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Spiritual Sensitivity In Warfare

Have you ever wondered what comes over you from time to time? Ever have, excessive emotions or feel completely out of sync with circumstances of your life or around you?

Do you feel used up, burned out, and cast aside, not at all like a son or daughter of God?

Do you become irritated and overwhelmed with people, lights, noise, or too much motion - like in church, at gatherings or at a shopping mall?

Do you feel sad or angry when you have nothing to be sad or angry about?

You are not crazy; you are different. You are not wired like most people, and God has a reason for making you that way. Some of us have walked this path or are becoming aware of this path we are on.

God has a reason for making you that way. It can be a hard path to be on. You may be one of God's "Special Forces,: designed with a highly sensitive nervous system that allows you to empathize on deep levels with God, with others or even in different churches, territories, cities, etc.

You can be in intercession or carrying a burden for somebody or for circumstances that surround you. There are types of burden bearing that is a form of intercession that begins in the heart of God. The burden forms in the heart of God as He sees a need in someone's life, Rather than barge in and fix it, He respects a person's free will and asks you, His servant, to be part of His solution. He wants you to be the person through whom He draws the pain of a hurting person to Himself. He asks you to be His hands on the earth to relieve physical suffering, and to stand for Him as an emissary of comfort and freedom from emotional and spiritual bondage.

To this end He designed your body, not only to be an instrument of praise, but of prayer.

When you know you are an intercessor for your church, your pastor, your city etc. You will need to learn how to pray through intense warfare caused by emotions. I am still in the process of learning this.

Here are some examples that I have gone through in learning to pray through my emotions once I realize why I am having a particular emotion or several emotions at once. The clue is: Why am I having this emotion? Why am I having this pain? This is where we need to ask Jesus why am I having this emotion, or do I need to pray?

Recently my church was having a sharing time from people who had been part of the Jesus Revolution Movement along with a special worship time on Friday night.

Early Friday morning between 2am and 6am I woke up, got up to go downstairs. I didn't know what to pray for so I prayed in my spiritual language (tongues). I kept dealing with agitation, nothing I did helped this. (No worship I was listening to, no praying, etc.)

I was finally able to get to sleep @6am.

Our worship gathering was starting @7pm on Friday, along with soup and fellowship at 6pm. I arrived @5:30 pm. The moment I stepped into the doorway I was hit with agitation again, along with confusion & major frustration. I had a friend pick up on these emotions I was having, so we took a walk around the church and prayed.

When we got back in the church I was asked to pray over a friend who wasn't feeling well.

After this I went back into the foyer area and was verbally attacked by a believer who had been dealing with some mental issues. During this attack though I knew it was demonic and the demonic spirits were not liking the light of Jesus in me. So I got my husband to come outside to pray over me, while out there we were talking to our Pastor and he talked about the intense warfare the night before. So it was then I realized where the agitation, frustration and confusion were coming from. (Remember I am an intercessor for my church). Our Pastor stated we are just going to worship and see the demonic leave.

I knew I needed worship to calm myself down. I also knew with this much warfare the worship gathering was going to be really good along with the sharing that was going to happen the next day. Yes it was a battle, yes we had victory.

During worship, & intercession, we seen victory and the demonic that was attacking left. The demonic that was in the room had to leave. There was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit. Many mighty decrees were spoken out, I even had the person who attacked me apologize and I accepted their apology. We wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities.

That night I went home and listened to Kevin Zadai on How to stop demonic manifestations. I highly recommend this.

The next day before the gathering, I started setting boundaries over the enemy, my husband also declared boundaries over the church (as far as what would be allowed in God's house). Sometimes you just got to take care of business per say and kick the enemy out. We carry Kingdom Authority.

The gathering was excellent, it was a panel discussion of those who were part of the Jesus Revolution Movement.

This is what I learned and will continue to learn this. When you are hit with such negative emotions, when prayer and worship doesn't work - call a friend to pray over you. (sometimes you need help)

When your church is having gatherings, don't assume what will happen. When you assume something, it is because you don't have clarity (this is where frustration will come in). I was assuming some negative things were going to happen from a certain person. I repented for this as I was really wrong.

Verbal attacks are from the enemy and yes the enemy uses believers sometimes. We need to pray for healing for them. Love on them and don't listen to the verbal abuse from the enemy. In fact ignore the enemy in this verbal abuse (they are seeking attention).

Do not take it personal.

Agitation is from the enemy, frustration is from the enemy, confusion is from the enemy. Get tuned into your emotions, surroundings and circumstances. Keep alert, pray and ask God what you are to do.

If you don't have people in your life that know about warfare, get around those who do, so you can learn how to war against the enemy. So they can help you fight.


Here is the sharing gathering:

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

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Danielle Clark
Danielle Clark
Mar 23, 2023

Right on target right now for me Deb! Thank you so much for bringing words and understanding to the agitation and emotional upset that I have been dealing with lately. I love and bless your ministry in Jesus name.

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