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Moving In Obedience

Moving In Obedience

When Creator-God assigns you to do something different, do you do it?

I have notice that there are many people that Creator-God as assigned them to a new state, a new church, maybe even coming out of a church life, a new ministry, or a new journey. It is not that they are not committed to a church or this way of living, I see them committed to Creator-God to be drawn to what He has for them and step it up into their purpose. He says: Come Away With Me.

When He says this to you how do you react?

When you think about this, it is hard to leave everything that you have ever known, or hard to leave your family & friends. Hard to get out of a box. Hard to not have a schedule. But God!!!! We have anxiety in moving. We have grief for what was. We do not know where we are going, what we are doing. But God!!! New journey's can be exciting, can draw us closer to Creator-God.

This saying can be hard, but can be good: Let go & Let God!

Genesis 12. Look at Abram (Abraham) – he left his past, he left all he ever known, he left his father's household, he left when he was age 75. He lived in Haran what some believe is present day Turkey. How did he know this was Creator-God who spoke to him? There were many gods, idols where he was.

The God of Glory appeared to Abram and spoke with him (Acts 7:2-5) God's appearance to Abram was sudden and without warning. The same voice of creation now proclaims a message of hope and blessing to all the world. Abram had no burning bush to inspire him, no tablets of stone to guide him, and no ark of the covenant as a centerpiece of worship. Neither did Abram have a temple to worship in, a bible to read, nor a priest to counsel him. Nor did Abram have a pastor or intercessor's to pray for him, nor a prophet to prophesy to him. But Abram had a divine encounter.

Genesis 12:1 “Go yourself” Leave It all behind, your native land, your people, your father's household, and go to the land that I will show you. Follow Me and I will make you into a great nation. I will bless and prosper you........ I will make you famous, so that you will be a tremendous source of blessing for others.

Although Abram must undergo a traumatic departure from his native land, he is actually traveling to find his more authentic self, Perhaps “Go and find yourself.”

Land in hebrew = eretz and is linked to the Canaanite word ratzon which means firmness of will or stubbornness. God is saying to Abram with double meaning, leave your native land but also leave your own will behind, in order to enter God's plan. We need to leave it all behind, including our ideas of how God will work.

Leaving all that is familiar would display an incredible act of faith on Abram's part. He is told to go into an unknown land, but it would result in the seven-fold blessing.

I will make your name great – meaning being highly esteemed for his character.

Creator-God was with Abram and Sarai. Did they make mistakes – yes, but they were obedient to Creator-God. Creator-God changed their names to Abra-ham and Sarah, meaning He breathed His sacred breath into each of them.

Obedience to Creator-God will change you.

A divine encounter will lead you forward and you will not be able to go back (to the the old ways) that were not good for you.

Moving forward can be embraced if you are willing. Are you willing?

I have heard many people say (after Creator-God has given them an assignment of moving, etc.) I am just waiting on God, to me this is grieving, for many wait for years before they move forward. I do believe yes you need to take care of business and get things in order per say before you can move.

If not now - then when? I heard this saying of someone wanting to move forward in his bondage. I thought this was a very profound statement.

If not now then when will you move forward in ministry, a new journey, a new assignment, a new church, a move. Sometimes we are so stuck we have a hard time in moving forward. We can't get rid of our past (hurts, offenses, healing, not knowing what to do). But God!!!!

'Come Well' leave your baggage behind or at the door, come on in or Come Away With Me!

Remember He Is Drawing You To Him.

This is a spontaneous song by my Pastor - Frank Castanette on July 3, I call it Come Away With Me:

It is on youtube at Hosanna CF Eugene, July 3 service., fast forward to 56:30 minutes and you can hear it.


Deb Miller Robinson – Eagle Warrior

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