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Offenses Of Our Past


When we carry offense - We open the door to the enemy!


Jesus is our Prince of Peace.  We need to ask Him into our circumstances especially if we want to be healed of our wounds, of our heart and mind.


If you still carry offenses toward others in your heart and mind, this spirit will bring torment, chaos, woundedness, bitterness, hatred, revenge (especially  in your mind) (ex: I should of said, Jesus do something with them).  In fact, Jesus may be doing something in you.


If you walk in drama or have drama in your life  all the time, you will attract drama in others around you. This is called a familiar spirit.   

It is time to ask Creator to show you how to release the spirit of drama off of you.  You can be a target for the spirit of drama, when you don’t truly forgive in your heart or mind.


Forgiving others is a ‘sacred command’ from Creator-God.  When we refuse to forgive (others, or self), we are exalting our opinion above God’s because God has forgiven us.  Forgiving is not an option but again a ‘sacred command’.  God helps us to forgive after we have repented of our bitterness, grudges, etc and then He will work the good works of forgiveness in us.  

Ephesians 4:32.  Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.

We are hardest on ourselves and those who have been closest to us. Jesus came to heal and healing He will bring. Are you willing to let go?


Remember, forgiving others doesn’t mean that what happened to you was right.  It means setting the captives free - setting you free from the hands of the tormentor and setting free the one that was used by the tormentor.

Matthew 6:9-15 reveals that we are not forgiven if we do not forgive.


Many have picked up the spirits of self-pity or victim.  These can be the hardest to get rid of.

Do you really want to go through life - walking with these spirits or do you want to be free?

We have a Victorious Warrior - Jesus who will get rid of them.  He wants freedom in all of us. You have a choice to stay in this torment or to be set free by the Healer.


Have you ever offended someone without knowing it?  If that person would of come to you, there could of been reconciliation and restoration.  There could of been a misunderstanding in communication.  We do have a scrambler spirit that causes what was spoken, is not what was heard. Or even how someone spoke it.


We can not blame others all the time, when we are not willing to communicate. When we are not willing to set up time with them. Most of the time they don’t even know they have offended you.  Most of the time it is an unspoken communication.


One thing we don’t ask of ourselves is - What was our part in all of this?  Were we being corrected by someone, were we being attacked by someone, was this the enemy or was this God bringing something to our attention that He wants us to deal with, that hasn’t been healed in us from our past.

When someone corrects you, what is the lesson you take away from it or do you just get offended and close off what God is doing.

Ask God if the correction is true and what must I do about this?

When someone corrects you and you feel offended:  Feeling offended when someone correct you can stem from a variety of factors.  It might be related to personal insecurities and desire to maintain a sense of control or a fear of being judge.  It’s also possible that the manner which the correction is delivered affects your reaction.


Do you also feel anxious when you think you have made a mistake?  Are you reluctant to do new things because you might get it wrong?


It is possible that you are sensitive about making mistakes.  You may have absorbed the concept that those who make mistakes are failures, and failures means you are not worthy of love.  You are likely not even really aware of this train of thought.  

People who correct you are trying to help you. No one is perfect and they are trying to help you learn from your mistakes.  Try thanking people for their corrections.  Eventually you actually feel grateful.


 My mother held grudges toward another family member and toward a friend,  because of hurtful words or actions. There was never any open communication.  She just pretended things were ok when they were around them or wouldn’t speak to them, when they were around.  She was not truthful in talking about what happened or her hurt (wounded heart).  

This was part of my families dna that was passed down to my generation and the next generation, not talking.

 I learned to carry grudges to those that hurt her, and to those that hurt me.  I held murdering thoughts and words toward others. God revealed to me how to stand in the gap of my dna and repent to bring forgiveness.

 I believe because of unforgiveness in my mother she got cancer and died of it.  Cancer in the spirit can sometimes be caused of unforgiveness or bitterness.  


  We have familiar spirits that keep rising up in us, in our family, or around us.  

It is time to overcome these.


Wounds can go deep, especially being wounded by a family member. Can you forgive without an apology?  Yes you can (even it they have died), because you are a better person.  Wounds are deep but God can go deeper and will go deeper in you if you let Him.

Remember we have an enemy who loves to keep us(you) in torment. He will torment you in body, mind and spirit.

Do you want to be an overcomer or do you want to be stuck in your torment?


Are you a truthful,and a  honest person?  Yes!  Then why do we not seek those out(that have wounded us and try to communicate?


Repenting and forgiving are major parts of communication for us to move forward, and to mature.    God’s sacred word says: to go to those who have offended you, to have a honest and truthful talk with them.  It doesn’t say to go to others first.  It says to go to the person first.  If there is no reconciliation then, you bring someone (who is neutral) along next time.   You may have to have many meetings to do all that you can do, to make it right.  

If this doesn’t help, you have done your part, but then keep praying for healing.


I have seen many who were not able to forgive. Who were not able to repent (hardness of their heart - caused by the enemy). It is our choice.  I’ve seen how this torment causes such bitterness and hatred, that it then affects their body, mind and spirit.  


If you keep being attacked with illnesses, viruses, etc.  Get into your sacred place and ask Creator-God where the open door is.  Is the open door happening due to a spirit coming in from our past, dna or perhaps from our environment? Just ask Him.

 Regardless where it comes from,  it is a spirit that we need to shut down, and kick out.

I will be doing a three part series on Offenses, this is part 1

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

Pleya Gi - Go With Blessings







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