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Allow The Holy Spirit To Take You Deeper

I have many journals. I love to journal with my Creator, I always ask a question and He always answer. That is the partnership we have together. That is what I call my Sacred Place or for some of you the Secret Place.

When we spend time with Him life happens in each one of us.

Our soul will surrender to our spirit - the inner man that is in alignment with Holy Spirit. Spirit, Mind, & Body.

We must allow Holy Spirit to take us deeper. To receive all that Elohim (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) has for us, to bring us deeper into them.

For when we are brought into this deeper place healing happens:

Our sorrow has to leave.

Our pain has to leave.

Our self pity has to leave.

Our bitterness has to leave.

Our brokenness has to leave.

They can not stay in the presence of Elohim.

Then joy comes.

Then our passion comes.

Then our acceptance comes.

Then our song is sung over us. Yes Creator sings over us.

Then we are healed and completed in all Elohim has for us.

When I am in my Sacred Place, not only does Creator love on me, I get to love on Him.

Have you ever thought about ministering to Jesus. How do we do that? Just by being with Him. Asking what is on Your heart today that I may pray into. What do You Jesus want to do today. What is my assignment?

There are many ways to minister to the One we love. Sometimes it is just sitting still and listening. Not talking, just being. That ministers to Him also. You can ask, Him how can I minister to you?

One time when I was in communion my mentor asked us to wash the feet of Jesus. She provided a towel and bowl with water. We all went into a separate area of her house, listened to music and just loved on Jesus. I washed His feet, it was a very honoring time for me and to my surprise when I was done, Jesus washed my feet. I felt like He was cleansing my walk, He was honoring my walk - my moving forward on my path with Him.

Have you ever washed His feet?

So my challenge to you today, go to your Sacred Place, be with Him and wash His feet.

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior


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