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Come With A Grateful Heart

I have been taught, when I rise up each day give Creator thanks. Come with a good heart, with thanksgiving.

I tell Creator (Father,Son, & Holy Spirit) I love them every day, for they first loved me.

What are you thankful for today?

Tell Creator what you are thankful for, this builds relationship with Him.

I am thankful as I awake I get to encounter creation and all it's beauty, it has for me.

The beauty and the sounds of Creation awakens my spirit, mind, and body everyday.

I am blessed!

I am thankful Creator blesses my family.

I am thankful they will have encounters with Jesus and Holy Spirit.

I am thankful for the path Jesus leads me on, along with my children and grandchildren.

I can not walk the path that my children walk or grandchildren walk, they must walk their own path. I can teach them how to hear Creator - God, how to hear Jesus, and how to hear Great Spirit - Holy Spirit..

I can teach by my actions, by my words, by my strength.

I can teach by encouraging words, by bringing the love of Jesus.

Remember you may be the only bible people read!

Represent Creator Well!!!! Host His Presence Well!!!!


Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

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