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Walking With Creator

I am so intrigued with how Adam and Eve walked in the cool of the evening with Creator. Friend with Friend. Heart to Heart.

Abraham knew you face to face.

Moses knew you face to face.

Enoch walk with you and was caught up to You in the spirit realm.

Jesus made a way - that we can walk with you Creator, a new covenant for us - to have a relationship with You Creator.

How is your walk today? Are you walking daily with the One who loves you?

I remember in 1999 while I was in worship, the song that was being sung - we will dance on the streets that are golden (We will dance by Vineyard Music). I had this overwhelming feeling I could never do this, because of my shame. The spirit of shame had crept into my life because I focused on all the wrongs I had done. I focused on - I don't measure up (spirit of rejection), the guilt I had carried for so many years because of the wrong focus.

I couldn't even look Jesus in the eyes because of this. Let alone walk or dance on the streets that are golden.

I remember during worship my Pastor at the time was walking around praying for people. He placed his hands on my head and when this happened i had a vision. The vision was when I was a little girl, Jesus came and took my hand and we ran through a field of flowers, running and laughing. I felt so loved. Then he smiled at me and my shame was taken away.

I was free to dance on the streets that were golden.

What are you facing today? What has the accuser come and tormented you with?

It is time to face the accuser with the love of Jesus for you. What spirits are attacking you?

When we walk in the cool of the evening with our Savior the enemy can not touch us, because the love of Jesus surrounds us.

My challenge to you today is to walk in the cool of the evening with Jesus and let Jesus change your mindset to keep walking forth in His love.

Honor the One who honors you.

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior


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