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Be Trained

Be selfish, spend time on You! Be one who overcomes great things in a great way!

Are you using all dominion - power over the earth?

Trained killers! - Trained pillars! Prayer Warriors!

See correction as a honor, not as a hurt. The honor is to ask for forgiveness, to say I messed up please forgive me. We all make mistakes, learn from your mistakes.

Correction is used to change you, to help you to mature up, also in helping others to mature up. In order for us to be trained, we must honor correction.

Don’t ever be untrainable - or you’ll be out of the grasp of God’s hand.

The characteristics of a Trained Killer (Prayer Warrior)

  1. One who is able to endure the pain of defeat.

  2. One who is able to listen.

  3. One who is able to stay focused.

  4. One who is able to recognize Godly and ungodly authority.

  5. One who is able to move quickly with understanding, knowledge and wisdom.

  6. One who does not fear change.

  7. One who is teachable and trainable.

  8. One who seeks and founds, what is needed.

  9. One who understands covenant. (Love Covenant)

  10. One who lives by grace, mercy and peace. (Everyday)

  11. One who always goes forward and never looks back, the good or bad things that happen. (Can’t live on history - Today is a new day)

  12. One who knows how to give honor and receive honor, for the purpose of God.

Jeremiah 1:4-12

Then the word of the Lord came to me saying:

“Before I formed you (created you) in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” Then said I: “Ah, Lord God! Behold I can not speak, for I am a youth.” But the Lord said to me; “do not say, ‘I am a youth,’. For you shall go to all to whom I send you, and whatever I command you, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of their faces, for I am with you to deliver you,” says the Lord.

Then the Lord put forth His hand and touched my mouth, and the Lord said to me: “Behold, I have put My words in your mouth. See, I have this day set you over the nations, and over the kingdoms, to root out and to pull down, to build and to plant.” Moreover the word of the Lord came to me saying. “Jeremiah, what do you see? And I said, “I see a branch of an almond tree.” Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word.” (To see that My word is fulfilled).

Be Not Afraid = dread to do (I can’t do it)

I will be with thee = A signal it’s time to go to the mountain with God. To seek Him now.

Deliver = Preserve you - not allowed to fail

When the Lord says or speakers to us in the time of deployment or commissioning, God whispers - when we whisper to one another - that’s only for you and you alone. Military wording would be stele, undercover or covert.

The word hands - with direction, a time of direction. When God puts forth His hand it is a direction of time, to listen.

The word touch - to arrive at a place of intimacy with God. A place where you and God come to.

Mouth = a means of blowing - releasing a command, with force.

See I have this day - see what will come to pass - the ability to see into the future.

Root out = instant pluck out quick. Quick is the key word.

Pull down = tear it down.

Destroy = leave no way to flee - break it down.

Throw down = beat down.

Build and plant = are words that go together - holiness - Holy Spirit

Creator - God commissions us to be Trained Killer Warriors. We have been given dominion and power over the earth. Again are You using all dominion and power that has been given to you?

We are overcomers through Jesus. He paid the way for us to be overcomers.

We do not need to take what the enemy throws at us to keep us down. Be trained to fight.

When you are trained to fight, you learn to fight to win. We must train others how to fight the enemy. It is important for ourselves, for our families, for our country.

This is a teaching I received in 2012 from Dr. Negiel Bigpond, I have obtained permission to post his teachings. I first went to SWAT - Strategic Warriors At Training in March of 2012. These trainings have helped me to mature up into the Warrior that Creator wanted me to be. They have taught me how to be a leader and and to follow, how to know the power of unity and the power of honoring what each warrior has to bring. Team work always needs to happen, sometimes it takes a team to take the enemy out. As in the military it takes a team to advance and take the enemy down. We as a team can advance the enemy in spiritual warfare, learn new skills in how to fight. Are you trainable to learn new ways of fighting? There are many teachers who teach out of the box per say, here. These teachings you do not get in a church. I highly recommend it. These teachings are not online as we need to learn to work together as a team in person. I have bonded deeply with many different warriors here.

If you are interested in SWAT to learn new skills you can contact them at 918-366-9190 or go to their website Not a military style but have changed to a Warrior Style.

I have not been paid by Two Rivers Native American Training Center. I just believe in them.

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior


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