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Cloud of Witnesses

What does it mean to you about The Cloud of Witnesses?

The Cloud of Witnesses have laid a foundation for us.  And they are waiting for you to gather the mysteries of the ages, which is the revelation of the sons of God.  Are you strategically placed in this generation - yes you are!   The cloud of witnesses are cheering you on. (Quote from Kevin Zadai)

Let me tell you about my first experience with the Cloud of Witnesses.  I was invited to a woman’s house through a friend.  She had been having some spiritual experiences with a local tribe who were the Wintu in her area.  She was sitting at her table and had a open vision of Wintu people on horses running through her dinning room.

She did some spiritual mapping and found out that in the past century the Wintu tribe  had traveled through her land and followed the river that was there.  A gathering place for them.  

She wanted some indigenous people to come and pray on her land.  I was one of the ones asked to come and pray.  We had an elder come with us who in her bloodline had Wintu dna. I knew enough about healing the land that it was important to include the local tribes of the area you were praying on.  

After we built relationship we came together to worship Creator and come in unity, to bring healing to the land.  During worship I stepped outside on the deck that overlooked the river.  As I was standing there I had an open vision of the Wintu tribe, of the women and children down by the river.  The women were cleaning their clothes in the river and the children were playing.  I remember waving at them and asking them to come and worship Jesus with us. 

We spent the night there and the next day we gathered to walk the land and pray over it, to bless the land and the owner.  

After we prayed, we to my friends house in another city.  On the way home as we were driving by Mountain Gate’s exit, I looked up and on the hills I had another open vision.  This time the whole tribe seemed to have been on the hill, as looked up they were all lined up across the horizon of the hill, waving at me.  I felt as if they were thanking me, thanking me for inviting them to come and worship Jesus with us.  I will never forget that vision of the cloud of witnesses. I remember as I was driving and saw the cloud of witnesses I went into travail for them, I am pretty sure we had an angel driving the car for me (there is no way you can drive and sob the way I was sobbing and not have angelic help).  I believe our obedience to come and pray over the land, we were rewarded with seeing how grateful these cloud of witnesses were.  We fulfilled what had been started many years ago by many.  

At the time of the open visions I had no clue what the cloud of witnesses meant.  It was several months later when I was sharing my story to another believer, who told me the vision I had was the cloud of witnesses.  

Over the years I have experienced seeing more of the cloud of witnesses. Recently I was at a worship gathering that was outside.  This gathering was in the town of Rainbow here in Oregon.  During worship my teammate Cindy and I started playing our hand drums along with the worship leader.  As we were dancing, drumming I looked across the creek that was there and I saw two native (male) warriors looking at us, all of a sudden they looked at each other and started dancing to the beat of the drum.  I believe the tribe that was in this area were McKenzie Indians.  It was awesome to see them worship Creator with us.  I believe that through the dancing of the cloud of witnesses and us dancing and drumming prayers came together.  In my culture when we dance we pray.  We were both dancing our prayers in unity.

I am coming into a deeper understanding of the cloud of witnesses and I am looking forward to see more visions of them worshipping Creator or just seeing how our prayers come together in completion of the synergy of prayers to advance the Kingdom of God.  

We don’t always see the cloud of witnesses but we know in the spirit they are there.  

Sometimes our ancestors are cheering us on to complete what they were not able to complete in their life here on earth.  Their purpose and our purpose come together through prayers, decrees being made into the atmosphere.  Our body may die but our spirit lives on in eternity.  We are put on this earth to glorify Creator (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) in all that we do.  

Hebrews 12:1. As for us, we have all of these great witnesses who encircle us like clouds.  So we must let go of every wound that has pierced us and the  sin we so easily fall into. (Sin of unbelief and doubting)  Then we will be able to run the race (personally) appointed to TPT

Below may be a repeat, but it is worth telling again. Deb

Agreeing With The Cloud Of Witnesses!

In Native Culture we say: Honoring what our ancestors prayerd, versus agreeing with the Cloud of witnesses.

Spirit is not dead, only the physical body is dead.

There are some prayers from our ancestors that we need to agree with today.  

Their prayers are not dead!

Do you know the prayers of your parents, your grandparents, great great parents, the ones who are now a cloud of witnesses?

Before my mom crossed over, she told my grandmother (her mom) tell them (Ricky and Debbie) about Jesus. I never did.  So my grandmother made sure she told me and my brother about Jesus.  

Sometimes we don’t know what our ancestors prayers were.  This is where we get to ask Holy Spirit (Great Spirit) what do I need to pray that was promised to my ancestors, that I need to bring forth?

Sometimes I get a sense of how to pray for my family and I am sure this is Holy Spirit talking to me or whispering pray this.  

What was their passion in life?  Is your passion connected to their passion.

I remember visiting my great grandmother’s (Annie Dotson James) grave in Marble City, Oklahoma some years ago.  For some reason I’ve always been drawn to her, drawn to her name

Her parents are buried there also (Dwight Mission Cemetery) along with many other Dotson’s.  When I stepped foot onto the land of the cemetery, found her grave it was as if I was hearing her voice say ‘she is here, she’s here.’   This was the first time that I had experienced this, her spirit speaking to my spirit (remember spirit is not dead, her prayers are not dead) Yes It freaked me out. Yes you test the spirits. Then I could feel the mighty presence of Jesus, like an open portal to heaven. I could feel love.

  But then later, Creator started revealing to me about the cloud of witnesses. 


In my gut I had a feeling of, to carry on her passion for Jesus, to teach, to preach as she was probably not allowed to in her generation.  Sometimes we do move forward where our ancestors left off, to move forward in what Creator wants to accomplish.

Hebrews 12;1. Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses (who by faith have testified to the truth of God’s absolute faithfulness), tripping off every unnecessary weight and the sin which so easily and cleverly entangles us, let us run with endurance and activ persistence the race that is set before us.

Every single person who chooses to live in faith through a relationship with God can become part of the great cloud of witnesses.  The people in the great cloud of witnesses watch us from heaven in order to help support us in our spiritual journeys.  

Besides giving us examples of how to live with faith on earth, the people in the cloud of witnesses may also pray for us from heaven.  Revelation 5:9  describes “persons from every tribe and language and people and nation” in heaven together and they are aware of “prayers of God’s people”

The power of spiritual synergy: Jesus is touched by combined faith.  Matthew 18:19 - Again I say to you, that if two-believers on earth agree (that is, are of one mind, in harmony) about anything that they ask (within the will of God), it will be done for them by my Father in Heaven.  The power of agreement is combined faith:  faith added to faith.

Hebrews 11;1. Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for.  It is all the evidence required to prove what is still under.  This testimony of faith is what previous generations were commended for.  Faith empowers us to see that the universe was created and beautifully coordinated by power of God’s words!  He spoke and the invisible realm gave birth to all that is seen. 

Dutche Sheets on Give Him 15 - Agreeing With The Cloud Of  Witnesses,

 August 15, 2022

Until this generation comes into agreement with what our ancestors asked Holy Spirit to do, their prayers can not be answered by Holy Spirit.

Their prayers can’t be answered by what Holy Spirit promised.

Ponder Hebrews 11, remembering the heroes of faith listed there along with some of their amazing exploits. Interestingly, however, the passage is also clear that some of these faith heroes did not see the fulfillment of their promises.

When God searched history to accent greater life so faith, he chose to list some that did not receive the And fulfillment of their promises because God wouldn’t allow them to be complete without us.

We, today, are a continuation of these individual’s calling and assignment. 

Greek - complete = to finish; to mature; to reach the intended goal.

Think about the ramification of this: without us, God can’t finish what he began through our ancestors or (those cloud of witnesses); what He started through them cannot mature or reach its intended goal, until we grab the baton and run our leg of the race.

God gave these individuals promises, but he often didn’t give them timelines. He did not tell them he would bring the fulfillment into their lifetimes.

The eternal God, who transcends time, speaks promises that are sometimes more reflective of his nature and relationship with time than ours.

At times, he makes promises to people, knowing full well He will deliver on those promises through their children, Grandchildren, or spiritual descendants.

And the generations are far more interconnected the most of us realize in God’s mind, accomplishing something through our descendants is the same as doing it through us.

God feels no pressure and understands that if he fulfills his promises through our offspring (natural or spiritual), the accomplishments were for us as well as for them

Hebrews 7:9

Holy Spirit needs the synergy of the ages!

What is synergy? It is a multiplication of power or effect through a combined effort. In almost all cases in the physical world, 1+1 = 2. When two or more people combine their efforts and strengths, power is multiplied. God so loved unity and agreement that He created a phenomenon through which power multiplies if we simply work together!

Synergy, however, not only operates in the natural realm, it also exist in the spirit realm. Spiritual synergy takes place when two or more agree in prayer. The result is that through multiplied power much more is accomplished than would have been had we prayed alone.

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

Revised 9-21-22

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