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Talking Leaves Honoring Creation

Our walk in life is not to dominate but to understand; to learn the communication of creation and come into right relationship with it. We will then have favor with Creator – when we honor all creation. When you listen you 'will' hear. All things on earth were placed on the earth for us to take care of, not to dominate in a forceful way.

Genesis 1:1 When God created the heavens (sky)and the earth (land), the earth was completely formless and empty, with nothing but darkness draped over the deep. God's Spirit hovered (God's spirit gently vibrated, or to incubate or to brood. Hebrew word rachaph means 'to flutter' , 'to gently move', 'to hover over with gentle wavering, or to be relaxed (grow soft) and describes the utmost care and affection of a mother eagle caring for her young – Deuteronomy 32:11)

When God began the creation of heaven and the earth. The first word in Hebrew is re'shiyth and meant “first,” “chief,” or “firstfruits”. Genesis gives us the firstfruits of God's creation.

Genesis 1:28 and God blessed them (man & woman made in his likeness) in His love saying: “Reproduce and be fruitful. Populate the earth and subdue it. Reign over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and every creature that lives on earth.”

Man and woman were both given the command to care for the earth and subdue all things. Man and Woman, blessed by Creator with authority to rule with Him as co regents. God's image is reflected in both men and women and so is rulership. (Brian Simmons – The Passion Translation)

Genesis 1:28 (RSV) And God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth." While the word kavash means to subdue, there is another word with a similar meaning. The words "have dominion" are the Hebrew verb radah. Our normal understanding of "having dominion" over another is to rule over them but this idea is found in the Hebrew verb malak. The Hebrew verb radah is related to other words which have the meanings of descend, go down, wander and spread. This verb literally means to rule by going down and walking among the subjects as an equal. The use of the two Hebrew verbs radah and radah imply that that man is to rule over the animals as his subjects, not as a dictator, but a benevolent leader. Man is also to walk among and have a relationship with his subjects so that they can provide for man and that man can "learn" from them. (Jeff Benner ancient-hebrew)

The earth brings healing to you, the plants (herbs) brings healing, the animals brings healing to us. Have you ever set with a dog, cat, horse, birds that love you. When you are sad they will sit/stand with you and bring healing just by being there to comfort you.

Water is life, water brings refreshing, healing, important for the body to survive. The sun can bring healing giving you the vitamin c that we lack. (sit in the warmth of the sun and you will get refreshed, healing to the bones. Rain can be a soothing sound/rhythm a frequency to your soul. Watching the moon, stars, clouds can give you a quietness, calmness that you may need. Herbs (the leaves were good medicine for the healing of the nations). Revelation 22:2

These are ways Creator wants us to encounter Him. Honoring what He has created.

When we speak of mother earth we are honoring what the earth's purpose is. Taking care of us, nurtures us, heals us (electromagnetic field that is released), helps the plants/trees to grow, helps the animals to have a place to eat and rest.

The earth's electromagnetic field surrounds and protects all living things with a natural frequency pulsation.

We call the earth our mother a honoring of her. Did not Adam come from the earth (dirt) and Creator breathed life into Adam.

We live in a world that reveals itself every day in the most ordinary ways.

Imagine a world where creation blooms because we sing their songs. Imagine the ravens talking to us with a message. We can not imagine this because we are to steeped in a world of rational principles to give ourselves over to a reality where everything (rocks, wind, rain, animals, trees) is alive and speaking, if only we had the capacity to hear.

The songs of the birds awaken creation and the sun to begin a new day. The rippling waters of a creek might form into a song that contains a message for our souls. Or the vast waves of the ocean in all of its power, bows to Creator.

Imagine Creator singing His song over you and just for you. Listen to your song!

Close your eyes or put a prayer shawl over you, a blanket over you, (enclose yourself in this) or a head wrap over your eyes to take out distractions.

Imagine yourself and Creator as one, because Creator has made us one with Him. A relationship that is so desired and needed for us. See His light, as you do this, recognize what He has for you. Listen and hear His whispers. When you do this you are taken into the heavenly realm. This is our sacred place. Imagination can be good when used in an honorable way.

We live in a world where everything interacts and everything has a purpose. We must connect in a good and honorable way.

To us everything should be honored and because of this we call it 'sacred', meaning 'connection with Creator-God.'

We come before Creator in a sacred way:

We ask Elohim (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit) to come. We come with a thankful heart. We rid ourselves of everything that would not Honor Creator to come. (negative thoughts, doubts, reluctance, our actions, etc.)

We bring a clean, purged vessel before Creator. Come Well (leave your baggage at the door).

We ready ourselves to be filled with hope, possibilities, love or what He has for us. Open to receive.

As we are filled with His Presence (Power) we remind ourselves to give away to others, what Creator has imparted into us.

Reminding those as they are filled, they too must release what has been given to them.

Remember Creator teaches all those that love Him, the same basic lessons. If we are willing to listen.

We have Holy Men (men and women) in our native culture that would teach us how to come before Creator. How to honor Creator-God and how to minister to Him. We have great mentors who teach us, prophet's, pastor's, teacher's who have taught us. To me a Holy Man was one who stood in the gap and prayed over people for healing (spirit, mind, & body). He or She would be trained in what herbs was needed for certain healing or certain ceremonies and would always ask Creator for the right herbs or prayers for each individual. Or they would ask Creator-God what they needed to do. This is honoring Creator-God for what He would have them do. They where what I call an empty vessel (hollow bones) that were filled up and used in a good way of honor. They walked their lives out in a good and Holy way. They were obedient to do what Creator-God asked of them.

Many people where healed, many honored our Holy Man or Woman. There words to us, were we must love Creator and love the people no matter what race they were. You were not a Holy Man or Holy Woman if you did not love. They were called out by Creator-God.

There are many Holy Men & Holy Women in God's Word. Abraham obedient to Creator-God calling him out to go to another land. Moses was instrumental in bringing his people (tribe) out of bondage along with his next generation to take their promise land (obedient to Creator-God). David was a man after Creator-God's own heart, became King, taught us how to sit with Creator-God to listen and worship Him. All the prophets and prophetess were Holy Men & Women, they were obedient to do what was asked of them, even if it was out of their comfort zone. Esther who was trained in the ways of Creator-God, Ruth was trained by her mother-in-law, Deborah inspired by Holy Spirit. Mary mother of Jesus was visited by an angel (spirit) to tell her what her role or purpose would be in having a child who would bring healing, and save us, that we may enter into the holie of holies to restore our relationship with Creator-God. Their are way to many holy ones in God's Word (bible) to mention here.

Every culture will have ones who call themselves holy people but do not walk in a good way nor are they obedient to do what Creator-God has told. They serve satan and satan has deceived many.

We all have different ways of praying. We need to open ourselves into different ways to pray. Creator-God is not in a box and we should not be in a box. Prayers of different culture's/ tribe's will always be different, we must be open to learn from each other on honoring Creator in a cultural way/ tribal way.

When Creator ask you to pray in a sacred way this brings honor. Profane means not held sacred – anything that we do that Creator does not initiate is profanity. When I read stories of Keetowah Spiritual Man Crosslin Smith I see where Creator instructed him how to pray in a sacred way, do prophetic acts and how to pray with different plants or sacred items. I see where Fools Crow a Holy Man, was asked to pray by Creator in a sacred way with different prayers, prophetic acts and also used plants (directed by Creator) for healing.

Along with Black Elk a Holy Man. I believe as Creator ask different people in different cultures/tribes we need to honor how Creator asked them to pray. Some people would say they do witchcraft, are evil because of their different style of prayers. I believe when Creator-God instructs you to pray, that is not in our box, we need to honor them. We are not to judge someones sacrifice of prayer or worship to Creator-God. Do we test the spirits, yes we do. We have a very simple question to Creator-God, is this of You? He will answer.

You will see by their fruit by how many were healed physically and spiritually.

Deb Miller Robinson – Eagle Warrior


Genesis Book– The Passion Translation by Brian Simmons

Bible: First Nations Version of new testament by: Terry Wildman (leaves of the trees are good medicine) Revelation 22:2

Book – Fools Crow by Thomas E Mails

Book – Stand As One by (Spiritual Leader – Medicine Man of Cherokee Nation)

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