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Land of Colombia

I want to thank all of you who prayed for the team and partnered with us for this great land assignment. We are honored to go and serve Jesus - The One we love.

We knew our assignment would be to bring healing everywhere we went. To bring the deeper love of Jesus in a new way, that the people had never experienced before.

Susie Young's assignment was to intercede for us from home and keep the other local intercessors informed on what was happening. This is just as important as going, for we need strength and encouragement as we do what God has asked us to accomplish.

Our friend Michael interceded for us through sounding his shofar daily on our behalf.

Cindy and I flew out on Wed Oct 4th and landed in Barranquilla on Thursday, Oct 5th. What amazed us is we were escorted through customs by a security man who only spoke Spanish, but it is amazing what body language is spoken to get you through where you need to go. I am sure we looked like deer in headlights, because we were not the only Americans in line. He did know how to say 'tip please', but it was worth it.

Our leader Susie Bell with Faros International Ministry welcomed us into this great and amazing country of Colombia, where she has served for 20 years in missions.

We arrived at our air bnb to just kick back, relax and pray, worship and come together as a team, have communion and proclaim unity.

What a beautiful place to enjoy the pool before our assignments.

Friday we met up with Kristeen from England and then journeyed to the retreat center where the Women's Retreat was being held at. The theme for the retreat was:

It's Time For Me. Consecration - Reconstruction - Healing

The Women's Retreat was put on by Alturas Church in Barranquilla. Cindy, Kristeen and I were to share our stories at the gathering. The speakers were Pastora Jacklyn, Pastora Tatiana and Pastora Susie.

Here is a link of us drumming and worshiping, check it out on facebook: (will need to cut and past to facebook)

Kristeen, Pastora Tatiana, Pastora Jacklyn, Pastors Susie, Cindy & Deb (in the picture)

The first night (Friday) I was up first to share my story. I shared about my breast cancer, loving deeply and about different spirits, (rejection, unloving, jealousy, bitterness, not trusting, addictive behavior and many more) that had come into my life and how to restore myself from generational curses and these spirits that had been tormenting me all my life.

How Jesus set me apart (consecration) to serve Him.

Pastora Jacklyn shared on consecration of the Priests in the old testament and shared about her story of healing from breast cancer.

Afterwards we were asked to pray over the women.

They were so hungry to be right before God, to repent. I felt we carried the

Wisdom of the Grandmothers anointing and they were so open for us to hug them and

pray over them. It is amazing what hugs will do, they wept and wept. True repentance.

There was a mighty move from God this night for healing. We also had a deliverance - truly set free.

anointing her feet and hands

Saturday we started in the morning and Kristeen was able to tell her story of adoption and the hardships she had endured. This was the first time she had share her story and it was amazing. We all need to tell our stories for healing to come, to us and others.

Susie taught and shared her story of repentance and healing.

In the afternoon Cindy shared about her story of coming out of addictions and being consecrated, set apart for Jesus.

Pastora Tatiana ended the retreat with her teaching on Ruth, Orpah and Boaz the Kingsman Redeemer. (Reconstruction)

We prayed over all who wanted prayer, over those whom God led us to to pray over. I believe these women all went home truly changed by what our Amazing God did. We prayed in our language and our spiritual language even though they didn't understand our language, Holy Spirit moved mightily.

Isaiah 60:1 AMP - Arise from depression in which circumstances have kept you in bondage, rise to a new life! Shine be radiant with the glory of the Lord, For your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

Hebrew definition: Arise in power, become light and give light, for lightning will go in and attack the enemy, and the glory and honor of Yahweh, the one true God will come and shine upon you.

We must arise in power, step it up, take out the enemy with victory!!!!!

We also gave protocol necklaces to leadership and helpers of the Women's Retreat, and brought bags with friendship bracelets, nail polish, sunstones and salt and light bags for all who attended. When God tells you to bring something do it! We heard later from the leadership that they were looking for bags and bracelets for gifts for all attended but could not get them. Isn't God good. What an honor it was.

Sunday we attended Alturas Church in Barranquilla for both services. or

Colombia is the north gate for South America, we were welcomed by the gatekeepers of the land in Barranquilla. (Alturas Church Pastor's Borys and Tatiana). It is such an honor to be welcomed to a new land that God has sent you to, too bless and pray. For me that is protocol to be welcomed and given permission to pray over their territory.

Before I left the states I had a preconceived idea of their church - I was greatly wrong!

My lesson, do not go to another land or another place with assuming something.

(Yes, I repented of this).

The worship was amazing and took you into the Presence of Yah. It was very Holy Spirit led. We did protocol gifts in the first service, Cindy and I had encouraging words for the church and for Pastor's Borys and Tatiana. I love how God brings healing and encouragement to all of us. Susie Bell preached in the first and second service. Kristeen shared her story in the second service.

Let me say this, when they have rain storms in Barranquilla it is an amazing downpour, and we had downpours during the second service. The lights went out, they used their generator for mics and speakers. Jesus reigns in this place.

Afterwards due to the rain we went to Pastor Borys and Tatiana's apartment and what a treat to eat of their culture food.

Monday we met with the family of Pastor's Borys and Tatiana. It was a great relationship building time. We were all truly blessed by what God is doing. We prophesied over them and their son interpreted for us. I want to mention their son Kevin learned english by the holy spirit when he was 10. We had him pray over Cindy and myself to speak Spanish. I do believe an impartation happened for us to learn Spanish quickly.

Traveling to Palenque

Monday afternoon we traveled for about 3+ hours to Palenque to minister to the indigenous people there. We were staying at Casa De Luz Church (Lighthouse in english) that John and Susie Bell were instrumental in starting, building and are still leaders of.

John and Susie have been missionaries to Colombia for 20 years, as a married couple for 13 years. It is all about building relationships with each other and sharing Jesus.

Our stay in Palenque would be for 5 days. This is where we would do home visits to pray, be part of helping with Educational Teaching (Period Poverty) at the school on Wednesday,

(a much needed teaching for the community), teaching/sharing at Casa De Luz and building relationship with the leaders there.

The Education Teaching At The School Dr. Anna and Egla

The first 2 days were spent in worship, prayer and walking the streets to greet people and preparing package handouts for the Education Teaching. We each brought, 100 period panties to hand out for the girls. It amazed me how many fathers came to listen and actually how many came and stayed for the 2 hr presentation. (This was a miracle and unheard of in the village). There was an openness and many questions were asked. This is the first time that the school was open to Faros Int'l to come and teach. The panel consisted of: Bernice Gaspared (Social Worker from New York) Egla Rudolf (Social Worker for Colombia). Susie Bell (Community Development Specialist) and Dr. Anna).

They were an amazing team that held the attention of those attending.

Cindy, I and Kristeen were to intercede and help serve food/drinks. It was a deep intercession where we had to stay under the blood!!!!

This is our new theme song 'stay unde the blood'. (Youtube:

Casa De Luz Church Service (Deb Teaching)

Casa De Luz Church Gathering We came together in unity for praise and worship, and I had the honor of teaching.

Most of the people are fairly new believers, so I shared on my culture, colors, meaning of ribbon skirts, our priestly garments, and mainly shared from my journal that I had been writing for Colombia. I had only brought deeper teachings for praying over the land but God change it to keep it simple this time.

Cindy handed out sunstones from Oregon with a message that they are each unique and One of a Kind for 'The One' we serve. We also handed out Salt and Light bags with information in Spanish for them. We prayed for many there,

Building relationships are very important to us. We did this with many in the village as we went around and prayed and with the leadership there.

Church service at 4:30am Yes we did!!!!! Here is a link to a video on fb

The man sitting down receiving more love and prayer name is Raul, he has an amazing story that touched me deeply. He was known in the village as a high warlock who would walk around the village and bring curses. When Susie was in the village the christians there did not want her to talk to him or associate with him at all. One night Susie got on her knees to ask God what had happened to this man to worship satan, she was told of something that had happened to him in his childhood that caused him to turn to witchcraft. Susie and John started building a relationship with him asked him over for dinner. (this concept was new to the village - asking people over to eat).

Susie led him to Jesus and he became a new man.

We don't always know the story of someone or why they do what they do. But God knows, Jesus intercedes. This is why it is important to not judge with our eyes but to see through the eyes of Jesus and speak life. To ask God how to pray over someone.

The believers who seen his transformation, now trust what God is doing through him and in his life. We had the privilege of going to his house, meet his sisters and pray over him.

Raul has such a fatherly anointing on him and the kindness eyes, when he speaks to you, you see the love of Jesus in him.

He needs prayer for cancer he has in his body and is having surgery soon. I believe he is instrumental in his village to bring many to Jesus as he walks the streets of the village to bring blessings. It was an honor for us, as he came to worship at 4:30am and was vulnerable enough to ask for prayers. I gave him a necklace to honor who he is now in Jesus.

Water is life! It was hot and humid, somedays in the village there was no water to shower, so when it rained we ran to get drenched. Some of us washed our hair in the rain, some just stood there and enjoyed every bit of it, some of the kids loved to slip and slide on the porch. Yes we loved the downpour of the rain. Water is Life!!!!!! We had bottle drinking water daily and had water for showers about every 2 days and collected water in containers for toilet flushing and as needed elsewhere.

Deb and Susie Young made necklaces to give and bring honor to the people of Colombia,. Cindy and I brought Oregon sunstones, salt (from Oregon) and light bags with scriptures and explanations in Spanish. We also brought friendship bracelets for the kids. Cindy also brought matching thunder eggs from Oregon and gave them to couples with a prophecy. It is such a joy to bring gifts from Oregon or handmade and bring words of encouragement along with prophecies as we hand them out.

This kids are ready for their friendship bracelets.


Kristeen teaching Faros leadership and their kids on building foundations. Each one of us were instructed to add a block.

Cartenga (this is the city where some of the documentary of human trafficking was filmed in Sound of Freedom).

Port entry records for the Spanish Americas' most important slaving hub provide a glimpse of the slave trade's intensity at the beginning of this period: during the nine years from 1593 to 1601, nearly 150 slave ships arrived in Cartagena alone, disembarking approximately 26,000 enslaved Africans in the city's port. Records of slavery in 1851 also.

The ones who were ill, dead etc. on the ships, were dropped off in what was called small mouth (river) to be deposed. The great wall around Cartenga Old City have slaves buried in the wall.

The others were dropped of at big mouth (river) to be bought and used as slaves and sex trafficking.

This was in the old city where we visited and prayed over the water ways and land.

Small mouth river Old City Old Wall of Cartenga

Street named: Street of Bitterness in Old City. Small mouth river from high place

Where slaves had been killed.

There is good and bad in every city, in every history. This is where we look up history and certain area's of a city to know how to release the land and bring healing and beauty back to it. It was an honor to learn some of the history from Susie Bell and pray over the land.

Praying from the high place of Cartenga at a Catholic Church and of course meeting a local vendor named Hosea (Joseph) who was a christian and we got to honor and bless him along with his family. His daughter and him make all the bracelets.

After Ministry it is wise to take time for the team to debrief, take communion, pray, worship, refresh, relax, and have a good time. We had a very nice condo with a pool (yes we needed this). Here are some more great pictures

Psalm 42:8

Susie Bell Secret Garden for refreshing....

Pastora Catalina Sharing Her Story With Us,

Pastora Catalina and Yusne, who did most of the cooking for us in Palenque.

Catalina had an amazing story that impacted us deeply. She came to us in Cartenga from Palenque to share her story with us before we left Colombia. I have permission from her to share. I will only share a small amount of her story.

She was the youngest in her family and her father Catalino named her after him. He was a warlock , mother was a witch and she was the one chosen to carry on his legacy. They called their way of living 'The Knowing' and believed christians and the bible were an occult. He was to pass on the spiritual aspect to her from The Knowing. After she got married and had kids, her son became very ill. Someone told her of a tent meeting in town who were praying over people for healing. She took her son there and accepted Jesus at the meeting (not really knowing what she did) there was a missionary in town who kept coming to her house but she wouldn't talk to her for a long time. Finally the missionary came and Catalina talked to her and was mentored by her.

Her marriage became very bad and she had to move back to her parents house with her kids. They were not happy with her knowing Jesus and the mom along with the mom's friends try to put 'crazy' curses on her. She could feel the curses they projecting and could herself running through the streets acting crazy, she held onto her bedpost and cried out to Jesus and he saved her from the curses.

She eventually got a job and was able to move out of her parents house. Her heart was for her parents to know Jesus. Her dad became very sick and was dying, she would go and visit him and take care of his needs.

One day God told her to get salt and spread it through the house, but she knew her father and mother had used salt and rocks to bring curses. She was very reluctant to do this, thinking she hadn't heard God right. Someone sent her an article on God's salt covenant, she then realized the true meaning of what God wanted her to do with the salt.

She finally took the salt and spread it all over the house to bring a salt blessing and cleansing to her parents house. It wasn't long after that her father excepted Jesus before he died. She knew in the spirit realm that unclean spirits would come for her father after he died, and after others in her family to attach to them, but this was prevented due to him excepting Jesus and her prayers.

God later told her to anoint her adult children with salt (rub it on them) at 4 am (each one separately). They agreed to do this and each one met with her at their house. She had finished rubbing salt with her last child a couple of days before we got there. In intercession 3am to 6am is the breaking off anointing. 12 am - 3am is called the witching hour. Where the warlocks and witches bring curses.

God had told Cindy that we as a team were to release salt and light every where we went. We brought salt and light in bags, too bless Colombia.

She was amazed of what God had done and what He had told us to bring along with the teaching that we had brought in regards to salt and light. (I have a blog on Salt Covenant).

We were so blessed about her story and what God had her to do with salt. It confirmed to us what God had told us to do and how important it is, to hear, listen and do what is asked of you, especially on assignments. All glory to our Creator.

Both Cindy and I feel we received from the people of Colombia in a way that forever changed us. Yes, we got to speak life over many and encourage many, and bring healings, but our hearts are so connected there, that we will go back and bring what God releases us to bring.

We came to meet family, and Mincho one of the Faros leaders shared with us no matter where we come from, no matter the color of our skin, ' We Are All Familia'.

This honored us more then anything. We Are Family!!!!

There are many more stories and healings that we got to participate in, but not able to put all of them in the report. My advice - be a willing vessel and stay in the intimacy of God.

Deb Miller Robinson, Cindy Shirley, Susie Young - Ancient Pathways Ministry


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