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Exposing The Enemy

I think we always need to view other's teachings with an open mind. Glean from others – what is speaking to you? I have listen and admired many, in their teachings, in their experiences that they share with us. Ask Creator-God what is it in this teaching that you want me to really get? Some I really get it and some I have to ponder on and some I just don't agree with and that is ok.

I am one who has been trained about warfare, about the spiritual realm (good and evil). I know my purpose in life, I know my authority, I know when to fight and when to rest. There has been many different season's in my life, many battles, many strategies and many victories. I always want to be learning different ways in how to fight, how to rest, how to move forward. I want to learn how to have breakthroughs, how to fight for friends and families, how to remove the curses and how to call forth the blessings of Yah. I will always be in process, this is how I mature and grow. This is how I have matured in my path with Creator-God.

I recently took a Warrior Boot Camp with John Ramirez an ex-warlock. Warlock is one who serves satan and his enemies. I think it is very important to know who your enemy is, to be alert and prevent any attacks on you, your ministry, or your family. I do not go looking for the enemy but when the enemy manifests in my path I will know how to counter attack. The only time I go after the enemy is when Creator-God tells me when to go, how to go, and what to do (strategic plan that is given to me by Creator-God.) I do not go alone and I have intercessors in prayer over an assignment. I will not go unless Creator-God is with me. This is very important. I take my assignments from Creator-God and not from mankind.

I honor the teachings of John Ramirez and I've obtained permission from him to share on my blog.

So these teachings, are some of the things that I've gleaned from him. I am sharing only a small amount of information, he takes us deeper in his books and in bootcamp.

Exposure of the enemy from an ex warlock – John Ramirez.

We are the remnant that God is looking for (being armed and dangerous) those who are training in spiritual warfare. Those who are training in spiritual warfare. Especially when you train for a fight.

God has given you a special anointing in your life. All you need to do is put your faith, your anointing, & put your prayers to work.

You have to be more determined then the enemy, even when you get resistance in your prayers (that is when you know they are working) The devil isn't going to resist you, if your prayers are not working.

Once your on the battlefield – pushing forth, the enemy knows you are effective, armed and dangerous, he will bring resistance, because he knows you are going to get your breakthrough and try to slow you up.

Make your prayers your spiritual language in your life. Make your prayers powerful, decree out, use scripture and speak with power. The enemy knows that spiritual warfare is the hammer of God to destroy, cut to the root and accomplish the mission.

If you come against resistance or are attacked don't shrink back – hit the devil harder with your prayer, because it is going to work.

Isaiah 53 – healing through Jesus.

Trust God in the battlefield!

Don't let resistance, backlash, weaken your pray life. Don't think God is not working – He is working. God is teaching you spiritual warfare through this to use you to speak up in your prayer life.

Gifts of Tongues – aspect of your life. If you don't speak in tongues you are not less of a person. It is a gift. You honor your inner man by Your lifestyle, by your prayers, by seeking God. You can speak in tongues all you want – but what is your lifestyle, are you seeking God, spending time with Him. Speaking in tongues is a bonus to you and how you walk in the right and honoring way.

God tests you that promotes your purpose to your next chapter of your life. Holy Spirit give you discernment. Put on the Holy Spirit (He is your armor) to fight in a battle.

Our job is to get people to heaven – not to tell them they are going to hell.

How to stop demonic attacks:

  1. Repent of sins, known and unknown that you committed. Forgive me Father for this.

  2. Clear the airways with the Lord. Clear the pathways (ex: anoint your rooms, your land, anoint yourself, decree Psalm 91.

  3. Prepare your atmosphere. Ex: learn to talk into your atmosphere and situation. Dismantle the enemy by your prayers, uproot the enemy by your prayers. My body needs sleep, but my spirit is up to fight. My prayer is to fall asleep and get rest. God's Word says You give your servants good sleep.

  4. Speak things into your atmosphere, speak things into existence.

  5. Learn how to establish your fight (like sneezing it just comes out & you don't plan it).

  6. Learn every day to dismantle, uproot, be on offense – send fiery darts (that are dipped in the blood of Jesus) to the enemy

  7. Speak out as a lifestyle over self, over family.

The enemy is active 12:00am – 3:00am (witches and warlocks) 4:00am – 5:00am is when astro projecting happens in the occult. We can fight this – paralyze the witches and warlocks from causing any harm. Always by the blood of Jesus.

Speak out I take over right now – this region, every thing that is trying to manifest I shut it down, cut it out at the root. I paralyze the manifestations from the enemy, I switch their languages in the devils camp to cause confusion (they cant communicate then).

Cut off the umbilical cord that is connected to the demonic forces in that region – in the name of Jesus. This causes it to lose its power in the assignment from the enemy.

We need to be the church and release prayers (trust God) into the unseen world and paralyze the unseen world. We have the authority, the commission & the anointing to stop the unseen world from manifesting to fullest.

Do your part. Don't look at the natural or news, look at what Jesus wants to do in your region.

Look at your region – you will do something special and awesome!.

Your prize is in heaven. When you get into heaven, people will be at the gate thanking you – how you prayed, how you came to their region. They will tell you – I am in heaven because you were the watchman on the wall.

We carry the real deal!!!!!

Deb Miller Robinson – Eagle Warrior



John Ramirez Web:

Books I have by John Ramirez: Conquer Your Deliverance

Unmasking the devil

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