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Has The Land Ever Changed You?

I have been thinking of the land assignments I have had the priveleage to pray over. We think we are sent there to set the land free, but in that freedom, the land reaches out to you and brings a change in you.

The land of Israel opened up Creator - Yahweh’s word to me in a more powerful way. The power of tribes coming together to worship Jesus. The awakening to me - I do hear from Creator-Yahweh.

The land released me to pray and honor Yahweh in the midst of His chosen people. I was awakened by the Native American drum that called me to my people, my tribe of my land. The sound of the drum and flute woke my spirit up to the dna inside of me.

The land of Swaziland brought an awareness of humbleness and learning to stop for the ‘one’. We met with the last Queen of the previous King as she released us to pray for her land. To meet with the wife of the current King (the one he loved) and bring her Jesus in a new way. The land wanted me and the team to bring blessings to the Queen’s of the land. To honor them in a new way. The land taught me to walk in the honor of humbleness.

The land of Tibet brought an awareness of purity in their worship and being aware of what the high places desired, to return to Creator-Yahweh. To celebrate a 50 year jubilee with them. To be aware of man’s ways that can bring harm to women. To trust Creator-Yahweh in all that you do. I was taught to trust deeper. I was taught to release what Creator-Yahweh wanted me to release, to fear God and not mankind.

The land of India change me to see the hunger of the people to know Jesus even in the midst of all their different gods in their land. It taught me even the poorest of the poor (low cast) had more riches in them then the rich or high cast in the land. Even the high cast wanted to know who the Prince of Peace was. The land wanted to receive my culture The Covenant People of Turtle Island (this was the open door of witness who Jesus was). The land received my dance to Creator - Yahweh, even in front of the highest hindu temple.

Even though I was extremely sick at this time, the land helped me to dance my prayers for the people of this land. Showed me I was capable of enduring.

The land of Poland brought a deeper level of healing at Aushwitz in a silent procession on the land. It took the silent procession with the steps of prayers, to repent for the Church turning their heads and being silent during the genocide of the Jews and others in this land. A silent procession that led to worship Creator-Yahweh. Silence is a weapon. The land taught me the power of the weapon of silence.

The land of Rwanda brought me into worship with everything within me. The power of worship for hours. Taught me healing comes, even past genocide. That unity between tribes can happen, and the power of forgiveness between two people groups. The importance and value that each one carries in their land.

The land of Uganda taught me to stop for the ‘one’ that needed to be honored. To listen to His voice of protocol. That Creator-Yahweh changes how we do warfare through worship only, and seeing victory over an island and lake Victoria that was set free from bondages. Even thousands of birds were called forth in their freedom to fly and dance as they had not been free before. The source of the Nile river was set free from the curses upon it. To pay attention to how nature looked, in its bondage and release it. I was taught to look at nature closely.

The land of Congo taught me in the midst of my mistakes, blessings will come. No matter how dirty a city is, there are lessons of the land, that we need to learn.

We put salt into the river between Congo and Uganda on the bridge, Even in my mistake of the salt not going all the way into the river, but landed on the boards of bridge. The guards came, furious & demanding to speak to us, then calmed down after we told them we came to bring blessings of unity for Uganda and Congo. They wanted us to also pray over them and bless them.

The land taught me Creator - Yahweh covers you, even in your mistakes. Protects you in all that you do for Him.

The land of Philippines taught me the power of honoring in a different way. Even government leaders need life spoken into I was taught the value of meeting the local indigenous tribe to receive the blessing from them to pray upon their land. In my tiredness and not wanting to go to the next assignment Creator-Yahweh showed up in a mighty way that bought freedom to the people of a church.. The land taught me to persevere in all you do, the land wanted freedom for all the people upon it. To speak to all who Creator - Yahweh highlights.

The land of England, Wales, & Scotland. The land taught me how in the spirit, set the captives free in their ancient ruins. The ancestors, the ancient ones who prayed were connecting with our prayers to bring the synergy of prayers to completeness. To walk with authority as you enter a religious building. To rebuild the ancient ruins in the spirit. I was taught the importance of listening to those I just met and hear their heart of moving forward in unity, of building relationships, to truly walk in forgiveness. The land wants to see freedom of all creation and mankind.

I was taught to thank the country/land of the blessings, favor and grace as we left it and to thank the next country/land/territory for the blessings, favor and grace it had for us.

When you go into a new territory looking for evil you will find evil. When you go looking for blessings you will find blessings and favor of Creator-Yahweh.

The land wants to bless us, honor us for all that we bring in Jesus. The land longs to connect with us and also partner with us to bring healing. . Everything on earth has a purpose. The land can teach us how to set it free, to set the captives free, and rebuild the ancient ruins.

Creator-Yahweh spoke life into all creation, let’s honor all life.


Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior

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