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Let Them (us) Rule

Let Them (us) Rule’ over all creation on the earth Genesis 1:26


How have we as believers ‘Rule’?  


God is waiting on us to release creation back to Him.  The earth is His.  

We have been given a commission ‘to Rule’. It is time for us to take this commission seriously and rule with Our Authority.


Own the authority which God has given you.  


The only way demons will leave - is if ‘you’ will you establish ‘your’ authority. 

Establish the authority around where you live. When the demons see this is you, they have to bow and get out of your way and stop hindering you.  Satan does pull back.  


I remember listening to Dr. Suuqiina (Alaskan Native) and he said “if you do not know your authority, you better get next to someone who does”.  This was a light bulb moment for me and I remember realizing in that moment the authority that I have, to come against demons.  It is a learning and maturing process for me and for each one of us.  


 When we overcome the smaller assignments, we are then given larger ones to overcome.  Jesus is our overcomer - He will lead you in overcoming, every step you take, every word you speak, every action you take, every weapon you use.  He has a battle plan for you.  All we have to do is ask Him.


We need to believe what Jesus says ‘I give you all authority’.

It is the word of God that changes you.  You have all authority.


You will start walking in the supernatural when you clear the area around you. You will establish authority.


Our bodies are ‘our land’.  We must fight for it spirit, mind and body.


A lot of sickness that attaches to us are spiritual, we need to fight for us. Learn how to speak out and take authority over the disease. It may take sometime but we need to believe and fight.  Ask God what you need to do about diseases.  It may be going to a Doctor, a Naturopath, prayer, asking for prayer, change your ways of eating (etc), taking authority.  There are many different ways for us to heal.




Pray with authority: my finances are healed, my body is healed, my family are healed, my land is healed.....speak out and decree.  

God spoke and all of creation was created.  We are made in ‘Our Image’, God spoke - life happened.   We have death or life in the power of our tongue.


The demons know if you are real or not. They think they are the boss in the spirit.  We are going to address them, because we can and have been given all authority to expose them and shut them down.  Let the Holy Spirit bring you up in a level that the demons know and start to feel unnerved by.  

Since Jesus gave us all authority, don’t you think we should use it?  Why are we not?  We have been given weapons, know your weapons, and use them.  Some weapons we must be trained in to use, some are 


Demons are not creative, they use the same tactics over and over, they find your weak spots, they find where the land has been defiled and these are the open doors.  


The power of The Holy Spirit establishes you in authority.  There are two words for authority. 

 One word is dunamis = the ability to do something, and  resurrection power.  

We have the ability (Jesus is with us) and we have resurrection power. It is time for us to take back our land and release it back to Creator-God. The land and all creation is waiting for you to act, creation wants and needs to be free. You have a voice - does the land know your voice.

Decree with authority, decree with scripture, decree with what God wants you to speak out. All we need to do is Ask God - what is the battle plan and what do you want me to decree. Remember His word never comes back void.

We are in a new season and God is doing new things. I want to be part of this new season. We should all want to be a part of this new season.

Restore creation's beauty, speak out life to it, (or to yourself). We can and We will.

Pleya Gi - Go with blessings


Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior


Some of these quotes come from Kevin Zadai Teaching: Victory Session Six - Cape Town Spirit School (youtube). 


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