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The Ways Of A Warrior

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

The ways of a Warrior.

Yah = Yahweh = One of the name of Creator-God

Many of us believe we are not warriors, but let's examine this word.

Warrior mean's standing in the gap for Yah's people.

Someone who has the ability and will fight to protect, his friends, his family, his land, his country and one who seeks the perfection of his own character through the life lived with honor, integrity, respect for self and others.

If you pray for someone, your family, a nation, the land – you are a warrior.

If you are a worshiper – you are a warrior.

If you are a reader of Yah's teachings – His words – you are a warrior.

We wrestle not with flesh and blood but against principalities. Ephesians 6:12

There are many in the bible who were warriors: David, Jonathan, Gideon, Deborah, Esther, Anna, Hannah, Elijah, Elisha, Yeshua, Yahweh, Holy Spirit, the disciples, to name a few.

There is warfare by honor.

There is warfare by prayer.

There is warfare by worship.

There is warfare by teaching.

There is warfare by our words. (there is life or death in the power of the tongue.)

There is warfare by our actions.

There is warfare by love.

There is warfare by forgiveness.

There is warfare by what you have been through.

There is warfare in releasing our voice.

There is warfare in decreeing Yah's word.

A warrior is unafraid to be humble.

A warrior is willing to fight with one and love with the other.

A warrior never breathes a word, unless it comes from the heart.

A warrior must follow their heart and vision.

A warrior never chases their adversary, because the adversary requires resistance.

A warrior never creates the situation, but deal with the situation as it presents itself.

A warrior never asks – have I done enough for one day.

A warrior strives for the top, by helping someone reach it.

A warrior know peace and is willing to give their life to achieve it for others.

A warrior know how to find love in any moment because they have learned to love themselves.

A warrior is not afraid to laugh at their own mistakes.

A warrior never stops, but learns to let go.

A warrior will go with the flow and celebrate the moment knowing the power of touch and use it wisely.

In every tribe, & nation there were and are warriors.

Yeshua gave us all authority to go. Mathew 28:18

And when He (Yeshua) had called His twelve disciples to Him, He gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease. Mathew 10:1

We have all authority and power to come against the enemy.

We must learn to look at the enemy, recognize it and not look at the person.

Yeshua died for each and everyone. He is not raciest, is not against culture, is not against man or woman. In fact when He died, He said forgive them father for they know not what they do.

Yahweh is not in a box, His healing is not in a box, His battles are not in a box. Every healing, every battle is different. We must ask how do you want this person healed, how do you want us to do this battle. We can be taught many different tools in healing and battles but we must be obedient to what and how He instructs us in victories of these.

After every battle we must release ourselves from it and release the warriors that are with you from it.

You don't want to carry any unclean spirits with you as you go back home. Release yourself, cleanse yourself and get into worship to refresh yourself for the next battle.

The higher up you go in warfare the more protection Yahweh gives.

Some of the ways we can get trained for battle's is by doing spiritual mapping of a area, city, of a family, Etc.

Research the history of an area, research what idols are in a region, etc.

For example: in Eugene: the founder of Eugene was Eugene Skinner who brought freemason with him

Eugene was the hub for the KKK, freemasons.

Joseph Lane who was the first governor of Oregon brought slaves with him, and was a friend and part of Andrew Jackson's army to remove the Native Americans from their land.

In Eugene we have a lot of witchcraft, racism, new agers, free masons.

One day Yah had the team go on top of Skinner's butte (the witches like the high places to build their altars) I had gotten on a website (divine appointment) and found out they worship by two oak trees that were up there. Yah had told us before hand to bring scripture up there put them around clothespins and pound them in the ground. As I did this a fetish came up that had been placed there by a witch, we had a rubber mallet and I hit the fetish with it and it crumbled, usually a rubber mallet doesn't crumble anything.

The team has gone to Skinner's grave and Joseph Lane grave and forgave them for what they brought upon our land. We sang songs to Yahweh and spoke out the Love of Yeshua over this town.

And repented on behalf of the people from straying from Yahweh.

Most of the time in warfare that Yah has asked me to do, was to bring worship unto Him in the high places, around the rivers (salt in the rivers as Elijah did). As we worship Him he removed what needed to be removed. You can saturate rocks with worship and bring them with you and place God bombs where ever you go. Every battle has been different and every strategy has been different.

Yah had called me to the 4 corners of Lane County. The instruction was to bring a dagger that someone had given me, thrust it in the ground and declare I have all authority over this land, I am taking this land back from the darkness (drugs,abuse,etc) you have no hold on this land or the people of the land. I call forth love, peace, forgiveness, etc I call the people back the the love of the Father Creator.

This time my husband and myself went and I ask God why not the team. You need a man and woman to stand in the gap for families.

Know who your enemy is, study it so you know how to come against it.

Learn about portals, some are of God some are from the enemy. We have authority to shut the portals of the enemy. Crater Lake is a volcano that erupted, water ways portals from the enemy.

Weapons of warfare, can be through: our voice (decreeing out) , flags/banners, tambourines, colors, dance, drums, shofar, swords, our hands and feet, worship, prayer, and most of all love.

Pick up your sword of love - the enemy hates this one.

Every time we us the weapons of worship – to praise and glorify Yah, satan is reminded of what he once had which was striped from him and given to us. Not only is the beauty of worship given to us, but the authority for victory in spiritual warfare over him is also ours. Every time satan sees his past he is reminded of his future.

Warfare through Worship

Worship was meant to be the sanctuary of the arts not the cemetery of the arts. (Richard Twiss).

We must be allowed to worship Him how He created us to worship. Indigenous people are arising

up to worship how Yah created them to. Who are we to judge someone's sacrifice of praise to Yah.

Every Christian is called at the very least to a soldier in the army of God. Soldiers are called to counter evil with the overwhelming, overcoming good that flows from a heart in love with God. No matter what situation a Christian soldier is in, they must live from their spirit.

Soldiers bless everyone around them and contribute to a positive spiritual atmosphere.

The devil is the prince of the power of the air. Ephesian 2:2

He lives in the atmosphere! He operates to change the climate of faith into unbelief. He seeks to alter the mood of people away from the fruit of the Spirit to something more negative and sinister. He desires to be our substitute for God; therefore to make us like him. Anytime he can release our flesh instead of our true spirit, he has achieved a purpose, however temporary.

For people to grow properly we must first change the atmosphere and then create a new environment that produces people of quality.

Warriors stoke the atmosphere. The inflame passion by the way they live their own lives. Warriors are unconscious models of a kingdom that is far above all principalities and powers.

We must change the atmosphere around us where we live, work, and worship. We release as much of the blessings of God as possible.

We represent a joyful, gracious, merciful King who has paid the price of freedom and blessing to be bestowed on all people at all times.

Spiritual Warriors fight so that all people may receive the blessing of the Good News. We seek to change the atmosphere over people's lives so that they may experience the glorious benevolence of the rule of God. Through our love, joy, and peace we push aside negativity, unbelief, and selfishness; so that we can pray, prophesy, and spiritually bless everyone with whom we come into contact.

Spiritual Warriors play a different role than Christian soldiers.

They are on an assignment, charged with specific God-led initiatives against the enemy. Spiritual Warriors are the special forces of the Kingdom, going out against the enemy in advance. Once there, they battle and hold ground until soldiers – reinforcement – arrive to help them. They are out in the front lines. They are raised up to restore.

They fight for higher stakes. They have zeal to take a city , a state, a region, a nation. They fight withing the political sphere, the judicial system, the world of commerce and social justice to change laws, create legislation that is fair and equal to all.

Spiritual Warriors take the first and most courageous step-but soldiers are needed to come behind them and back them up.

Elisha's close relationship with God made him privy to the plans of the enemy. He heard the most private words of the King in his spirit.

He was a thorn in evil's side just as a Spiritual Warrior should be.

Spiritual Warriors see beyond the natural into a realm of the Spirit where God lives. They are powerfully backed up by Heaven

Spiritual Warriors have access to a different reality than the natural facts. To see from heaven's perspective opens you up to all the claims and desires of heaven in the circumstances of life.

When set our hearts to God, our intimacy must go to a deeper level of love and trust. Insight releases discernment. When we are focused on the real, the false is always exposed. Intimacy intimidates the enemy.

Out of David's own intimacy with God ( a man after God's own heart, David intimidated the giant before him and won an incredible victory that delivered a nation. David knew only one voice. His identity as a warrior was rooted in his intimacy.

Spiritual Warriors are not aggressive; they are assertive in a powerful way. When you partake of the nature of God you cannot be angry in the way you once were.

Spiritual Warriors are disciplined. Self control is a part of our development. Being God conscious before the Father as Jesus lived. I only say what the Father is saying. I only do what the Father is doing; having our hearts fixed on Jesus (Hebrews 12:1-2) is the only way to live.

It is vital that Spiritual Warriors understand the difference between anger and assertiveness. In discipline, God is asserting His holiness so that we might share in it with Him. (Hebrews 12:10) In warfare, we are hugely assertive against the enemy. If we have too much aggression, it may be turned against us. Our authority must stem from our submission to God, not from our internal anger. Anger that comes from the soul can be tracked back to it, making us vulnerable to a counter attack. James 4:7 Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

It is not violence that propels these Spiritual Warriors forward. They break through enemy lines through their own ability to rest in the Lord. These mighty men and women live in a state of untroubled calm and rest despite every annoyance thrown their way. While the enemy dishes out chaos and accusation, Spiritual Warriors are anchored by their inner life of the spirit. Rest is a weapon.

Spiritual Warriors must know beyond a shadow of doubt that God is bigger, and therefore you cannot lose – that is faith that moves mountains!

Spiritual Warriors know who God is for them, and they are aware of the partnership they have with Him.

There is a place set aside for us in the Spirit where we can make the enemy tired. We can make him weary, discourage, deflated, and intimated by our intimacy and our rest in Jesus. On earth as it is in heaven. Is there any weariness of souls in heaven? Is there any mental tiredness or emotion depression? These things have been bound because joy and rest have been loosed!

Spiritual Warriors are absolutely positive that God will help them. They are convinced that He is incapable of letting them down. Such thoughts never enter their minds – they are completely focused on the fact that God will save them. In times of warfare and adversity, they have the courageous boldness to stand firm in God. This confidence enables a spiritual warrior to hold their ground and be fearless in the face of any attack.

Warriors cannot move out of panic; they must operate out of peace and rest.

A Spiritual Warrior is sent out as a lamb among wolves-but our best friend is a Lion. His all – consuming power turns our puny hearts into a fortress that cannot be taken.

Spiritual Warriors do not react. They revert to their inner place of practical stillness. It is their custom to cultivate rest, peace and stillness as a way of life. Be alone with God in our sacred place.

Spiritual Warriors know how to walk humbly with God, because they understand that they are nothing without His greatness.

God is always speaking Warriors are always listening. Never allow the noise of your circumstances to drown out the sound of the Spirit.

Situations are urgent communion with God is important. Never focus on the situation focus on Jesus. The circumstances is a means to an end.

Spiritual Warriors are convinced that the Lord wants to reveal Himself to them, as well as help them in their circumstances.

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

revised 2-22-2022

Highlights from Teaching Series - Ways of a Warrior by Graham Cooke

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