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Strongest Warriors

When we go into battle against the enemy (the accuser) there are ways to prepare for this battle.

Remember Creator doesn't give you anything you can not handle for He is always with you in the fight.

I only go on assignments from Creator, otherwise I would be going without His blessing and protection.

When people ask you to do something, (pray for their land, house, family or over a city) we must ask Creator first if this is my assignment and remember it is ok to say no to them (not at this time) if you are not released to go.

When it is my assignment I always spend time in prayer to receive strategy of what I am to do. What I need to release and what weapons I am to bring.

I have been on some really meaningful assignments and have seen the power of Jesus move and seen victory happen.

Each assignment is different, so our weapons will also be different. The strategy will be different.

There has been many different weapons that I have taken: shofar, drum, banners, daggers, swords, round clothespins with verses on them (pound into the ground), hatchet to bury the offenses, arrow to bring peace, my voice, scriptures, certain things Creator has asked me to decree. Most of all we must remember - We - are the weapon. Sometimes I haven't brought anything and came in silence (undercover). It is very important to follow the leader in what Creator has asked them to do. It is important for each team member to release what Creator has asked them to release. When we do these we bring the power of unity and dismantle the enemy, sabotage, jealousy, and getting wounded or wounding of others on the team, or your family. When we are in unity and agreement the enemy can not touch us


After every battle we must get refreshed before going out to the next battle otherwise you will get attacked.

There is protocol in going to battle and I will share more of that in a later post..

For me I received training at SWAT - Strategic Warriors At Training at Two-Rivers Training Center. ( I thought I knew warfare until I took this type of training

I always ask my team to find out if they are to go or to stay behind and intercede for those going. It is vital that you have intercessors when you go. They release intel that you don't always have.

Always come with a good and thankful heart, ask what you may need to repent of. This clears the airways over you as you go.


Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

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