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England, Wales & Scotland Forever In My Heart

England - Wales - Scotland, Forever in my heart. May 2023

The Call To Pray:

This was such a Holy Spirit led whirlwind trip. Deb, Cindy & Susie (Ancient Pathways Ministry) were asked by John Bell (Faros International Ministries) to partner with him in going to Great Britain for a prayer land assignment. To bring unity between Great Britain and Indigenous Covenant People of Turtle Island.

We were to go undercover with the focus of praying into the Coronation of King Charles III. To walk the route that he would be taking, the day before the Coronation. To pray and meet the land of Wales and Scotland. To bring a blessing to Great Britain. To get in touch with our dna roots that come from this area. We as a team (Ancient Pathways) had been praying since 2018 to go to Scotland but did not know when and where. God does answer prayers.

Our immediate response is ‘Yes’ we will go. We had under a month to raise the money for each of us. A task that is hard to do in such a short amount of time.

But God!!!! I really learned to walk in a higher level of Kingdom Finances. I had experienced this many years ago but this was a higher level this time. We have in the past always thought we needed to provide the finances to go places. But God had a higher finance plan for us to walk in.

We had some finances come in and usually for me that is an answer to go and complete the assignment Creator Yah has asked of us. But then the finances were not coming in for all of us. I started losing hope and assumed we were not to go at this time but maybe later. It is frustrating how the enemy comes in and tries to discourage you to complete your assignment due to lack of money. We were schedule to leave May 3 and comeback May 11.

We had been communicating with John Bell and he really encouraged us to move forward and go even if we didn’t see the finances at the time (finances will come). He as the leader of this assignment knew this was God ordained and we must do this.

I called forth a team meeting on April 29 to pray again into this assignment. God was teaching us as a team how to walk higher with Him. Cindy called me the morning of the meeting and told me even if there was not enough money for the team to go that I needed to go. This felt like a bomb had landed in my lap. My flesh was really kicking as I really wanted all three of us to go. On the drive to the meeting I asked the Lord for a sign in the music I was listening to on the radio. Immediately there was a song by Mercy Me that talked about, It only takes a little faith to move mountains because right now a little faith is all I have (Song: Even If).

I knew this was my sign to press in and go. To move forward and not let the enemy come in to discourage us. As we met Susie confirmed that morning that she was to go also. Cindy’s passport had not arrived yet so she knew she was staying behind and interceding for us (despite the many prayers for her passport to come in). God knew who would go. There had been some dreams that both Cindy and Susie had about the trip and what would happen. How we were to pray for certain people. We had donations of @$1300 total and needed @$2000 each. We went ahead and booked our flights that night, leaving in 4 days. We were totally embracing the honor of getting to go and partnering in this assignment with John Bell and England intercessors.

The Prayer Assignments:

This assignment to me was Isaiah 61 in rebuilding the ancient ruins in the spirit realm.

We landed on Thursday (4th) morning in London, England. After meeting up with John Bell and Rita Bear Gray, we went to Kenwood House in London, (once the home of Lord Mansfield and his family) This was a great history place for us to see more about the culture of ancient England. They were also the family in Scotland who were owners of Scone Palace. Scone Stone was sent to England for the King to sit on during his coronation (of course he sat on a chair over the stone). We saw portraits of King Charles the 1st and 2nd. Many insights in this house in the pictures in how to pray. History will tell you what you need to decree out.

The team was welcomed to England by Nick and Linda Holt who are the Grandfather and Grandmother (Intercessors for England). This is very important when you go to another land to be honored, blessed, and invited to come to their land to pray. Very much protocol and building relationship for unity.

Had our first tea & scones there. Built relationships and enjoyed the sunshine in the tea garden.

We had to press into keeping awake so we wouldn’t have to deal with jet lag for several days. It worked.

We then went to the house of our host family, Ada and Vincent Onwuzurumba who are from Nigeria. There was a lovely Nigerian meal ready for us. We met up with Lynn Godden who was instrumental in leading John to Jesus and mentoring him. She is another deep intercessor of England.

Friday we arose, had breakfast and got on the train to Westminister Abbey area. We wore our regalia for protocol prayers on the Westminister Bridge over the Thames River with Westminister on west side and Lambeth on the east side. This river is the longest river in England and second longest in the U.K. It is a gateway. A bridge where many prayers have been decreed out, where unity comes forth. We met up with Nick & Linda Holt, Kristeen Loffler from Canada (who lives in England), Lynn Godden (England), John Bell (England), Rita Bear Gray (Canada), Susie Young and myself Deb Miller Robinson (USA).

Eight of us which represents new beginnings.

Here comes the storm with such a down pour of rain we had to go inside for awhile. And all of us were drenched - but assignment must keep going forward. In God’s word rain is a blessing upon the land. (Psalm 85:12)

We first started with protocol and gave Nick (Grandfather) and Linda (Grandmother) of England, gifts of necklaces and thanked them for welcoming us on to their land. I felt God said to speak to their ancestors from your ancestors. Synergy of prayers where this is that, their prayers would connect to our prayers for completion. I read the Forgiveness prayer from Papa Willy Jock (Mohawk) that he wrote to the government of USA. I did this as it was important to clear the atmosphere of our pasts to come together in unity for deep relationships in our future, and for the next generations to come. Forgiveness truly happened on both sides. Others brought forth their prayers also. We all put salt in the river to bless the river and to bring forth new life. (2 Kings 2:20).

Next we walked the streets that King Charles III would be riding on the next day. In my culture we believe steps are our prayers. Stepping and crushing the enemy. (Psalm 37: 23-24, Romans 16:20) This was a 7 mile walk for us, to persevere in our prayers, #7 is completion. It was amazing to see the ancient buildings and statues of history thousands of years ago. Biblical history of Romans being there.

We were treated to lunch in an Italian restaurant and had another amazing time together.

Rita had been sharing with us the Native history side of Pocahontas who’s name is Matoaka. She actually met John Smith who came to Chesapeake Bay (Virginia and Maryland) in a ship named Shallop and settled in Jamestown, when she was 9 or 10. Her father who was Chief of the Powhatan tribe from Virgina had actually told the girls in his tribe to stay away from John Smith (27). She was a victim of kidnapping, rape and then poisoned (age 21). You can find this info at, or

She was probably one of the first kidnapped and murdered indigenous women. We as indigenous women felt compelled to go to Gravesend at St. George’s Church where there is a statue of her. They are not sure where she is buried at but it is thought she is buried under the church. This was not planned on our assignment but all felt it was very important to go. We drove about 2 hours to get there. When we arrived we were met by a couple who invited us in to worship with them. There was great history there that showed the life of Pocahontas in England. It was a sweet time of worship. We gave gifts to the man who played the piano/organ and blessed him. We told him we came here to bless the land where Pocahontas was at. He and I assume his wife seemed very touched. As we

gathered around her statue I felt compelled to speak to her spirit (spirit is not dead in us, and God said to address her this way). I spoke about calling her back to her tribal people as that is what she wanted. I asked the intercessors from England to release her back to her tribe. Rita then spoke in tribal language of her people. We all brought prayers and anointed the base of her statue with Redeeming oil and also her feet. Susie and I played our drums and Rita danced. We then released ourselves from this particular assignment at Gravesend. I will have to say this was the most profound prayer assignment for me on this assignment. I do not have the words of how it impacted me.

Sunday we were invited to Les and Lynn Godden in Nuneaton for a coronation party and to watch it on tv. On the way there, we stopped in Stafford where John went to church at and married Susie Ivonne at. So nice to see their history in this place. We visited his church for a little while and he got to talk to a few friends.

Lynn and Les rolled out the red carpet for us in a high tea and coronation feast of British food. We met their daughter and son in law. The team prayed for them at the end of the day. We had the honor of leading their son in law to Jesus & Holy Spirit. John then asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes. I knew he really needed a father’s blessing. He went upstairs where the big bathtub was, John baptized him and Les gave him a father’s blessing. We stayed downstairs to watch the baby. What was really good in all of this the 8 year old came down and told us John the Baptist is baptizing and we needed to see this. He was so excited to see this. What a way to end the evening, all glory to God.

Monday we left to go to Liverpool to met up with Sue Sinclair and some of the Governmental Watchman Intercessors for England. Another important meeting in the spirit realm. We were released to bless all of the ones there and gave them all protocol gifts. Sue has been instrumental in repenting to the Indigenous people of Turtle Island, we felt at this time it was time for all of us to move forward in relationship and unity. We prayed into this new season we are all in and worshiped Creator together. We prayed over Ian who had been diagnosed of a medical disease. Shackles were removed, many great prayers of life over him, and removed the enemy of lies off his life. God has a greater purpose for him.

We all then went to lunch next to the River Mersey (boundary river) which flows to the Irish Sea and where we could see Wales on the other side. Back to Sue’s house for desert. I asked for some dirt and rock and she blessed me with this. (My plan is to add it too dirt from Washington D.C to bless both lands).

Next to Llandudno in Wales which is called the ‘Welsh Watering Places’ also known for Kashmiri goats that roam around. We took a nice walk on Llandudno Pier and also rode the Ferris wheel. (Yes, we need to play and relax some in between prayer assignments). We decided to not go all the way to Edinburgh Scotland as the drive was too long. We would go to Dumfries, Scotland just over the border and pray there.

In the morning Susie got that we were to pray from the high place. We did not know where but trusted Holy Spirit to guide us. On our way there due to traffic we were rerouted to drive along country roads. John got the order to drive down a certain road and this is where we found the high place that looked like were witches had been. There was a quarry there along with some rocks that had been marked by witches/warlocks and an ancient traveled path. Remember we came to bless the land and this was our assignment. (Not to remove anything from the land). We could see the several hills that overlooked the area of Wales. We sang new songs on the drums, blessed the land with salt for cleansing and anointing oil of redemption on the rocks. We all released our voices to call in Revival over Wales. We blessed the land to receive what Creator had for its purpose. Wonderful time of worship.

Now we could go forth to Dumfries, Scotland. The next day we went to Caerlaverock Castle. The original castle was destroyed by water and had ancient ruins there now. The new castle was under construction so we could not go in. We went to the ancient ruins in our regalia to represent Turtle Island and to rebuild through prayers in the spirit realm the connection in our dna to come together in unity. To bring blessings of honor. John was instrumental in calling forth our deep roots to Scotland (to be awakened) so we could move forward and represent this part of our dna. We poured redeeming oil on the cornerstone. There was many scriptures released and songs. What a reward it was to connect with Scotland in our roots, to bless our ancestors in this place.

Next day, now back to Windsor England to visit Windsor Castle, & John the Baptist Church. The acoustics in the Castle is profound. We released our voices in praising Jesus, releasing our voices as Indigenous women to bring blessings. The architecture is amazing in all of the places we visited. To think about how they were built thousand of years ago and still standing strong is amazing.

I want to thank John Bell for listening to Creator to call us forth to this strategic time, to pray for UK and US to come together in unity and move forward with deep relationships. To pray over King Charles III and his role as King. I was so blessed to be with such an amazing team that really let Creator guide us to what was needed to be said with intention. I am blessed to have new friends in England that believe Unity is Powerful and welcoming us unto their land.

I have touched the land with blessings in my heart, to seek and embrace the dna in me, to be complete in my Creator. England, Wales, & Scotland you are forever a part me and I am forever a part of you. Until we meet again.

4-03-2023 - 4-11-2023

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

Below is our USA Team & Mighty Warriors for England, Wales & Scotland

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Sue Newton
Sue Newton
May 16, 2023

Ms Deb,

I had trouble reading this because I was overwhelmed with tears of joy.

I'm prompted, by the Holy Spirit, to continue praying for protection and longevity of your completed assignment.

Your team is amazing, this is proof of TRUE unity.

Continued Blessing and love!!!


Sue Newton

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