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Being A Servant

Being a servant

I seen a post yesterday, that a little girl that was under a building that had collapsed in the earthquake in Turkey told the man that saved her, if you save my brother, I will be your servant forever.

This really struck me in a deep way. A child who had no hope was so grateful in her bad circumstances she was willing to be a servant the rest of her life if the man would save her brother also who was trapped.

Are we willing, are we crying out for our brother - save him or (save her) and I will be Your servant, Jesus forever? Are we desperate enough for our brother or sister to ask that Jesus would save them because of what they are trapped in? Then say and I will serve you forever if you would save them. Some of you are and some of you are thinking on this statement.

It seems when we are in dire needs we cry out to God (and we should). When is the last time you have cried out to Him because of circumstances of others that are trapped?

Would you stop for the one?

As a servant of God, we should always cry out for those who are trapped, to become free. Instead of judging what they are trapped in. What if it was up to you to free someone who was trapped. The man in the post did not hesitate to free both of them, to love on both of them, to help them in how he knew how too. What if Jesus used you to help someone to become free?

The enemy has trapped many, but yet we judge those who are trapped. Sometimes as christians we come across as being holier than thou! As if we have never been trapped in anything. Do not think you are better than others who are trapped, you are in their lives for them to become free.

Jesus said ‘thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’ Maybe we don’t love ourselves. Do you love thy neighbor who is trapped in drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, domestic violence, atheist, gay, transgender, a person in bitterness, anger, jealousy, argumentative, etc. We don’t love the sin/entrapment, we ask Jesus how do you see them? How can I serve you forever Jesus in loving my brother/sister? In setting the captives free?

Remember, we were once those who needed to be set free!

What does it mean to be a servant? Meaning = a devoted and helpful follower or supporter “a tireless servant of God”. One that server others.

The servant is not related to the master of the household, but serves only at his pleasure.

How are we serving our “Master” Jesus? Are we willing to give our all?

Each of Jesus disciples needed to be free of somethings in their lives. Not good enough, doesn’t measure up, better then others, all of them needed to be set free and learn how to work as a team for Jesus, learn how to set others free. We are His disciples now, in a Priesthood, our greatest command is to love.

These are some questions we need to ask ourselves.

There have been times when I was guilty of judging others (especially in the church) then serving what they needed to be free of. I must learn how to speak life into them that they can be free from the enemies entrapment. This is where we get to pray for them and sometimes with them to become free. Where we can ease them out of their circumstances/entrapment. Setting the captives free.

We can do this!!! The greatest command that will set others free.

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior


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