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Arise Deborah!!!

We are now living in a time similar to the time in Judges when Deborah arose and stood for her nation.

I am speaking out Deborah's arise and fight for your nation, for your people to bring deliverance.

What is the Deborah in you that needs to arise?

Deborah is taught in the book of Judges. Judges means - delivery

Judges 4:1 Then the sons of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord, after Ehud died.

4:2 and the Lord sold them into the hand of Jabin King of Canaan, who reigned in Hazor, and the commander of his army was Sisera, who lived in Harosheth-hagoyim

4:3 The sons of Israel cried to the Lord; for he (Jabin) had nine hundred iron chariots, and he oppressed the sons of Israel severely for twenty years. They repented (cried out)

Again and again Israel would turn from God to worship other gods. God turned them over

to live without Him. (let's see how they do without Me)

They had a choice, but He always was there when they would cry out to Him. Waiting for them to come back. But they always had consequences for their actions and who they worshipped. They were in a crisis again. But God also acts for justice for those who oppress His people. For He is a God who has purpose for His people.

4:4 Now Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lappidoth, was judging Israel at that time.

  1. God chose Deborah a woman to judge His people. He honored her, she had favor, she had wisdom and discernment, He partnered with her, but mostly she knew the voice of God.

  2. a. She was a prophetess (chosen by God). b.She was a wife whose husband Labidoth = torches. He honored & respected her giftings from God. He also knew his place in God. He supported her in all that she did.

  3. c. She was a judge (chosen by God) She judged with honor, respect, compassion, authority.

  4. a. She spent time (sacred place) with God and knew His ways, partnered with Him, was obedient to say what He told her too, to go where He told her too. b. She knew her assignments with Him. c. Received the battle plan from God. d. Knew her authority and used it. e. She was a deliverer f. She used nature as a courtroom (palm tree=beauty, grace, fruitfulness, justice, deliverance, righteous person was compared to a palm branch, used as a victory symbol). g. She called people out, into who they were (as God saw them) Barak = lightening (has God not commanded you) h. She did not fear the battle and was instrumental in the Victory. I. She waited on God to know the exact time when to go to battle. (This is the day) j. Led soldiers to war against their enemy k. She listened to her people l. She responded to God's call and arose (in power)

m. She knew she had a voice. Known for faith and action in times of crisis she trusted God n. Songwriter (Victory Song), singer, poet

o. Warrior and knew how to use her weapons (listened, heard, spoke out)

The Deborah Anointing:

Woman of God, the Lord is extending a great invitation to you to become a part of His story and to effect history. He is calling ordinary women like you into His extraordinary work.

Make no mistake about it: embracing the marvelous calling of God is not easy or glamorous. There will be always obstacles to overcome and seemingly more attractive ways to live. Yes, God calls us to live as His ambassadors among the nations, spreading His love and making an eternal difference in the lives of those in our sphere of influence.

It's not about God being a part of your story, it's about your being a part of His story. It's not about who is for you or against you; it's about who you are for. You are not just a woman who has authority; your are also a woman living under authority.

Will I live consumed with who is for me or against me, or will I live consumed with whom I am for? Am I making my mark and fulfilling some humanistic purpose, or is God making His mark through me?

I believe that you will begin to see yourself as a woman of influence, conviction, and power. There is a divinely inspired cry coming out of your spirit, declaring, “Not on my watch!” The passion and righteous indignation of the Lord is arising in the hearts of women to take up the sword of the Spirit in prayer to touch heaven through prayer and intercession to bring reformation on the earth.

Just as Deborah had been called to become the spokeswoman for God, telling of divine revelation and strategy that would lead the nation to victory I see you taking on the same mantle and walking in the anointing of wisdom and revelation to bring solutions. You will take on these characteristics of the Deborah anointing and will speak the right words to awaken men and women in powerful places to advocate and endorse kingdom rule and advancement.

“I, Deborah arose” (Judge 5:7). The Hebrew word translated as “arose” in this passage of Scripture is a compound word that describes the position women must take in this time of crisis in the earth. It Means:

  1. To arise (hostile sense) – Deborah's will confront the powers of darkness with the power of God, liberating thousands of people around the world.

  2. To arise, become powerful-Deborah's will be activated in the power gifts of the Spirit-the gifts of faith, healing, and miracles.

  3. To arise, come on the scene-Deborah's will be voices for the voiceless.

  4. To stand, to maintain oneself-Deborah's will pioneer a movement among women that will empower the next generation to fulfill their destines in every area of life.

  5. To be established, be confirmed, to stand, endure, to be fixed, to be valid, to be proven, to be fulfilled, to persist, to be set, be fixed, to fulfill to confirm, ratify, establish impose, to stir oneself up – Deborah's will have a resolve to stand boldly in the call of God. They will not apologize for the anointing and grace they have to lead. These modern-day Deborah's will have resilience and persistence.

Many who carry a Deborah anointing will be blessed with the gift of leadership. They will be women who have developed the character and ability to inspire and disciple the next generation to walk in the fullness of their call. These modern-day Deborah's will have a lifestyle of prayer and worship that will cause a generation to return to their first love, Jesus.

Modern-day Deborah's will be women after God's own heart who will lead a generation to stand for God's ways of righteousness in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation. Deborah's office was between Ramah and Bethel. Ramah meaning a place of idols and Bethel meaning house of God.

Deborah was a wife, mother, intercessor, and prophetess. She was also a judge and a national deliverer.

Keys to activating the Deborah anointing:

  1. Strategic intercessor – Develop a listening ear in the presence of the Lord, and pray toward the fulfillment of the plans the Lord shares with you.

  2. Judge – Develop a love and compassion for the people to whom you are sent

  3. Prophetess – Operate in a heavenly dimension of a spirit of wisdom and revelation.

  4. Mother – Deborah's unique maternal leadership style extended from the common man to the commonwealth. Maternal instinct must return to the earth. We need to pray and decree that young women will develop the heart of a mother once again. Older women must teach the younger women.

  5. Deliverer/military strategist – The Lord literally dropped a clear prophetic word to summon Barak, to rally the troops for battle against insurmountable odds.

  6. Agitator – to stir up or excite public discussion with the goal of producing, change, Deborah stirred up Israel's concern about its low spiritual condition.

  7. Worshipping Warrior – Remain in the presence of the Lord through worship, bible study, and prayer. For Deborah worship was the source of her strength. She found peace and power in the presence of the Lord.

Hindrances to the Deborah Anointing

  1. Fear – Women must be bold and courageous. God is empowering women to break through many barriers and overcome obstacles set up by the devil to derail them from their God given destinies. Fearless and humble, women will be co-laborers with Him and with men in redeeming and restoring humanity and the earth.

  2. Harsh speaking, aggressiveness, cold-heartedness Jezebel-like nature – Deborah means “honeybee”. God is raising up women who have the sting of the bee, deadly to the enemy, yet they will speak sweet and compassionate words of wisdom to those who are in need. Modern day Deborah's will be bold but not brazen like Jezebel.

  3. Slumber and ministry burnout – Deborah declares in Judges 5:12 “Awake awake, Deborah! Awake, awake, and sing a song. Many times when dealing with oppressed people, there can be a sense of feeling overwhelmed and hopelessness, Those who have a Deborah anointing will have a nothing to encourage themselves in the Lord through worship.

Deborah demonstrated the possibility of what can happen with any woman today who will allow the Spirit of God to fill and form her life for Kingdom purposes. Deborah was a woman used by God to voice His judgment and His prophecy and to spark one of the greatest revivals in history. Women are arising and influencing the world in a way they have never done before. We must be prepared and positioned properly.

Awake! Awake! Deborah!

Will you allow the Holy Spirit to shape and mold you into a leader – whatever the level of authority and capacity – who fits into His perfect will? Will you be trained in the art of intercession and activate in the prophetic to hear and release the word of the Lord to your generation? Will you accept the challenge to stand for God's ways and encourage others to do the same? Decree this prayer out.

Lord, I pray the You will awaken me to the call you have for my life. Remove and bondage of fear from my heart and mind. Let your wisdom and courage rest upon me. Awaken me from slumber. Let me walk circumspectly in this hour. I loose myself from passivity and apathy. Let me be alert to Your voice. Let me be aware of Your purpose.

I thank you Lord, that you are an extraordinary God and You will accomplish extraordinary things through me. I release myself from self-imposed limitations. I break every limitation that the enemy has placed upon my life and has kept me from meeting my full potential.

No longer will I be deceived and trapped by the traditions and opinions of men. For I was created for greatness! I was created to be God's glory carrier throughout the earth. I will arise and be radiant with the glory of the Lord. I will be a beaming lighthouse of hope for many who sit in gross darkness.

Lord, give me words of wisdom that will guid and influence many. I will not remain silent! I break every demonic conspiracy designed to keep me silent! I won't let pass failures and disappointments keep me silent. I will open my mouth wide, and, God, You will fill it.

God, give me ideas, insight, and concepts to bring deliverance to many. You have anointed me to impart to those in my sphere of influence. The words that I speak will release life to a hurting generation. I am not in this world by chance. I'm not in this decade by chance. I am a modern-day Deborah! I stir up and activate the Deborah anointing through this prayer and declaration. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

Revised 6-20-2022

Highlights from: Michelle McClain-Walters Book– The Deborah Anointing

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