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Sacred Drum

Yeshua didn't come to earth to take away ones culture. He came that we might have a better and deeper relationship with Yahweh-Creator, with the Great Spirit-Holy Spirit, along with Himself. That we may go into the holy of holies and worship how Yah created us to worship. He came to set the captives free. All people should have the opportunity to worship God in their own heart, languages. In revelation 7:14 it say's every tongue, tribe and nation shall come before the throne of Yah and worship Him.

Drumming is rooted in our earliest biblical worship traditions. The frame drum (Hebrew tof) mentioned seventeen times in Scripture is commonly mistranslated as “tambourine” or “timbrel.” The jingly instrument we know as a tambourine today did not come into existence until the Roman period, according to archaeologists and biblical scholars. The instrument referred to in the Old Testament is a large frame drum, about twelve to twenty-two inches across its face. It was most often played by women in both secular and religious contexts. Hebrew women, such as Miriam (see Ex. 15:20-21) appropriated this same drum in the worship of Yahweh, continuing to do so at least until the period of Babylonian captivity, and possibly beyond. The sound of drumming, in combination with the blowing of hollow rams’ horns (shofar), cymbals, and dancing were among the earliest ways our spiritual ancestors worshiped God. So the sound of drumming reminds us of our biblical roots. When we drum we are hearing the heartbeat of Yah for His people and we are hearing the heartbeat of His people for Him. There is a unity that happens when you are drumming on the Abba (Father in hebrew) drum. When you listen to the beat, when you play the drum with your hand, you feel and hear Him. Every tribe has a different beat. This is why all around the world you can communicate with one another in sharing His heartbeat. The drum is not evil, it carries the heartbeat of those who are drumming on it. It is not about the drum it is about who are you worshiping when you drum.

Do you come to Creator with a good and humble heart. one who wants to share the love of Yeshua? Or do you come with pride, a contrite spirit, not carrying the love of Creator. The drum will show who you serve.

Satan is not very creative, in fact he steals and mimics the way of Yah. So of course he will take music and use it to serve him. To get people to turn away from Yah, to deceive them. Satan is reminded what he once had as he was the angel of woship, before he fell. This is why he so hates it when we worship Yah with all instruments of praise. He has to flee when we worship Yah in this way. This is why we must take back what he has stolen from us.

Being Cherokee, the first time I heard the drum, the spirit with in me woke up. I felt my spirit come alive and everything within me could sense Yah's heartbeat. The same thing happened to me with the native flute and the shofar.

We can prophesy on instruments, say our prayers with instruments. The atmosphere can be changed and Yah inhabits the praises of His people. The drum is not about the drum it is about worshiping Yahweh in how He created us to worship Him.

When you worship on the Abba drum with others it brings unity, it brings honor & respect to the leader as we follow him or her. It brings love for one another and a deeper love for Yahweh, The Great Spirit and Yeshua. With every beat we connect. We have new songs to play, a new heartbeat to play, a new sound coming out of heaven. That has surrounded the throne of Yah.

On 12-8-2018 I received a word from Creator: There is more than one way to worship God. He loves every culture - every tribe - every tongue - every nation. I (God) put worship to Me in every culture. I did this so all would see Me in their culture. Culture should be shared. I do not tell people they have to worship Me one way. I love variety. I love culture. Culture is about relationship.

This is how I created you, to love your culture. You are an expression of Me through your culture. Many of us have many cultures inside to experience and to represent. Honor that which is inside of you. For I (God) created you.

This is the season that Yahweh will anoint some, who will cary new songs that will break off depression, despair and suicide. A sound that will bring healing in the physical and spiritual. There will be ones that shifts cultures rising up and cause waves of glory that have not been experienced before. New song = renew, repair, restore.

Hineni – Here I am Yah send me. I asked for this type of anointing. Your word says “ask and you will receive”. You are a sound that resonates the glory of Creator – dancing sculpts the air, heartbeat is the center of all living things.

To sing – walk around to release a sound carries the glory nature of Yah, His wonder, His beauty, His compassion, His character. What is the sound of Yah in the midst of our lives. To remember His mercies, the works of Yah, the wonders of old.

Drums – low frequency. Low frequencies move the earth (you can feel the power of the earth) High frequency – moves the air.

Yah wants to show His glory. There will be a time that the Holy Spirit can turn your life upside down and release a new sound that will open up the spirit realm – into your future. A journey that unveils spirit realm and takes us into deeper reaction to Yah. (Ray Hughes)

The first time I heard the drum, the flute – I wept as I was feeling Yah's heartbeat for indigenous people – His people, My people. It was one of those times of deep cries unto deep, that when you try to stop you couldn't. My body, mind, & spirit was broken for my people, that I never knew (for I had

not met them yet). For what was mean't to be, was lost in my family, an inheritance that was robbed from us, my native ways, my culture, my sense of being. Longing for what could have been – my tribe. My heart still aches for the richness my people bring.

When I play my drum and I still feel Yah's heartbeat. I dance my prayers with passion. I move forward to embrace and take back what the enemy stole from me. I come with a good heart and open mind – to learn, to embrace, to live, to build relationship.

My people are a people of prayer. Creator is their God. We honor creation. We pay attention to what creation says, we bring prayers to heal our land, our people, our earth and all our relations. We have been taught by Great Spirit we are all related. We are all created by Creator. He spoke life into each and everyone of us, into creation. When you have been touched by Creator's heartbeat – you can't go back. You move forward – you walk the path that is laid before you. You have a mission, an assignment - to bring healing to a sick world. This is why I drum, this is why I dance, this is why I encourage, this is why I hope, this is why I live, this is why I learn and keep learning. This is my journey. A journey that unveils the spirit realm and takes us into a deeper reaction to Yah.

What does Creator say about the drum. Gen 31:27 toph= Letters are tav peh (Tav =covenant, kingdom alignment, dedication. Peh=open mouth, breathing, decreeing ) life or death is in the tongue. Are we walking in covenant with Yah, bringing Kingdom alignment that is totally dedicated to Yah, that brings fruit out of our mouth (praise)..that brings decrees that change the atmosphere breathing life. We have a covenant of praise. Praise is a gateway to the heavenly realm, opening portals to heaven. An assignment that we get to represent and stand in the gap for all creation. We are proclaiming the heart of our people, coming to Creator in praise. To use the drum there is a protoccol, Come with a good heart, come in a good way. Honor the drum keeper. Honor Creator with the drum. Honor yourself. Drum your prayers to Creator.

The drumkeeper can not repeat a song. They have to be prepared at all times, watching at all times, hearing at all times. The drumkeeper makes sure the drum protoccol is in place by those who are drumming. You cannot drum being drunk, high, or in a bad way. Tradition is we do not lay the drum on the ground this symbols a disgrace, or dishonored (could come from a person). Same we do not stand it on its side must have a blanket under it. We cover it with a blanket when not being used (covering on honor). In some tribes women don't drum with men, they stand around the drum as the men are drumming, to be watchers and armorbearers. Stand in the gap against the evil spirits. This is not a gender situation it is honoring the men & bring protection of those who are drumming their prayers.

Some tribes women drum on different drums with different songs. Honored as life givers. Some tribes men and women drum together.

We must honor each tribes drum protocol and not put our agenda on them.

God's Word says: Psalm 150:4 Praise Him with the drum and dance. Isaiah 30:32 Every stoke The Creator lays on them (the enemy) with His war club will be to the sound of drums and harps, as He fights them in battle with the blows of His arm. (He battles for us in the sound of the drum & harp) Jeremiah 31:4 Again I will build you and you shall be rebuilt.....You shall again be adorned with your (tof) drum (not tambourines) and shall go forth in the dances of those who rejoice. First Nations people have a powerful mandate in the spiritual realm when it comes to music, warfare, dancing & praying. We are the host people of the land, that the enemy has tried to silent our voice, our music, our prayers. We are being rebuilt, restored, refreshed by Creator to go forth in how He intended us to be. Mighty Warriors.

We have a purpose to honor and glorify Yah in all that we do. To bring healing to the land, and all creation. We have a purpose to bring unity, to move forward and become One in Creator and all people groups, all creation. When the land is healed we are healed. Swil Kanin - quoted: We are gifted and we are worthy to be who we are. We are all part of the transformation journey that Yeshua offered us. Allow the music to play the transformation song for you. The drum answers back – gives you the opportunity to get back on track – when you are off track.

The drum (Abba drum big drum) is the heartbeat of the people for Creator and the heartbeat of Creator for the people. Heartbeat connection. Touch it, feel it, play it for Creator Creator sent His son – Yeshua (Jesus) as a gift to us, whom am I to say His gift is not good enough for me. I can not – I accept Creators' gift – His son Yeshua - A Warrior who came not to judge but to set us free. He came to build a relationship with us. Creator sent Great Spirit – Holy Spirit to be with us, to guide us, to be a friend. Creator did not send religion, He sent relationship with all. We are blessed. Deb Miller Robinson – Eagle Warrior 8-3-2021

Revised 4-5-2022 Highlights from: Ray Huges Chief Joseph & Laralyn Riverwind

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