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When you trust you bring honor!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Separation from the head and the heart. We think from our mind and sometimes wrongful thoughts (negative thoughts), sometimes we need to think from our heart. A heart that is connected to Creator's heart. What a man thinketh in his heart so is he or she.

Are you broken inside? Do you push away or do you let people in?

Do you let God in to heal your brokenness?

I remember being so broken from rejection, hurts, disappointments that I did not trust anyone. I would only allow people to come so far in loving me, I put up a wall so that I would not be hurt again.

God is an all consuming fire. He wants to consume you.

A fire so furious at the things that are all wrong in your life. The bondage you are in.

It was much later in my life that I went through a healing process. I became vulnerable and allowed others to bring healing to me. I actually didn't even know I had a wall up.

It is amazing to me how others can see in you what you can't. (both positive & negative)

We have to own our stuff - our brokenness, our pain, our mindset. Secrets kill you - hold you in bondage. Freedom from secrets set you free.

When you hit bottom, you stop pointing fingers at others. you stop blaming yourself, you stop manipulating.

A good warrior - lets go of the secrets inside of them and hits bottom so the Father can release healing in you. This is His grace, His love, His mercy.

Coming out of our brokenness is a process. A process of trusting Creator to heal us completely.

Do you trust?

Put yourself in a position to step forward - to trust.

You can unravel the pain inside of you. By trusting in Him - to help you. Jesus took this pain on the cross - He loves you that much. You can change, don't give into - nothing will ever change for me. This is my family, generations of pain and hurt. My mom was like this or my dad was like this.

You can trust yourself again. You can trust others again. You can trust Creator again.

Creator told me, if you don't have trust in you, how can you walk on this land to bring healing to the land? How can you be on a team in battle where there is not trust.

You Can Not!!!

When you trust you bring honor.

Either God is involved with the details of our life or He is not. He is involved with our life. With every detail. We must give Him the details. He already knows your details. He wants you to give them to Him. He wants you to trust Him.

If there are areas in your life where you do not trust, give them to Creator, and when you do, healing will come.

We must trust Him first and then we will start trusting others and our self. It is so worth it.

It is time to release those wounds to Him, they are not worth carrying anymore. Let go of the past you don't need to live there anymore. Let go and let God.

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

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