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Creator-God Changes Your Identity

Identity – Know who you are and whose you are!!!!

As a man or woman of significance, you are encouraged to agree with who God says you are! The powerful truth about identity is this: You will never know yourself until you know yourself in God.

Until we discover who we are, we will never know what we can become. Our identity in Christ is part of accepting His gifts given to you. You have an ultimate God given purpose. What is your purpose?

Your identity on earth is different then your identity in heaven. Here on earth you may be known as a husband, wife, father, mother, grandparent, by your degree, by your views, etc.

My name on earth is Deb (Deborah) My name in the spirit is Eagle Warrior given to me by Creator. In fact Creator first started calling me Butterfly (in transition), then several years later it change to Dancing Feet ( I dance my prayers) and now I am Eagle Warrior. I would journal and Creator would answer to me calling me by my name that He gave me at the time. My journey.

How are you known in the heavenly realm? Who does God say your are?

What is your spiritual name? Do you have a spiritual name? Do you have a life verse?

What type of Warrior are you? Do you consider yourself to be a Warrior?

When you look in the mirror – do you see the reflection of Jesus in you? Or do you see the reflection of who you have been told you are. Sometimes we have wrong foundations that have been planted in us as a very young age, time to change those foundations in you. It is time to not let others put the wrong identity on you, or let satan or his demons tell you, who you are.

There are times when you are growing and moving forward in God, that’s getting you ready to defeat your Goliath.

God changed the identity of many people in the bible:

Moses - a murderer, ran from his identity in Pharaoh's Kingdom (after he found out who his people were and what had happened to them), to being an important part of setting his people free, hearing God clearly, accepting who God said he was, accepting he was needed by God. He made mistakes along the way but God said I am still using you. Moses asked let me see your face and God replied I will let My goodness pass before you. He had mighty encounters with God in his journey.

Gideon – belonged to the lowest tribe, he was the lowest in his tribe, had no idea of who he could become. But he was given an message of who God wanted him to be. Got his attention of what he was to do and become. He led a might army with insights from God to move forward, destroys baal's altar, took out the enemy . God gave him a plan. He listened and became mighty in God's Kingdom. And knew who he was is God's Kingdom.

Joseph – rejected by brothers to saving his family/tribe

David, rejection from own family/father, became King

Mary Yeshua's Mother was unkown but gave birth to our saviour

Mary Magdalin – Jesus called her by her name, not the name others knew her by or her character.

Saul – Paul got knocked off his high horse became a humble servant.

Sons of thunder – John His beloved disciple (because he knew he was loved).

Esther – Peasant to Queen, changing the Kings decree, took out the enemy, stood at the entrance of the throne room, saved her people from genocide.

These are to name a few.

Ask Creator what your spiritual name is. He will answer you. How am I known in heaven?

If you don't have a life verse pick a number between 1-150. Now go to Psalms and read that verse.

You will enjoy the process with Him.

Deb Miller Robinson – Eagle Warrior

Revised - 2-6-22

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