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Team’s Land Assignment

I want to share my latest land assignment with you.

I was visiting Texas in June of 2022 to pray over some private land of a couple who are missionary's/prophet's, friends who just recently purchased their first house ever!!!

When I was visiting we attended their church - King's Trail Cowboy Church. I was with two other Native friends who also were on this assignment. While we were there we connected with Pastor Jason, had lunch with him and heard his story of some land that was given to his church.

After hearing his story, we were able to build relationship, encourage, protocol (honoring). We were asked to come back and bless his land.

It was the Cowboy's and Indian's coming together to build relationship. This was facilitated by my missionary friend John as he would be the contact person for all of us.

The date was set with much prayer as when we should come. Yom Kippur Oct 4th, 2022 at sundown. This is the eve of Yom Kippur as in Jewish tradition a day starts at sundown. For those who do not know, Yom Kippur is called Day of Atonement in Leviticus 23. (God's appointed time called moedim). This moedim is for a day of repentance.

The beauty of the land was restored!

Cindy and myself went on this assignment together, Susie's assignment was to intercede from her home for us (she was there in the spirit with us). We all stayed connected during this assignment.

This assignment was not like any other assignment I had been on. I was learning a new way of warfare. Usually when I go on land assignments I will do spiritual mapping around the territory of where we are to go and pray. Checking out the past history over an area.

Negiel Bigpond once said, "We can look into the past history of an area, but what does God want to do now (present time) in a place. God was doing something new.

The only information I received was the name of the owner that blessed the church with giving them 50 acres of land. The owner's last name was Wilson. This was not much to go on for me to do any research about the land.

One day God said go look at your mother's ancestors. When I looked at it again, I seen my great grandfather's last name was Wilson and he was born in the same county that the land was on. My spirit knew I was connected to this land through my great grandfather and great great grandparent's. I knew that the prayers of my people on this land and the current prayers we were bringing, would be instrumental in restoration.

We gathered together at the church, introductions were made and we all had an excitement of what God was going to do. I believe there were 17 all together. What was amazing to me is no one had an agenda, no one knew what to expect, but we were open to what God had for each one of us. We all had an excitement and knew God was in all of this.

We all came together in the name of the Lord. When David came to fight Goliath, he came in the name of the Lord and the enemy was taken out, victory happened.

Joanne who is Cherokee and an amazing artist, who paints on flags/banners gave her sacrifice gift for Yom Kippur, this was to give Pastor Jason and his wife Molly a Yom Kippur banner. After this, we all loaded up to go to where the land was at. We could only go to the creek area and then walk across the dried creek to the area we were to pray at. It felt like we were all coming out of bondage into freedom. (Like the Israelites crossing the Red Sea). There was a bondage on the land by an old Native spirit who was very angry. This spirit was previous seen and we knew about it in June. (Remember we all came in the name of the Lord). This spirit did leave as several of us seen it leave. Not by any of us casting it out, but by God Himself.

We had a precession that was led by the Pastor Jason, Molly and the leadership, with the banner flying high, (to welcome us on their land), the natives followed (all in their regalia), then the Scottish, English, Latino, and New Zealander followed up behind. It was true worshippers coming in unity.

This was new and it was about 'what does God want to do now on these 50 acres'.

There had been chairs placed upon the 'plowed' field. (These chairs were placed were the spirit was originally seen). We all sat down, then Pastor Jason got up and welcomed us to his church's new land. John followed with what he had to contribute, then Rita Bear was asked to speak. Each word spoken out was significant to change the atmosphere.

We began by honoring the Pastor Jason, Molly and leadership. A drum song was released from Jeff who is a Cherokee, from Tennessee. For me when I touched the land - I knew the land had been waiting for this moment - to be blessed and released. The land had been crying out to be healed of defilement that had been done on it. I was asked to come forth to release the land to its new life with the church. How this is done: is by scooping up some dirt in my hand and giving it to the Pastor, his wife, and each of the leadership, placing it in their hands and releasing the land to them. ( I represent the family of the previous owner). This was such a profound moment for me to get to participate and prophecy over the new owners. "The land will produce abundance and healing, out of the blessings that was received." "The land will produce crops again and bring abundance for all creation." The word 'abundance' was huge in my spirit. After releasing the dirt, the land was rejoicing and willing to be part of this new season.

All of the Native Representives came forth with the gifts they had to bring and prophecies they had to bless Pastor Jason, Molly and each Cowboy Leadership. We prayed over all of them, to bless them.

After this Pastor Jason stepped up, got on his knees and with tears repented for what Texas did to the Cherokees (history was Governor Lamar made all the Cherokees leave to Oklahoma in the mid 1800's).

I have never felt such a deep repentance as Pastor Jason brought. The tears that were shed onto the land - brought a vibration to the earth and atmosphere that removed bondages of defilement. The Jeff (Cherokee from Tennesse) asked if he could wash the feet of Pastor Jason and Molly. He used a towel that his grandmother has used in tent revival's to do foot washings, as he got on his knees with tears and forgave what happened the heavens opened up. The power of tears, repentance and forgiveness brought us into a deeper bond. A move of the Holy Spirit took us into a higher dimension for all of us to experience and continue to walk in. Our purpose stepped forth to Glorify: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We were all changed.

The North Gate gatekeepers of Texas have a great blessing to walk in.

I will be pondering about this assignment for a long time. I was told before I went on this assignment that as soon as I touched the land I would receive an upgrade. This was also prophecied over by someone else that by what happened on the land, I was given an upgrade. (By another Native who was on the land with us). I am honored and grateful for what Jesus is doing in my life. Just being with Him and experiencing what happened on this land is an upgrade for me. I am excited to see what my next assignment will be.

After I got home my mentor Carol told me, when she was praying for us, she saw in heaven the 24 elders jumping up and down for joy, rejoicing over the completion of this assignment. I stand in awe in what all was accomplished. Victory happened.


Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

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