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The Power Of Rest

The Power of Rest

Is A Mighty Weapon of Warfare

Warrior of Rest KNOWS HOW TO REST.

Rest knows no fear.

Rest knows no lack.

Rest gives strength.

Quote: Apostle Negiel Bigpond – Yucchi Tribe

Come to Me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

What does it mean ‘to rest’

Rest in Jesus/Yeshua

Rest in Your circumstances

Rest in Your Assignment’s

Rest in Your workplace

Rest in your travel’s

Rest in your family

Rest in all that you do

When Creator (Elohim) rested on the 7th day. He Blessed this day and made it sacred. His sacred place, set apart for Him. He wanted to enjoy and spend time with mankind, the earth, the stars, the waters, the animals, the plants, etc.

He rested from creating. He enjoyed what was created. He marveled at the beauty of creation. Like a true artisan He enjoyed what He made.

The purpose of creation is to display the glory of God.

All of creation worships and honors Creator-God

All my relations

Rest can be looked at – I am complete in Creator – He is complete in me. In creation.

Rest can be looked at – sacred place, set apart.

Jesus knew this marvelous rest. In all that Jesus did, the Father was with Him,

as the Father is with us - in all that we do.

Exodus 33:14 And He (God) said My presence shall go with you and I will give you rest.

Rest can be looked at – be complete in Me

Are you resting in your circumstances?

God said I will never leave you or forsake you.

But have you left Him – in your circumstances?

Have you walked away.

Do you have no hope?

Are you letting God in?

We are set apart for Him. We have a sacred place in Him. That resting place where He is, He is waiting for You… come in

Deb Miller Robinson – Eagle Warrior

revised 5-10-2022

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