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Are You A Warrior Who’s Prepared?

Isn't God supposed to protect us? Yes, but... He also gives you spiritual armor. Wouldn't you assume He expects you to become adept in its use? He gave you intelligence and common sense for th same purpose. He respects the free will He gave you to operate as an individual. You are in a war not of your own making. The Lord protects, but he also wants you to stop walking around wounded in a war zone. Carol A Brown

As Warriors, we do get wounded - How do you deal with these wounds? We do not need to carry the post trauma wounds of our past, or while we were in battle. We must allow healing to come in.

My brother was a Vietnam vet, I have seen the wounds that he has carried. He came back from war being wounded, spiritually, mentally and physically. War and battles can be brutal for us, especially if you do war only in the physical. (I have heard many stories of where God had helped many in war). It took a long time(years) before he would even talk about what he saw in battle (buried his emotions and not being able to deal with the emotions). There was a time where he would bury his emotions through drugs/alcohol. I am sure the nightmares were hurindous. He seen first hand what the government had done to its soldiers. He had said many times how he hates our government and how they lied to them. It was hard when he was in the midst of a battle and seen his buddies blown up, killed, wounded. Doing all that you know to do, fight how you were taught to fight and see death first hand over and over again. There were prisoners of war, those missing in action in war, and then there were those who came home and were mistreated, dishonored for being a soldier of war.

Today we have many different organization's who honor our vets, who help them with ptsd, who help them in the battle and trauma of reliving their torture in their mind. It takes many to help a soldier, a warrior to heal from battles.

There can be many wounds of war as we have seen in our soldiers when they come home from war.

We must know how to prepare for battles and how to heal from battles.

For me preparing yourself mentally, physically and spiritually is vital. Here are 11 ways you can get prepared.

  1. Take care of business at home, making sure your family is being taken care of, making sure you are in right alignment. Are things good with you and your spouse? Are things good with your children? Making sure you have peace in your household is vital. This is so when you go to battle, your focus is on the battle not on things that have happened at home that were left undone. In this peace, the enemy can not have an open door to attack your family, or you.

  2. Have you spent time with Jesus, Holy Spirit in preparing? Have you repented of things that may hinder you? Sit at the feet of Jesus and receive from Him. The enemy can not touch you here in this sacred place.

  3. Receive the battle plan of your assignment. What scripture or decrees are you to release? What songs are you to release? What type of weapons are you to bring?

  4. Do you have trust? You will usually be with a team, do you trust them, and do you trust God in whom He has placed on your team? Do you honor what each one has brought?

  5. Physically, have you fasted and prayed for this battle, have you got ready in the physical (or prepared you body). Ask God what you are to do in the physical to get prepared if needed.

  6. Have you upgraded your armor? Have you put on your armor? Is it the right armor?

  7. Do you know the authority you carry? Are you at peace in going? If you do not have peace to go, then it is ok to stay home and intercede for those who are going. Ask God if this is your assignment or not. If you do not know or honor your authority - stay home and intercede this could be where your authority is for now. Make sure you have other intercessors (those you trust) to be praying and giving you insight for this assignment, when you do go.)

  8. In battle stay focus on the battle plan, stay focus on your assignment. Accomplish what God has given you to accomplish. You have been prepared, you have authority against the enemy. War from the point of victory! Go with expectations what God is doing.

  9. When the assignment is over, release yourself from the assignment, so you can move in the place of rest.

  10. Download with team mates, their views of the assignment, their victories, their struggles. It is important to do this after the assignment when things are still fresh. Reflect on the assignment.

  11. Now spend time with Jesus, Holy Spirit, to get refreshed, renewed, healed from wounds that may have happened. This is vital so you can get prepared for the next one with freshness in your body, mind and spirit.

I have been on many assignments from God to battle on behalf of His Kingdom. Every assignment was different, every battle plan was different, every team member was different. But the outcome has been the same - Victory in advancing His Kingdom here on earth.

For me the Land - the Earth is sacred. We walk in holiness upon it.

We need to prepare the earth for the coming of the King.

Understand how to use Your Weapontry. Ask for spiritual discernment on how to hit the target, how to pull the trigger against the demonic.

In order to get this, you need alone time with God - That Sacred Place.

It is all about honoring God - Jesus - Holy Spirit in what they need to happen upon the land, for the land to heal. When the land is healed, this will bring healing to us, healing to creation.

I am always aware warfare will always change in how we war. For me lately, it is warring with love, unity, and honor. Pick these swords (love, unity & honor) and fight against the demonic. We will see Victory.

Deb Miller Robinson - Eagle Warrior


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