand and guide them out of the dark.

How do you move forward when the memory is too painful to leave behind?

Some wounds are just too painful to move past and too difficult to forgive.

Sometimes the memory of what was can actually be more painful than the event itself.

Sometimes, no amount of medication, therapy, prayers or meditation can heal the deep wound. However, I’ve found that healing from a traumatic event happens on multiple levels. While some wounds can’t be healed completely, they can be transformed into something better over time.

Some wounds are sent to break us open to remind us of our true strength.

Our wounds bring pain but they also bring a deeper wisdom that only comes by overcoming what originally hurt us.

These wounds are meant to break us wide open so that we can use our story, to light the way and guide others through their inner darkness.

Turning our past pains into stepping stones to realizing our purpose requires the courage to embrace what happened to you and use it as fuel to change.

Sharing our story helps transform us from victims of circumstance into the victors of our own story.

Being brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and share your story lets others know there is a path forward out of the darkness. Because once we are able to heal our untouchable wounds, we can help others heal too.

You will have more authority in the spirit realm from what you have gone through, in praying over others who are going through the same thing.

Trauma and painful events from our past don’t have to continue to define our future.

Just because something happened; doesn’t mean it will always be that way.

Everything changes once you can look back on the most difficult period in your life and feel gratitude instead of bitterness because you finally understand it was all part of a bigger plan. We eventually start to realize as difficult as that time was, it was really a pain that increases the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed pushing us further along towards realizing our life’s purpose. When we are able to turn our pain into purpose, we start to melt away anger and resentment and replace it with joy and a renewed love of life.

Try asking yourself the following questions: Is it possible you’ve been looking at that painful memory the wrong way? What if the worst thing you ever went through was a blessing that you weren’t meant to understand until much later? If it’s a painful memory you can’t forget, find a way to help others going through the same thing, and it will help you heal, too.

Get Your Feelings Out on Paper

Take some time to reflect on the painful event. In a notebook or journal, write down as many memories as you can recall from that time. Write whatever comes to mind. Don’t worry about the order. Later you can go back and arrange the events chronologically. Also, don’t worry about writing in full sentences or whether or not your grammar is correct. Let the contents of your mind and heart fill the pages without judgment or fear. Getting your thoughts on paper helps you make sense of how you are feeling. Once you are able to reflect on what you wrote down, you may start to notice some repeating themes or patterns. Learning how to observe how you are feeling about a particular event without judgement, guilt or shame is one of the first steps towards healing.

Shift from Anger to Forgiveness

To forgive someone doesn’t mean that you’re letting this person off the hook or saying that what they did to you is okay. To forgive someone means letting go of the anger inside of YOU. It helps to think of your heart like a closet that can only hold so much. If your closet is filled with bitterness, there won’t be any room for good things like love and healthy relationships. When you forgive, you empty the closet of negativity and make more room for the love of others to fill that space. When you are filled with anger/bitterness it will consume your spirit, mind, & body.

Gain Perspective

Bad things happen to good people all the time. You can allow it to consume you or you can use the painful experience to fuel your life purpose. If you were bullied or assaulted as a child, if you lost a parent at a young age, if you felt invisible as a teen, if you’ve battled an addiction or chronic illness—all the suffering you’ve endured and survived could save the life of someone else who’s alone and scared right now, facing what you once did. The more you reach out with your wisdom, experience, and courage, the more you will heal, and instead of resenting what happened to you, you’ll finally be able to make peace with it.

One way to gain perspective is by practicing daily gratitude, especially during difficult times. As hard as it can be try to make a habit of listing at least five things you are grateful for each day. Try to be as specific as possible and it is best if you actually write down the list in a journal each day. Starting your day with gratitude is a simply yet very effective way to quickly shift your overall mindset.

Give and Get Support

It is important to seek out help, counseling, healing ministry, Pastor, mentor or someone that you trust to pray with you.

There may be someone already in your life who’s losing hope praying for help, going through what you did. You might be able to help in ways you could never have imagined. That person who needs your experience to help get through something that’s tearing them apart could be right there in front of you, and you just never noticed. You may be the answer to someone else’s prayer.

Turning pain into purpose is one of the most powerful healing practices you can commit to in your life. Sometimes all it takes to save someone from hopelessness is another person who’s been there and survived.

Separate the pain from the purpose.

Take some quiet time and allow yourself to think back on that painful period in your past you can’t let go of, the one that prevents you from living fully now. Ask Holy Spirit/Jesus where were you during this time. Keep releasing to God.

Sometimes preparation is purpose in your pain. God uses your pain to develop you, in a way into your purpose. Sometimes the bigger pain – is a bigger purpose as you move forward.

Is God doing something in you and through you?

Could it be that God's preparation comes packaged as pain? And maybe if you could see it that way, it couldn't take the pain away, but would give the pain a purpose.

In order for you to heal from your pain, you have to move forward to your purpose in Him.

If you could see what you've been calling a failure really wasn't a failure, it was a foundation.

The thing that you saw as a betrayal – what if you just decided I'm not seeing it as a betrayal anymore. It was preparing you. Pain is an instrument into God's hand to sow into you to preserve, to move forward, in the ability to abide in a greater way. God will use it in a greater way – if you allow Him to.

What if its a test of faith that brings a refiner's fire, for you to trust God in a greater way. To bring a fire that purifies you, and makes it better then it is now. God is doing that so you can find joy in Him and in your pain.

You can have emotional pain, physical pain, spiritual pain, financial pain. You can get through this pain if you focus on potential benefits, possible purpose of of that pain.

The key is what we do in times of pain. Pain will change us. Pain does not leave us the same. You will get through it, but you will be different.

How the pain changes you is up to you. You can come out bitter or you can come out better. You can come out defeated giving up on your dreams or come out with a new fire and a new passion, making you stronger in God with new opportunities in front of you.

All of us experience pain. Don't just go through but grow through it. An opportunity to grow stronger, to gain new confidence Anyone can't let it overwhelm you, but what it is doing is wasting your pain. That pain is not there to stop you, but to prepare you to increase you, to develop you.

Use your pain to draw closer to God and trust Him more. You have a choice, you can run to God or from God.

God is close to the broken hearted. Pain can bring you to maturity or keep you in immaturity – where you will not grow.

Pain was not meant to crush you – but to teach you.

With our pain, our brokenness, do you push away or do you let people in?

Do you let God – Our Creator into you to heal your brokenness?

God is an all consuming fire. He wants to consume you. A fire so furious at the things that are all wrong. The bondage your are in. We have to own our stuff – our brokenness, our pain, our mindset. Secrets kill you, hold you bondage. Freedom from secrets set you free. What secrets are you holding onto?

When you hit bottom – you stop pointing fingers at others. You stop blaming yourself. You stop manipulating others. A good warrior - lets go of the secrets inside of them and hits bottom so the Father can release healing in you.

This is His Grace, His Love, His Mercy.

Coming out of our brokenness, is a process.

Do You Trust?

  1. If you don't have trust in you – how can you walk on this land to bring healing to the land? How can you be on a team where there is not trust. You can not!

  2. Put yourself in a position to step forward – to trust.

  3. You can unravel the pain inside of you, by trusting in Him to help you in that process. He is in love with you. Jesus – took this pain on the cross. He loves you that much. You can change, don't give into nothing will ever change for me.

  4. You can trust yourself again, you can trust other again, you can trust God again.

Either God is involved with the details of your life or He is not. He is involved with our life! With every detail. We must give Him the details. He already know your details. He wants you to give them to Him. Are you so wrapped in your justifications that you don't know the prison you are in? We need to find a way to let go of control.

Our story has an impact. An impact on you and an impact on others. It has an impact on Creator – who wants to be part of your story. You can change history by telling your story. Jesus shows us what it is like to know His Father. Jesus showed us to let Holy Spirit be part of our life.

When you are confronted by Creator, when your brought into your own pain – You are embraced by Creator to change you.

Moving Forward In Our Healing- Our Pain

We must transform ourselves (it is a process)Luke 9:62 Jesus responded, “Why do you keep looking backward to your past and have second thoughts about following me? When you turn back you are useless to God’s kingdom realm.” We must get rid of the old ways of thinking and take on the new ways of thinkingIn order to love others – you first must love yourself, this is repeated at least 10X in God’s Word Luke 10:27 ….You must love the Lord God with all your heart, all your passion, all your energy, and your every thought. And you must love your neighbor as well as you love yourself.

You Are Made In God’s Image We have to choose to love our own story enough to want healing within it. Are we willing? Is the trauma you have gone through – worth recognizing, worth processing, worth working through. When we tell our story – when we process our story – we are able to listen and help others process their story. Kaitlin Curtice

We can learn to love deeply, especially when you love yourself deeply. The only way is through the process

It is up to us to heal the DNA of our generations, in healing your pain you will also heal their pain.

It has been proven that our DNA can carry trauma, pain, abuse, etc. But through Jesus we can stop passing onto our children and grand children so they are not affected.

We were put on this earth for a purpose

Greatest treasure that you are looking for is in you. Allow God to move by the Spirit in you and you will find these treasures.

God Wants You To Know You

My name is_______ and I was chosen by God. I am made in His image.

He chose you before you were born (in your mothers womb)

He wants friendship with you – relationship - intimacy

He wants to show you hope

God has a dream for you, that He wants to see it fulfilled

He has called you to be Holy & Set apart. Walk in a good way with a good heart

He wants you to live in freedom

He wants you to enjoy the peace of Jesus

God chose you to be His very own inheritance

God chose you as a love gift to Jesus

There is wealth in you, that is a treasure. We are His inheritance, the delight He has in us

Others don’t know who you are – others don’t know your value. God does.

Battle of the Mind

Our bodies respond to our thoughts, our voice (death or life in the power of the tongue). Our mind responds to our thoughts and voice. We must speak out good, love & positive words out over ourselves and over others. We must take care of our mind, when we do this, we heal.

Romans 8:6 For the mindset of the flesh is death, but the mindset controlled by the Spirit finds life and peace.

Romans 8:4…. And we are free to live, not according to our flesh, but by the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit.

All our life transformations come from a renewed mindset. Circumstances are transformed when we think differently about them. Take your situation – it can be designed to work for you.

If your parents didn’t pay attention to you when you were a child, you may have learned to expect rejection from those who are important to you. If you’ve ever lived with a spouse or a roommate who seldom spoke to you, you may have learned to expect silence from others. Hurt within and from outside the family can cause wounds and can warp your view of yourself and your sense of value. You might think that if the people you cared about had nothing to say to you, why on earth would the Creator of the universe be interested in speaking to you?

We break out of things that bind and hold us back. We push through areas of defeat and overcome. We take on the issue of our poor self image, our pain and develop a new identity

He loves to restore and rebuild. He loves to teach us to rise up in our inner man. He loves to prove that He is with us.

Are you to busy (being under satan's yoke) to be healed? You need to go to that sacred place/prayer room – just you and God. Where He disrobes you – take off your protection – you don’t have anything to hide. What do you need to deal with: tears, anger, shame, rejection, forgiveness, jealousy, self-worth, etc. Let Him help you through this process. Your breakthrough.

Warriors know they are receiving breakthrough. They are familiar with it in their own lives first, and then through territory. First we must reclaim our inner territory. It is time to take in His Glory, His favor and explode in power that is within you

Ephesians 3:16 I pray that He would unveil within you the unlimited riches of His glory and favor until supernatural strength floods your innermost being with His divine might and explosive power. TPT You must love yourself first in order to love others. Give yourself permission to receive God’s love and to love yourself.

Heavenly Father’s Blessing

God is fascinated with you, real dad’s adore their children. He is a fabulous Father. He is not like your earthly father, He is so much more.

Ephesians 1:4 And He chose us to be His very own, joining us to Himself even before He laid the foundation of the universe! Because of His great love, He ordained us, so that we would be seen as holy in His eyes with an unstained innocence.

The Holy Spirit was given to us so we would receive everything God has for us. Holy Spirit can nurture us, help us to rise up out of our pain. We need to let Holy Spirit do this so we can be completely healed. God does this to show His shining (greatness) light – His Glory to complete us.

We are chosen to do chosen things for Him. You are a royal priesthood, God is your Father. This is a message of your identity. How are you complimenting your Father – in how you feel about yourself? You will represent God well when you let Him heal your pain. It is hard when you look in the mirror and you don’t love yourself. Look in the mirror and see yourself through the eyes of Jesus.

Honor the roots of your prayers. II Timothy 1:5 as I think of your strong faith that was passed down through your family line. It began with your grandmother Lois, who passed it on to your dear mother Eunice. And it’s clear that you too are following in the footsteps of their godly example. Kindle afresh, the gift of God in you. Love power and a sound mind.

You have a legacy to protect – grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, aunts & uncles.

Much is given – much is required

You need to deal with pain in you and in your DNA. When we're afraid to deal with our pain = this is the spirit of fear. If you were 10 X bolder, what would you be doing, or has fear reduced you?

If your not moving – you are stuck, are you stuck in your pain.

We must know who we are in God and whose we are. Are you going to move forward or be stuck and not move at all?

Be the change – you want to see, not an excuse

Everyone is called to represent God in all that they do.


A battle is always about freedom and integrity. God has desire in His heart to see you set free.

There is a battle to get free and a battle to stay free

You are His agenda – He wants to deal with the enemy =restitution – that the enemy has the pay you back (7 fold).

We fight intimidation with intimacy. When we feel intimidated by lives situations, we have an opportunity to upgrade our intimacy with Him and come into an experience of what He is really like for us.

We must turn our will over to God in order to live in the spirit constantly.

It is God who works in you, both to will and to do for His good pleasure. Philippians 2:13


There is strength in alignment that brushes aside the enemy and reveals the fullness of power in Christ.

Alignment is for the high places in God. It guarantees that we can stay in the atmosphere of abundance – to the point where our expectation of God is so strong, the enemy will back off from a fight

The glory of alignment is that we can understand all that God is to us.

We break into an anointed lifestyle that provides us with the victory and the power to live as God intends. Our relationship with God goes to a new level of passionate intimacy.

We begin to develop gifts, anointing's, and presence that not only empower us but also have an impact on other people

Are you focused on your earthly issues or are you focused on what God is doing?

The Holy Spirit has a natural liking for people.

He knows their longings and desires. He sees the thoughts and intentions of their heart. He is familiar with their struggle, weakness, and yearning to be better.

We have two relationships with God: we are in the present, and who He says we are in the future. Jesus occupies the space between the two identities as He stands in the gap, interceding for us before the throne. Heb 7:25

We are so much more beautiful than we know, and more powerful than we realize.

We get caught up with negatives, burdened by our sense of lack.

Life in the natural is concerned with future goals and how we move towards them

Life in the spirit works differently. We already are someone in Christ.

Life in the spirit is simply about letting go of a life that no longer works.

We are a new creation. We are in the wonderful process of discovering who we already are in Him

We discover the person we already are in Christ and behave accordingly.

The Lord Is With You

So write down those gifts in you that have not been called out, that you have let die.

Write down those dreams you still have.

Imagine it, speak it out, it will be good.

Do this also over your children/grandchildren

Ephesians 1:18 I pray that you will illuminate the eyes of your imagination, flooding you with light,

until you experience the full revelation of the hope He is calling – that is, the wealth of God’s glorious inheritances that He find in us, His holy ones!

Blessing Your Spirit.

Call forth your spirit to be blessed

Book: Blessing Your - Spirit Arthur Burk

Book: Daily Spirit Blessings – Sylvia Gunter

Example: Spirit, your Father has a purpose for you. I bless you with being everything God designed you to be……..

Blessing Your Body & Mind

Repent once for not taking care of your temple of God. Repent for allowing your pain to rule you.

Speak a blessing into every part of your body, every organ, the blood flow, skin, feet, hands, ears, eyes, mouth and your mind.

You will be amazed how your body reacts.

Pray for release. You My son, My daughter you are released from your pain, never to return again.

Deb Miller Robinson – Eagle Warrior


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