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Time To Assess

Spiritual Assessment:

Do not rejoice over me, my enemy; when I fall, I will arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me. Micah 7:8

11 Cor 2:11 Lest satan should take advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of

his devices. The enemy is dedicated to his own mission in each one of us.

But, we have all authority over him and there is Power in the name of Jesus.

Sometimes christians have a mindset – that it costs to much to get free.

Time to cultivate you. Nurture and take care of you. You are important to Jesus.

Are you important to you?

We need to assess our life often (every 3 months)

Do I need to improve my talk?

Do I need to improve my thoughts?

Do I need to improve my way of being?

Do I need to improve my actions?

Do I need to cut out something (media,tv,busyness,etc)?

Father, what is it where I need to improve?

Be in the word more?

Be in worship more?

Pray more? What is on Your Heart for me to pray?

Spend time with You more?

Be in rest more?

Ask God and He will direct you. Or maybe you have that inside voice that is

already speaking to you and you haven't acted on it yet.

Do you want to know God deeper?

How do you build or rebuild your character?

We really need time with God. In order for you to thrive and move forward spend time with Him.

It is time to break off survival mode and move forward and be an overcomer.

In cancer people will say oh you are a survivor and I say no I am an overcomer by the blood of the lamb. By the prayers and warfare of many, by Jesus who is my savior.

When you have fulfillment in Christ it is hard for the devil to seize the moment on you. When the devil sees what you are thirsty for (the wrong things that are not of God) he will seize the moment and tempt you in these desires more. Get into right alignment with God.

God is done with us being lukewarm. It is time to get the people ready for warfare for High warfare.

So many people are being silent and won't fight. Why because you don't trust God, you have doubt and you don't have the fear of God in you. (means obedient to do what He ask of you) Only you can change this.

This is how the enemy can come and attack you:

When there is pride and greed in the mix


Weak links – what are your weak links: fear, jealousy, competition (debating just to prove your are right or only your opinion's count), judging, negative thoughts, words, actions, anger, self-pity, rejection, orphan spirit (not knowing who you are) argumentative to name a few. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal in you, your weak link that needs to be removed.

Demons can manifest as sickness in your body. If a doctor can not find out why you are sick, why you have a disease, the root of a issue – you are being attacked by a demon.

Example: I use to get migraines . I started getting them when I was 18 years old. They are debilitating. I finally went to a church in 1997 (I was 45 then) who knew about spiritual warfare. Who taught on how we were attacked. One night there was a word of knowledge that someone in the gathering had headaches and back pain and God wanted to heal them. I went forth due to my migraines becoming worse and medication's was not helping. The elders layed hands on me, started praying and a demon came out (my first experience of deliverance). It came out yelling - noooooo. The elders knew how to deal with this and cast it out. They also told me I would need to fight for it to stay out. This was really my first experience with warfare and how the enemy can attack.

Jesus healed everyone who is oppressed by the devil.

It is time to identify what is killing you. How did the enemy come in and attack (your bloodline, speaking fear out, that you will get a disease that your relatives had, a door that was opened to the enemy (unforgiveness) etc, repent, break it off and be filled with the Holy Spirit to move forward.

Are you taking care of your body/temple that host God's presence. There are demonic food cravings that you are being attacked with .(John Ramirez) (midnight eating's – are an attack). Emotional eating.

Ask God what you are to do to get healthy and stay healthy. What you are to eat or not to eat, are you to fast, are you to walk, exercise (how often, etc)

Remove cravings with your authority.

The devil can work you from the outside (oppress you), he can instigate the cause of desires in you through a door that you have opened (lust, food, unholiness – ongoing known sin in your life) he can cause triggers in you, which can cause torment, shame, unforgiveness of self, to come. We need to confront these attacks, curse the root cause, satan wants to hold you back from God's best.

Satan distracts you in your home – put confusion in your home, keep you from gathering together with other believers, keeps you from drawing near to God. Press in, persevere to break off these distractions.

For couples if you don't come together in unity you cause a door to be opened by the enemy that can cause a fragment in your marriage. Satan will cause your mouth to bring arguments, spewing things out in anger, this creates an atmosphere in your house that is ungodly. Break this off through praying, praying together, asking for help, read scripture out loud, worship to make the enemy leave. Walls hang on to arguments, repent and release peace, love, kindness, forgiveness. Enemy loves to break up marriages, families and churches....we have authority over all of these.

When it comes to spiritual freedom and walking in complete deliverance from evil, it is so important that we learn how to guard the gates of our lives. The gates are the doorways through which either light or darkness enters into our hearts, minds, souls, bodies and spirits. The enemy can only build a habitation where there is darkness. So if we are careful not to allow darkness into our gates, the battle is nearly completely won!

Pay attention to your Gates: Eye (what do you watch in media/tv/movies)

Mouth (what are you speaking out) Are you speaking out in anger, hatred, putting others down so you can be right/pride...boasting, gossiping....

Your Actions – what are your actions toward others, toward a situations. You can speak kindness, love, etc but your actions will speak higher. Native forgiveness/Salem

Mind Gate – so empowering!! You have the ability to take back your life- to choose a life without anxiety and depression by changing the way you think.Just changing your thoughts changes your life.

Heart Gate – A merry heart is good like a medicine. Do not harden your hearts. Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in Me (Jesus). Out of the mouth the heart speaks. The Word.

Who is moving in your mind, your marriage, your children. Are you allowing the enemy to move you. All the enemy wants from you is spiritual territory (your house, your marriage, your kids, your church, your city, your nation) You are an overcomer through Jesus – take these areas back.

Don't let the devil steal, lie, or kill. It is time to command with boldness, kick him and his underlying demons out. Replace what was kicked out with Holy Spirit. Use your authority (let the mama bear and papa bear come out)

Speak as if you mean it. Your job is to cast the demons out, not engage with them (they are liars) Very simple but powerful - leave in the name of Jesus.

Satan loves to attack: families, marriages,workplace, health,finances, relationships. The tools that the devil uses most often are temptation and deception. Temptation is to make you want to quit and give up on God, and deception is to make you believe that you're never going to come out of your circumstances.

Are you ready to fight or do you want to stay lukewarm and not fight? Are you ok with being attacked over and over again (going around the mountain per say) Are you ok with your family being attacked, your marriage, your workplace, your church?

This is how we get prepared to know how to fight: Where is your sacred place with Jesus.

Jesus had a sacred place when He would get away from others (distractions) and just spend time with His Father.

He did this to get refreshed, renewed, receive instructions, and feel the love of His Father for help.

In your situation you may need a prayer partner, a mentor, you may need to ask for help. God never said to go through life alone. In group prayer times when we hold hands = power & unity (in agreement as we pray), enemy can not curse what God has blessed. He blesses our prayers.

When you spend time with Him – you will receive true love and be able to give true love. You will get to know His character. He is love, He is a covenant keeper, He wants your relationship, He wants you to ask Him, He answers your prayers, He will never leave you nor forsake you, He wants you free, He wants you well, He will wipe away your tears and fears, He is sovereign over all things seen and unseen.

Are your best fights ahead of you? Or are all your best fights behind you. This is critical for you.

Hopefully ahead of you. We should be gearing up for the battles ahead of us. (get prepared)

Not the battles of staying a float. Do you want to take some ground? Ask God can I have a better quality of fight then the ones I've been in. Can I fight for something really meaningful? Your best fights should be ahead of you, so prepare and gear up.

You need to realize who you are and who you belong to. He has an inheritance for you. You will step back into His rest and live in the high tower of His name so when the enemy comes against you the enemy can not find you, you are connecting with the heart of the Father. You will experience His kindness, His grace, His joy, His covenant, His power to move in you and through you. He delights in you and wants to spend time with you. You will be completely reliant on Him and nothing can move you.

You will be change in His Presence. You can not go to war without Him or you will get attacked and lose. You will learn in your brokenness to walk with Him, it is He who sees the goodness in you, who sees your worth, who sees where you are going, who knows your future, who gives you abundant life.

He will increase your faith, your walk, and your authority. He will know you and you will know Him.

And this is joy.

Ephesians 2:10 For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for 'good works', which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Are you ready for freedom in you, in your marriage, in your family, in your house, in your city/nation, in your church?

Time to warfare - we have all authority.

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

revised 2-15-2022

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