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Anointing Of The Sweat

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

The Anointing Of The Sweat

When I speak of Creator I am speaking of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. For they (Elohim) created all in the beginning. Creator breathed His sacred breath into all creation. He spoke life into all and called it good. Jesus breathed on His disciples before He left this earth to receive the Holy Spirit for help. All creation carries His sacred breath. All creation is unique, one of a kind and it is good.

"There are many gods out there but only One Creator."

Quote from Suuqiina.

In meeting with traditional Indigenous people I became aware of the language barrier that sometimes cause us not to trust each other. For example their talk of the star people that come to help is the christian language of angels that come and help. In different cultures/languages we have different names for God but in all those different names is the name Creator, the One True God. When they speak of Tree of Life we also speak of Jesus being the Tree Of Life in the garden. In a love ones death they speak of crossing over into the spiritual realm, we also believe when one dies they either go to heaven or hell. We do have a choice to be with Him in the spiritual realm we call heaven or not to be with Him. We can not judge who goes to heaven or hell. There is good and evil here on earth and there is good and evil in the spiritual realm. There are many different spiritual realms (heavens). This has been proven by those whose body has died (their spirit left them) but yet were sent back by Jesus to share with us what heaven or hell was like (different spiritual realms) God's word talks about many different realms in heaven. In Keetoowah original teachings it is taught there are 7 heavens where we get to enter and advance to each heaven as we mature in the spirit.

I do believe Creator-God is not in a box, and His ways are different then our ways, His healing is not in a box, there are many different ways to be healed. But we honor Creator for every healing. I do believe that Jesus/Tree of Life died for all of us and we have a choice. I believe Jesus/Tree of Life did not come to bring religion but came to bring a deeper relationship with Creator and Holy Spirit and all of creation.

I believe that Creator gave us a gift by sending His son to us. Who am I, to not accept Creator's gift. I accept Creator's gift and honor what He has done for me and all of creation. Many say the traditional people do not know Jesus but I do not believe that is a true statement. Jesus said I and the Father are One. I believe they know of Jesus in a different way then how christians know of Jesus. They know Creator and the only way to Creator is through Jesus/Tree of Life.

In God's word it does not mention christians, it mentions followers or believers of Jesus. You need to search that out yourself. I am a believer of the Jesus, of Creator, of Holy (Great) Spirit. They are One and not in a box. There are many ways to Jesus (example: diff denominations), but only one way to Creator. Make us One Creator.

We all have a sacrifice of praise, The Anointing Of The Sweat is a sacrifice of praise to Creator. We enter into a realm that so few of us experience. There is a meticulous way of proper preparation for intercession, for this sacred ceremony. Intercession from mankind and all creation. Jesus also intercedes for us. We are covered in prayer. It is good!

My first introduction to the sweat lodge was actually several years before I did a sweat.

It was in Washington by a good friend of mine, Crazy Mike who is Dakota I believe. I had built relationship with him through a gathering at Blessedville farm that my friends Jim and Becca own.

They took me and one of my teammates Cindy to the Chief's house of the local tribe, where they gather at the Sweatlodge often. We gifted the Chief with sage and a handmade necklace to bless and honor him and his land.

We were invited to go and walk his land and go to the sweat grounds. This was an honor to us. Crazy Mike took us to the sweat lodge area and explained the tradition of it.

As we approached the sacred lodge there was an outer court and a inner court. The outer court is where the fire (ashes) and rocks were, the preparation of purification. The inner court is the lodge where purification happens in a deeper way.

As I was in the outer court I experienced every emotion within me. I wept, I laughed, I was angry, and I felt loved. I was hurting for an ancient way that had been lost in my assimilated family. I was awakened to a hunger in honoring Creator in a different but sacred way that I had never been taught. My spirit awakened to this sacred ceremony and what it had to offer to me. A deeper connection with my Creator and creation. We looked at the lodge and the sacredness of it. I knew someday I would be led to the Sweat Ceremony and experience it in a deeper way.

I can only tell you what I observed during my sweat lodge experience.

To me the sweat lodge is a tabernacle for Indigenous people where they meet with Creator. It is a ceremony where you have protocol before you enter in. There is a right way to come into the presence of Creator. You prepare yourself through prayer before entering in.

The Ceremony Leaders prepare themselves through intercession along with protocol in how they prepare the lodge and grounds. This was familiar to me as I always pray with other intercessors and leaders at my church before we gather to worship God. A protocol of intercession before we gather.

One must come with honor for others, (the leaders, the fire keeper, the intercessors, the gatekeeper and those participating). You come with honor for the land, for the lodge, for the ceremony and for Creator. Honoring all creation there, when this happens I believe all creation enters into the ceremony. You come with a thankful heart.

I was greatly honored through the people who were attending, the leaders were very good at explaining to me each step they were doing in preparing.

I was even honored to be part of the preparation.

The rocks were gathered, 30 of them and placed in the inner circle. We then built a tepee of wood around them. The circle to us represents no beginning and no ending, a circle of honoring each one in the circle. To me the rocks were honored in praying purification for us. The tepee represents dwelling place. To me the tepee of wood brought the fire of Creator in a sacred way. Does not God's fire purify us. Yes it does it you allow it to.

We covered the lodge with blankets for complete darkness inside. For me, this way we could concentrate on the fire & the rocks along with songs and prayers within the lodge. Purifying our spirit-mind-body.

I saw deer, & eagles, there was even a rainbow, as our Leader seen it, as he was driving up.

Creation speaks to us when we listen. As I am reflecting on this time I realized the deer gazed at us to let us know we were welcomed on the land, the eagles were teaching us to soar higher, and the rainbow spoke in releasing its beauty through the frequencies of its colors. The rain brought a pattern of prayers for us (preparing us to enter in). The moon was the fire by night we needed in this sacred ceremony.

We come with a good and thankful heart. Come Well.

This is something we as believers in Jesus could learn when we come to church or gathering, to come with Honor and Come Well. (come with joy, love, expecting, leave your baggage at the door – your neg thoughts, your self pity, your offenses, etc)

You must have both men and women in preparing the lodge and the grounds. This brings unity, trust, honor, and balance.

There is a protocol for what you wear for both the men and the women. You change your garments before you enter into the ceremony. One of the women Leaders was instrumental in explaining to me the protocol of our garments. The women wear very modest dresses to cover their body.

This reminded me of when I was in the land of Israel and went to the Hasidic Jewish section in Jerusalem the dress code was the same – to be very modest. It also reminds me of the Chief Priests entering into the Holy of Holies. The Chief Priests had special garments set apart to serve Yahweh (God, Creator). We are of the Royal Priesthood now set apart to serve. To become one United with Jesus. We should have special garments as we did that night to enter in.

We started by standing around the fire in a circle not crossing over the lay line that was placed between the fire and the lodge. We talked with each other, others offered me help in participating. We then became silent to listen to what the fire was saying to each one of us. You must take time to listen to creation.

They knew I was a believer in Jesus/Yeshua and welcomed me. Think about this, they welcomed me even though I was different then them in how they believed. I was told there would be a round where people offered up their prayers and if I wanted to pray in the name of Jesus that was ok.

I have never felt so accepted as I was that night.

You see I had built relationship with the Leader and his wife. They knew I had cancer and invited me to their sweat for prayer. They had been drumming their prayers for me also. Sometimes we just need to connect with the drum and Creator's heartbeat, this connection also happened for me when they drummed prayers for me. I was very honored.

Several years ago Creator had asked me to do a sweat for spiritual purification.

I didn't know anyone around me (in my area) who did sweats that I really trusted. I knew Creator would find a person for me that I knew and trusted. Sometimes your spirit knows spirit in each other and that was what I was waiting for.

Since this was my first sweat I was given a herb bergomot (clove) to place under my tongue to help with the thirst. I was blessed by this and so appreciated it. The women entered into the lodge first from the right side and walked all around to the left side. Remember it was dark inside so we had to feel our way around. Women on one side and men on the other side. We smudge with sacred herbs before we entered in. Women brought tobacco, sacred herbs, & cedar to place on each rock as they entered inside the lodge. To release good medicine for each one of us, to intercede for the sweat. I was given the privilege of facing the east and brushing each rock with sweetgrass (sacred herb).

Sweetgrass represents the North, purifies, strength, endurance, unity, provision, set apart

for Creator, braided together = unity and strength. Aroma reminds us of

gentleness, love and kindness earth has for us.

1st Round – Invitation to the gathering with drumming songs. The women were honored as life givers.

2nd Round – Remove blockages for purification

3rd Round – Offer up prayers (for family, situations, etc) You could also drum your prayers during this time.

4th Round – Gratefulness

There was an extra round added

5th Round – Medicine for those who needed healing for those who were there, and standing in the gap for those who were not there.

Each round the leader drum different songs and we were offered water inbetween rounds.

With each round there were more rocks added and each round carried more heat. Each rock had a purpose of bringing prayers for us and good medicine, they were called Grandfather rocks to represent the prayers of our ancestors (synergy of their prayers that met with our prayers).

The privilege about being short I was able to lay face down on the earth during the rounds to cool off. (Between the fire rocks and the edge of the lodge).

The earth took care of me. I learned to pray with the elements of creation. Honoring earth-wind-fire-water. It was raining that night, there was a full moon (grateful to see in the night) there was a gentle wind (the sweet sacred breath of Creator blowing over us). I learned to listen to what the fire was teaching us. Realizing the heated rocks were partnering with us as we prayed. As we entered the lodge there was a loud thunder – reminded me of Creator's voice honoring us. The rain had a pattern in its prayers for us. (you should listen to the rain sometime – very soothing)

Learning to pray with the four (sacred) elements took me into a deeper level of prayer and partnering with Creator, Jesus, & Great (Holy) Spirit and all of creation to bring healing, purification, & gratitude to Creator and creation

Creator honored our ceremony. Creation honored our ceremony.

This was a ceremony that I will never forget. The goodness of people, the honoring, the purification and learning a new way to pray. Learning a new and ancient way to Honor Creator and creation. We started preparing the grounds @ 4pm and finished the ceremony @ midnight (8hrs total and 8 represents new beginnings, yes numbers speak to us also.)

I wrote this in my journal 2 days before the Sweat.

Deb – My Eagle Warrior. When I have called you to come up higher – this is what I meant – The Sweat. The Sweat is My intense love. Your tears bring power. This Sweat will fulfill you in Me. The Anointing Of The Sweat.

I did the sweat 1 week prior to my first surgery for breast cancer. I have never been purified like this before. It was such an honor to me to have my friends who carry the traditions of their ancestors pray over me. It was a unity of love that woke me up to love in a deeper way. I am honored for my Christian friends and Leaders that prayed over me.

Through all of your prayers in unity, my healing happened. I am cancer free and will remain cancer free. Going through this trial I learned from Creator to feel Creator's love and to feel the love from my family and friends in a deeper way. I for that I am forever grateful.



Tobacco – East, thankfulness, forgiveness, unity

opens the door to Creator, held in left hand – closest to the heart

to offer – one heart, mind, spirit for the same purpose

Cedar – South, protector, purifies,royalty, courage, stamina

Releases pleasant scent to creator, Cedar tree of Creators and

represents His power.

Sage – West, safe, to save Yeshua saves, purify of neg thoughts,

Signals Creator for help

Sweetgrass – North, purifies, strength, endurance, unity, provision, set apart

for Creator, braided together = unity and strength. Aroma reminds us of

gentleness, love and kindness earth has for people.

Each direction contributes a vital part in the earth's wholeness. The same as intercessors who are from the North, South, East, and West. A coming together as a representative of your area and pray into oneness and completeness.

The elders tell us the scent of these natural herbs is pleasing to Creator and will incline Him to hear the ceremony with favor. We call them plants/herbs, they are Sacred medicine. We all carry Sacred medicine. We all carry healing's. Allowing nature to heal us in a sacred way. Allowing us to be used as willing vessels to bring healing through Yeshua.

Revelation 22:2 In the middle of the street and on ether side of the river was the Tree of Life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree were for the healing of the nations.

Ezekiel 47:12 Along the bank of the river, on this side and that, will grow all kinds of trees used for food, their leaves will not wither, and their fruit will not fail. They will bear fruit every mont, because their water flows from the sanctuary (sacred place). Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for medicine (healing)

Genesis 1:29 And God said, “See I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yeilds seed; to you it shall be for food.

Genesis 1:11 Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields see, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth and it was so.

Genesis 1:12 and the earth brought forth grass, the herb that yields seed according to its kind, and the tree that yields fruit, whose seeds in itself according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

footnote: spiritual/biblical meaning of 30 (rocks) = authority, leadership, or rulership, change and dedication for leadership

Deb Miller Robinson – Eagle Warrior

Revised 1-20-2022

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