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My Eagle Angel

The first time (@ 2006) I went to Bethel Church in Redding CA. I went to their prayer building. They have a circle building and the Wintu tribe had blessed the land just outside of this building. I believe they buried a hatchet there, which represents we want peace, we forgive., and we bless this land. When I was inside of this building, I was resting in The Presence of our Creator. Great Spirit downloaded to me I have an Eagle Angel.

I had never heard of this, and many people that I had asked had never heard of this. So I was perplexed of the meaning of it.

I continue my journey, my purpose with Creator not knowing much about my Eagle Angel, as I have matured in my purpose I have experienced my Eagle Angel. It is amazing to me the encounters I have had with this angel, now that I am remembering them.

In 2012 I went through a persecution through people who had a religious spirit attached to them. They didn't like me dancing in church or bringing my drum in to play. Accused me of being part of a witch coven who came to destroy the church. I was accused of doing an eagle dance which was in their minds evil. I had to actually look up what this dance was. I was accused of drumming evil on my hand drum. People are so not educated in culture, and accuse you of many different things. I did not react in a good way (lesson for me). I have a good friend Jim Bowman who said to me once "Who am I to judge a person's sacrifice of praise to Yahweh".

What helped me through this persecution were significant people in my life. My Pastor, My husband, My team and My comrades at SWAT (Strategic Warriors At Training) in Oklahoma. For a time I felt like I was shut down in how to worship how Creator created me to worship.

During this time I was attending Doma (a gift) gathering's. One night in worship, during my tears I seen a vision of a golden eagle with its wings spread out, above the rafters of the church. I felt the eagle come over to me and wrap its wings around me and put its head on mine. I knew I would be ok. I knew this was my eagle angel.

My next trip back to Oklahoma, I asked my friend Sherry to lead me across the front in dance during worship and I followed with my shawl dance. It took everything in me to dance across the front as I thought persecution would come again. When I was done, I fell into the arms of another friend Vivian, as she held me while I was weeping I knew I was restored to dance my prayers again. To dance as Creator created me to worship.

Several years later Creator ask me to have the team go through inner healing individually and as a team. In my session there was a guy there who told me while he was praying over me that there was a dancer that looked like a eagle dancing over me. Told me I needed to renounce this, as this was in my native background and was evil. So I did what was asked of me. This crushed me and I thought my Eagle Angel had left because of my words. Note to self, don't always agree with what someones sees over you and doesn't understand it. (later the leader in charge apologized to me over this)

Weeks later during worship in my church we were in a circle, in the middle of a circle I saw a bald eagle land and look at me with intense eyes, penetrating my spirit, mind & soul. As I was weeping I knew my Eagle angel was there and had not left.

I learned a lot from these lesson's.

You can not get rid of what Creator has assigned to you.

You must stand up for what you know is right in the eyes of Creator.

I have a type of worship, that no one can judge my sacrifice of praise to Yahweh.

I will stand strong and with maturity in all that I do.

I will not let the wrong people influence me because of their religious belief's.

Scroll below for my video honoring Sherry after she passed away

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior


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