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'Our Image' Genesis 1:26

During worship on a Friday night God gave me this verse.

Genesis 1:26 Then God said “Let Us make mankind in Our image according to Our likeness, let them rule over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

Then He said to me "represent Our image well". Let my people know.

Image = Characteristics or Qualities of God.

We have God’s character, we have God’s image.

Likeness = to function like.

In God there is no fear. No fear of death. When we are fearless (afraid of nothing) this is dangerous to satan.

Sometimes we need to die to our flesh that is not representing God well.

Our mandate as mankind is to have dominion, God did not create you to have a title, you were created to carry out dominion over the earth. Dominion (hebrew) is - Rada = to rule, to govern, to manage resources, to control, to have sovereign authority. To be a leader, a master, a governor, a ruler and in control over the fish, birds, plants, creeping animals, over all the earth (not people).

God gave you the ability to do this.

God spoke life over all of these, and all creation responded to the sound of His voice. We are made in “Our Image’ all creation needs to hear our voice of life to restore it, refresh it, remind it who created it. All creation still responds to the beauty that was intended for it to carry. Do we not respond to beauty and life when others speak this over us? Or when God speaks this over us.

We are created to fill the earth and subdue all creation. This command validates every assignment necessary to fill and subdue creation on the whole earth as a holy assignment. To me it is a sacred command, that I need to evaluate in how I carry it out.

Know who you are - we were created to represent ‘their image’.

Is it time to pursue, to be and stay in ‘the image’ of God?

To be made in ‘Our image’ is to embody ‘Our likeness’ in creation. Can all of creation see that you as a believer represent and reflect Creator well?

Our being is an involuntary gift. It is a facet of your creation. It is a great gift - given to us by Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

We are that image an important part of Our being. It is time to realize what a great gift and honor that was given to us.

We exist here on earth by the Presence of God (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit). God gave us a mandate to have authority over all creation. We are image bearers of Their Presence.

What is this sacred ‘Our image’, ‘Our likeness’ and how do we reflect it?

Every where we go, everything we do, we have Their Presence with us. We can only change the atmosphere by Their Presence! We can only change the earth and all creation by Their Presence.

How disconnected are you from ‘Our Image’ whom we represent/reflect?

When Jesus was here on earth, He took time to be alone with His Heavenly Father. What are you doing in your alone time? Holy Spirit was given to us to guide and direct us, are you asking for help from Holy Spirit?

We have been taught by the world to carry out self images: in how you look, in financial success, in how you live (big house, big fancy cars, expensive clothes, keeping up with the Jones’s, etc.) These images are all about us - what we do, what we look like and what we accomplish in the eyes of mankind.

His likeness we are to reflect. Whose likeness are you agreeing to reflect? The world or God?

This doesn’t mean God doesn’t want great things for us, it means who or what are we focused on or serving. Do not make things of this world idols.

I have fallen into this trap of the world and this is why God is shaking me, to wake up in how I represent ‘Our Image and Likeness’.

Do you look at what you do vs who you represent? Do you listen to your words being spoken or do you hear your thoughts? Do they bring life or chaos.

How about your thoughts? Iniquities are silent thoughts that no one can hear or see, such as: jealousy, envy, angry, deceit, grudges, covetousness, pride. These are the images of the world. All about being self absorb.

When we do works without God they are considered dead works. So why do we fall into the trap by the enemy who lies, steal and kills the sacredness of ‘Our Image’ that we were asked to represent? Time to take back made in ‘Our Image’.

It is time to come back to the simplicity of who we reflect. Our Image according to Our likeness.

We were entrusted to be image bearers. Creator trusted us with this gift. Why do we not trust ourselves with this gift?

The enemy came in and told us lies in who we represent. You’re not good enough, who do you think you are, you don’t represent Creator! Satan puts thoughts in our minds to disconnect us from Creator. Sometimes these thoughts become our words or reactions.

But we have all authority (Jesus gave us this) over satan. When you see or hear someone or a child not do what is right, do you not react to this? It is time for us to react to satan with all of our authority - get out.... Satan is jealous over us because of what he has lost. He lost a major position in heaven of worship to Creator. To be in His Presence all the time, to be in the garden of eden where the Presence of God was. To be in the throne room of heaven. When satan was kicked out there was a vacancy and this is another reason why mankind was made in ‘Our Image and likeness’.

We now as mankind get to replace this vacancy with worship and fill the throne room of God with praise, with beauty, with intention, with thankfulness that is happening 24-7. God created day and night that we as mankind would worship Him 24-7.

Tell satan this: I am made in God’s Image (Our Image,Our Likeness) - you are not, you satan were kicked out of God’s Presence and your time is near for you to enter hell. You satan can not stop us from “Our Image and Likeness in Creator”. It is written!!! God’s word.

God honored us ‘mankind (male & female) to reflect in all that we do. Why do we not honor Father,Son & Holy Spirit in representing them well. We have an enemy that is jealous of us.

Let’s look at Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

1. They honored each other in all that they did - Relationship

2. They were creative and worked together

3. They want us to have a relationship with them

4. They ‘spoke’ and created life in to the darkness of void

5. They loved what they created deeply- called it good

6. They honored us with the assignment to represent them

7. They wanted to partner with us (mankind)

8. They gave us authority over all creation (to maintain what was obtained by Creator

9. They have divine assignments for us

10. They will never leave or forsake us

11. They have confidence in us to carry out our purpose

12. They are righteous, therefore we are righteous in them

To say that humans are in the image of God is to recognize the special qualities of human nature which allow God to be made manifest in humans. Represent ‘Our Image and Likeness’ well.

Living in the Image of God begins with commitment to God's purpose and living according to the commitment. A person builds and strengthens faith by Living in the Image of God—based on recognizing that every assignment or battle belongs to God and He will guide you to complete His assignments and accomplish His goals and purpose.

Both these terms, image and likeness of God, reinforce humankind’s special closeness to God their Creator.

And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into His likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

How will you reflect God's image and likeness in your day to day life?

Our lives reflect the Lord when we shine light into the darkness. We bring hope where there is no hope. We walk with people as they suffer and we shower those around us with love. We strive to walk in light and love, always.

We have all met people who beam love from the heart of their being. They ooze God’s love from every pore. We feel good in their presence. They make us feel safe. We know they are people we can trust. As people of love, we seek to treat others as we would want them to treat us. When we do that, God is glorified and magnified through our daily walk with Him as our guide.

As image bearers of God Most High, we speak life in all situations. What does it mean to speak life? It means our words encourage; they don’t hurt. Words are like bullets. Once our mouth fires them off, there is no putting them back into their chamber. We use our words to lift and heal others along with ourselves. We don’t wound or discourage people or self with our speech. Our words match our deeds. Both reflect the God we serve and the Lord we love.

As we take a personal inventory of how we live a daily life, we are faced with answering these 3 questions: (Quote from Devotional Guy)

1. Is my life today marked by order or is my life one that creates chaos?

2. Do I shine light into the lives of others and deliver hope into the darkness?

3. Do my words lift and encourage others or do I wound and discourage people with my tongue?

4. Your tongue can also effect you, in what you speak out about yourself or even what you think.

How do we transform ourselves into God's likeness?

The sanctification process writes the laws of God in our hearts and minds, making His righteousness real and practical to daily life. During this process, which requires our cooperation with Him in His purpose, we literally become conformed to the image of our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit.

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior


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Danielle Clark
Danielle Clark
Dec 03, 2023

Thank you Deb! Such a beautiful and sacred part we play as image bearers of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I love the idea of speaking beauty and love over creation. I remember talking to the plants as I watered them when I worked at the nursery. I think of the images created in water when it hears music or kind words. Thank you for the reminder to be kind in our words to others and self. I always love what God reveals and highlights to you in His Word. Love you!

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