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Rebuilding The Fire Within You

I am writing to encourage you to fan into a flame and rekindle the fire of the spiritual gift God imparted to you when I laid my hands upon you. 2 Timothy 1:6

We all have different fire but we are the same.  We serve the same Creator.  Build your fire from within and pass it on to the next generation.

Sometimes our fire is a high flame, sometimes it feels like it is embers going out,  but the fire is still within us.  This is why we must always fan the flames, rekindle the gift that Creator has given you, even if you just seem like you have embers, they are still hot flames that need to be ignited again.

I believe the fire within you started when you accepted Jesus into your life.  He gave you a passion within, that sometimes we needed to mature (fan the flames) to go forth in the spiritual gift that He gave us.

Rekindle, meaning to bring back alive;  to stir the embers;  in this case it means to revive and bring back to spiritual life.  To ‘rekindle the fire’ is a time when we come back home to God, rededicate our lives to Him.  James 4:8 “If we draw near to God; God will draw near to us.”  It means to renew our commitment to Him.  To not become cold but rekindle the fire within you.

I have sat around many campfires enjoying its beauty.  I can go into deep thoughts just by gazing into the fire.  There has been many deep and important conversations around the fire and there is been some great songs around the fire. Sometimes you sit in silence and listen to the fire and watch it glow in a powerful way.

Have you ever listened to a fire?  

Fires are very much alive, especially alive within you.  Sometimes fires in the natural can get out of control and seems like it causes damage to an area.  But in reality it burns the surface of the earth to bring new life to appear again or new native plants that have not been in an area before.  Yes it can burn down houses but then new ones are built.  I see this as new beginnings. Yes the loss of a house can be traumatic but when we look to the new it can be a new wonderful journey for you and your family.  You will still have great memories that can never be taken away from you.

Is it time to awake the gift within you.  Is God waiting for you to be ignited again?   We have a generation that needs the fire that we bring in order for their fire that Creator has given them to be ignited.  The blessings of the fire needs to keep going forth to each generation after us.

When you assume the fire within is nothing but ash, remember God turns our ashes into beauty. So again, those small embers are glowing within, waiting to be activated.  

Sometimes we do take a break from ministry, but the most important thing is, do not go into isolation (this is a sin in the Bible).  Instead, go to your sacred place to be alone with God and He will help you get ignited again.  He may give you new fire again.  He may take those burned out feelings and ignite a new passion of fire within you.

Yes, the enemy does try to put out our fire (he is afraid of it). We need to be aware and alert to the enemy.  Be a keeper of the fire within you.  Do not give the enemy a foothold to try to stop you.  We have the fire of God that will take the enemy out. As in 1 Kings. When Elijah came against the baal prophets and quoted to them and the atmosphere. ‘My God Will Answer By Fire’ and God did in a powerful way.  We have God who does this today for us.  

Do you let God down, by not walking in your fire/passion?  Before you were born, God gave you a purpose.  Stop waiting to find out your purpose, ask Him.  What did you Abba, create me for?  God will tell you and help you to mature in to your purpose.

Fire of God is within you.

Where is your fire today?  Is it burning hot or does it need to be reactivated?

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior


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