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You Must War For You

You Must War For You!!!! There is a place in the spirit set aside for each one of us, so we can make the enemy tired, weary and dis-spirited. We need to create an environment on earth as it is in heaven. We are here to create an alternative dimension, to make havoc on the enemy, to pray from a point of Victory. Are You In Right Alignment with God? The glory of alignment is that we can understand all that God is to us. Ephesians 3: 16 I pray that He would unveil within you the unlimited riches of His glory and favor until supernatural strength floods your innermost being with his divine might and explosive power.

It is time to take in His Glory, His favor and explode in power that is within you. There is strength in alignment that brushes aside the enemy and reveals the fullness of power in Christ. Alignment is for the high places in God. It guarantees that we can stay in the atmosphere of abundance – to the point where our expectation of God is so strong, the enemy will back off from a fight.

I had two different prophets that told me I was in the wrong alignment with Creator. They told me at two different times in my life (years apart). The first didn't tell what the wrong alignment was and this really distressed me. I thought I was doing good.

The second prophet that told me also told me what it was. I was comparing myself to others, in ministry, in body image, etc. So then I had the chance to correct that, repent and move forward in my purpose.

We break out of things that bind and hold us back. We push through areas of defeat and overcome. We take on the issue of our poor self image and develop a new identity. We have to war for our spirit, our body and our mind.

Conflict, whether it is human or spiritual, will always release the anointing. As the enemy attacks, we get to establish oneness of heart and unity of purpose. He loves to teach us to rise up in our inner man. Warriors must know they can receive breakthrough in their own lives. First we must reclaim our inner territory.

We have been taught a lot about warring in the spirit, calling our spirit forth – blessing it – calling it to the right alignment with Holy Spirit. Do you put on your armor daily to guard against the enemy? Add His righteousness, and His light to your armor. I put on righteousness, I put on light. The biggest battle, is in our mind – a constant attack from the enemy. He attacks our weakest points, so we are sometimes unable to battle. This is where unity with others are able to help you to fight.

It is time to expose the enemy and come into right alignment with Creator.

This is how we get attacked in our mind, in our body that can also cause different diseases in us.

  1. Spirit of bitterness, with underlying spirits of:

    • unforgiveness

    • resentment retaliation

    • anger/wrath

    • hate

    • violence

    • murder (with your tongue also)

  1. Spirit of accusation ( accuse, call to account, find fault, blame, formal charges, complaint, damnation, judgement, with underlying spirits of:

  • accusation toward God/Self/Others

  • manipulation

  • control

  • comparing self to others

  • suspicion

  • perfectionism

  • racism

  • unworthy

  • shame

  • guilt isolation

  • division

  • self pity

  • fear

  • deceit

  • lying

  • torment

3. Spirit of Envy & Jealousy, with underlying spirits of:

  • unforgiveness

  • resentment

  • retaliation

  • hatred

  • anger

  • greed

  • idolatry

  • unbelief that God will provide

  • possessiveness

  • critical

  • • strife

  • 4. Spirit of Occultism with underlying spirits of:

  • divination

  • witchcraft

  • sorcery

  • doubt

  • unbelief

  • idolatry

  • confusion

  • being in a fog

  • weariness

  1. Spirit of Rejection, with underlying spirits of fear anger & bitterness unloving pride addictions self- idolatry desperate for love and identity

  2. Spirit of Unloving, with underlying spirit of: self sabatoge self mutilation self torment insecurity loneliness lack of confidence attention – getting self pity

  3. Spirits of addictive behavior, with underlying spirits of Forms of addictions: drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, food addictions such as carbs & sweets, caffeine, sexual addictions, addictions in relationships, money – gambling, spending, shoping. Entertainment, computer use, The key is the addictions is in control of you

  4. Spirit of Fear & underlying spirits: panic attacks/phobias worry & anxiety expecting things to go wrong distrust suspicion shyness inferiority

9. Spirit of religious by religious spirit is a group of evil spirits which work together to inspire loyalty to religious concepts and practices in such a was as to oppose and possibilly to counterfeit the true work of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes these spirits have been invited in through sins of our bloodline. But we have all authority to break them off. Sometimes you will pick up spirits if you haven't cleansed yourself after praying over someone, over a ministry, or an assignment. We are constantly on assignment toward the enemy because we are aligned with majesty. How to free yourself: recognize, take responsibility, repent, renounce, remove it, resist, rejoice, and restore. Renew your mind daily, put on your armor daily (thicken it sometimes), speak out life over yourself (look in the mirror and tell your self who you are in Christ) Print out the Fathers Love Letter and read over yourself daily for 1month, to get it deep within you. There are two battles we face in any personal issue. The first is to become free, and the second is to stay free. We have all seen people who received a breakthrough but who did not maintain it. There is no breakthrough without follow through.

We break out of things that bind and hold us back. We push through areas of defeat and overcome. We take issue of our poor self image and develop a new identity.

We break into an anointed lifestyle that provides us with victory and the power to live as God intends. He loves to restore and rebuild, He loves to teach us to rise up in our inner man. He loves to prove that He is with us. He loves for you to see and recognize who you really are in Him.

You are made in His image.

We must take care of us in order to fight, to develop trust, to fight with the power of unity. If you can't love yourself how will you love others – the greatest command is to love one another as yourself. It is time for us to fight for who we are in Jesus....We Must War For Us.

Dearest Daughter,Son The presence of the Lord comes in different flavors as He shines through His children. If you don’t shine as only you can, eternity will forever be deprived of that aspect of God’s nature. Jesus in you & God shining through you, is a completely new combination that not even God Himself can reveal without you being there. Don’t ever forget that. Don’t ever forget your immeasurable worth. You are more than priceless to me. Scott Miller (nephew)

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

Highlights from Walking into Freedom - Henry Wright Ministry

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